Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sweet Spring ~

I found a wonderful poem for you....
to celebrate Spring's arrival ~
yes, I know it arrives quite early here in Georgia,
but I have to post about it to cheer those of you that have to wait a while!
If you still have snow, just know this...
those little buds are coming!!!

Here are a few photos of what's happening around here at the farmhouse ~

Our view from the front porch ~

Looks like I've got some work to do to our front porch to get it ready for Spring ~
I think I still need to wait a few weeks,
you just never know what will happen in March!!!

While I was slinging the camera around I took a photos of our foyer ~
I just love this old black clock. We need to get it repaired because I have
heard it's beautiful chime (isn't that what it's called?)

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday precious friends!!!
hugs and love,


Blessed Serendipity said...

Pretty blossoms to welcome spring and a delightful little poem!


Jo said...

Sweet Dawn, The pictures are beautiful. We are having the same weather. Things are beginning to bloom and spring is in the air. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Your friend in Alabama

Amanda said...

How lovely! Thank you for sharing, Dawn! We've been bombarded with snow here in the Pacific Northwest this week! It's hard to imagine that spring is near...but I know it will come soon!
Best Wishes and Blessings,

Alba Linea said...

thanks sooo much for the sweet poem. i love spring too! its the best time! spring wishes and a creative week! di

Dorthe said...

Goodmorning, sweetheart Dawn-
And thankyou for bringing your beautifull spring into my room- looks like a dream ,with all the flowers, and buds opening.
It will surely take a longtime to see ,such a beautifull sight,here!
I, too, love your clock-and the beautifull figure on top, sweet friend.
Wishes for a beautifull day, dearest Dawn.
Love and hugs, Dorthe

woodandfabric said...

oh my! It is still snowing here!

Vee said...

I like the bird song in the poem. I'm wondering about the flowering it really a pale blue flower or perhaps it is white... Hope that you can have the clock fixed. The sound of a ticking clock is very nice in a home...I'd love to get the Sessions clock fixed.

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

I can't wait for spring !!
Dawn spring must hit in Georgia
faster than Texas because
the green is just starting
on the trees and their is about 2
flowers on my peach trees ~
It won't be long though ~


mary beth said...

Wow! It's so great to see blooming things, even if it's not here in Kansas yet! The little poem is precious..thanks for sharing with us! I can't wait to see how you "dress" the front porch..I just put away the winter greens yesterday. I will have to wait too, it's tornado season a little early this year, and in Kansas things like to blow away!

Denise said...

Beautiful weather here in Oklahoma.....BUT we have had some of worst snow storms in March so I will refrain from putting things outside......BUT all my houseplants are sitting by the back door peeking out to see if it is time yet!

Anonymous said...

I am so very envious of your swelling buds, warm air, and the sweet smell of Spring. I will live vicariously thru you today and pretend it's spring here on the CT coast, where there are still snow piles! Your front porch looks inviting even though I know you still have things to do there. Enjoyed your post! Karen

Charlene said...

Spring is showing her beautiful face here too. But, I am not getting ahead of myself for the pecan tree shows no signs that winter is over. We southern girls KNOW that when the pecan tree sprouts her leaves SPRING is HERE!
I've seen snow in March MANY times. But, the pansies, daffodils, & peach tree blooms are a welcome sight in a sea of browns still there. Have a wonderful week.

Unknown said...

Beautiful words to go with all of us anticipating Spring. I wrote a post yesterday about Spring too. I can't wait.

Jann said...

Love your photos, and your foyer looks so cozy!

The Tin Rabbit said...

What a sweet poem! Hope you are doing well~ your pictures are gorgeous! By all means have that clock will love hearing it chime all through your beautiful farmhouse! Love, Ann

time worn interiors said...

I am so ready for spring! Had sunshine here today! Yeah!

marie said...

Dawn ~ that's a lovely poem. Thank you for sharing it and thank you for sharing all those little peeks at Spring around your home. I do believe everyone is so anxious for it's arrival!
Your porch looks wonderful and I can't wait to see what you do with it.

I love the photos from your foyer. Going "up" with your pictures and mirror is such a nice look. I'm so grateful for all the neat inspiration I get when I visit you!

Have a joy-filled day!

Vicki said...

It has been gorgeous here but I hesitate to work in the yard. We could still get a hard freeze. Love your foyer

Unknown said...

Hi...spring is almost here, some of the trees are in full bloom. Not liking the pollen that's soon to come, but will welcome the sunshine and warmth. I love the view from your front porch and would very much love to have that view one day.
Thanks for sharing

Createology said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful Spring blossoms. Your home is lovely. Our snow is finally getting rained away some.

Littlefoot said...

It's so great to see the new beginnings of Spring!! I can't wait to see them here in Central Pa. Love the table and chairs set on your porch. Thanks for sharing.

LADY JANE said...

Deep sighs I am so ready for SpRiNg to arrive! I love the poem you have shared BUT the branches with blooms are a real delight...thanks for sharing your early SpRiNg with us! Oh...and LOVE your patio set..your porch is going to be so fun to decorate! I'm putting on my mittens and going to sit on my dream of SpRiNg!

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

Wonderful to see the blossoms, and I love that mirror above the clock!

Nita Jo said...

I love the poem and the shots of spring flowers! We're getting some green pushing up through the soil and some tiny buds on the trees! And, you have an amazing front porch. I can't wait to see how it looks in a month or two!


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