Saturday, August 14, 2010

A little give...a little take ~

After almost four years of blogging
I've realized this one very important thing.
Blogging is a little give and a little take ~
You post what you love, and what you want to share
with your precious friends here,
and you also visit these dear friends
to see what's going on in their lives as well ~

Sometimes you may not have the time, or take the time to do this....
but what others are up to is just as important as what you're doing.
I need to be better about visiting you ~
because truly, you inspire me more than you know!!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend dear friends,
hugs and love,


Unknown said...

Oh' Sweetie, I know just how you feel. Well probably not really because Lord I can barely keep up with my friends. I can't imagine being able to keep up with over 1000. I haven't even gotten to visit you much this summer.'re never far from my thoughts and I think of you often.

I hope you have a super weekend. Hugs....Tracy :)

P.S. Stop by and enter my giveaway that I posted Friday.

Wendy said...

I love to visit your site, and you. I understand too though that sometimes it is just impossible to visit all the interesting people that are out there. I love to visit new people everyday, but it seems like there is just not enough hours. Especially with little ones and all the crafting I love. I only have 3 little followers and you with over 1000, I just can't imagine how you keep up with all of that.
It's definitely a big ole blog world with so many neat people and incredible things to see.
There are so many kindred spirits that I wish I could just see them all at one time at least once a day and say HI and I think your really neat, and you inspire me.
Wouldn't that be so Coool. LOL.
Wendy from Wonderland

BellaRosa said...

Dawn amor, grazie for being of my dearest & loving friends...having you in my corner in the good & bad times has meant the world to me...your love & support has always been unwavering, I am blessed for your beautiful heart in friendship :) Now that I have my laptop back, I will be by for more visits and catching up on your beautiful posts that I have missed :) Love you my sweet friend :) Besos, Rose

Linens Lace and Lattes said...

Hi Dawn - You 'feather my nest' every time I read your posts. Too often I read and move on. Your post inspired me just to drop a note to just say I was here!
Have a wonderful weekend.
linens lace and lattes

Natasha Burns said...

you are so right Dawn! spot on with this!

Theresa said...

Beautiful picture! I know it is harder when you have TONS of followers and commenters to make it around. It would take forever to keep up:) I don't have that many and appreciate each one. Have a blessed and restful day! HUGS!

Jane said...

Happy Weekend to you, Dawn! Always good to see what you're up to, though I don't often comment.
Got my soap order & the gift recipients loved it! You should've seen my 4 yr. old grandson running around with his "goldfish in a bag" - cute! One of my friends wanted the link after seeing them too. And, you'll love this - the paper used to stuff the box was so pretty, I used it to make somethig for another gift! Will have to order some more!

Hope you get a chance to get back to your studio - I know you love to spend time there!

Leave a Legacy said...

I can relate to this in a big way. I'm struggling with trying to do it all right now. When I get off a schedule and especially in the summer, it is so very hard to get my own posts up, let alone read all those that I love to read. Very frustrating.

Connie said...

Same here, sweetpea. I've been having problems with legs and arms and hips from sitting here blogging so much and just had to limit my time. So I'm not getting around as much as I'd like but I'm hoping some new things I'm trying - like walking! - will help it out. I'm an old lady, ya know! Hah.

Sheila Rumney said...

Thank you for continuing to share your beautiful, heartfelt words.

Cozy Home Cottage said...

I love coming here to visit, Dawn. You are so very talented and come up with the cutest crafts. I was just thinking the same thing about visiting all my lovely blog friends. I am not too good about leaving comments, I must try harder. You are a blessing to me. ((HUGS)) from WV, Charlotte

Linda M. said...

I really enjoy your posts and you a few others have been such an inspiration in getting me started in blogging and back to creating. Thanks, your are appreciated.

Sandy said...

I often feel the same way, like I need to visit more with my blog friends. It is a delicate balance, this thing of blogging. Wishing you a happy Saturday!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

You always say exactly what I'm thinking. {that's what makes us kindred spirits} I love visiting you here, and wish I had way more time. Blogging has just magnified the number of sweet friends we have by hundreds! Hope you are doing well sweetie, thinking of you. xoxo Lidy

The Charm House said...

Dawn, You are so right!!! I miss all of my Ga. blogging friends and this morning I have been commenting to as many as I can find! I am so ready to have another get together. All of you inspire me so very much and being in a NEW SEASON of life I need some inspiration loving. LOL
Love to you my sweet friend!
PS... I just love this painting!
Yvette said...

i don't think you've ever visited my blog and i have never cared, ever. you are so generous in your postings for all of us. you send out love with all your writings...i don't see how it would be possible for you to answer ALL that leave a comment to you. happy weekend and thanks a million always! xo wanda

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

You are so right. I often worry about this aspect of blogging...I've been trying to be so much better at leaving comments on my friends blogs so they know I do care and that I do visit. So often I'm just on a run through, but my blogging peeps are important and dear to me and I worry about hurting someones feelings when I can't get to their blog.

Anonymous said...

Your posts are always just a breath of fresh air and I so look forward to them. I do understand then need to take a break and you take as long as you need. Even with my lil ol blog it sometimes is overwhelming- so blessed to have so many new friends and yet the time to let them know just how much I appreciate them is so little.

Take your break- come back refreshed!

bee blessed

Elizabeth said...

Hi, Dawn! I love the artwork in this post. Isn't it lovely?

I haven't been as busy in the blog world over the Summer. So much going on. But I miss you and will have to get back to visiting and writing more posts.

Do you remember when my Sarah turned 13 and I had you make her a captured fairy? Well, she just turned 15! Can you believe that? Oh my, my children are growing up!

I hope your sweet children and granddaughter are doing well.

Have a lovely day!

Rebecca said...

Dear Dawn,
So well writen. I feel exactly the same. I love stopping by your blog to see what wonderful words and creations you have been working on. It is so true... all of my followers are important to me. Every time someone else joins in, I feel a greater sense of community and joy. Blessings to you! Rebecca

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hello Dawn,
You are so sweet. We all feel the same as you about blogging. It's all about sharing but it is also about being understanding of one another and accepting that we can't always get back to each and everyone who comments.
I think we bloggers have a mutual understanding that goe way beyond commenting. We have a sense of belonging and freedom of communication and happiness. Thanks for sharing your kind thoughts and inspirations.


June said...

Hi sweet Dawn,
I can't even imagine four years of blogging. You are my hero, you know!
hugs to you from here...

Mosaic Magpie said...

It is overwhelming at times. You open your google reader and there are 103 times to read. It is hard to comment on every one. I think we all understand that blogging is time consuming. Time consuming yes, but we love it.

HeARTworks said...

Life is all about balancing, I guess. Some days we just have to make the time, and some days we make time for something else more important. But thank God in everything! I find blogs and blogging friends absolutely wonderful and most understand because everybody is in the same boat. I'm utterly amazed at other women who find time. I live in the Philippines and have a helper who does ALL the housework for me so I wonder how you all in the States and Europe do it ALL!!! You're SUPERWOMEN! That's what i think! Patsy from

At Home in English Valley said...

Dear Dawn, A comment means so much to all of us. When someone does take the time to comment, I am always grateful and honored that they did. It's one of the reasons we blog, for that sense of community, the bliss of finding kindred spirits and the moments we connect. Have a beautiful Sunday. Love, Penny

Primitive Seasons said...

Hi Dawn: I have selected you to receive the Trendy Blog Award. Details are on my blog if you wish to participate. Hope you have a great week.


kathy said...

Yes I too have been an absent blogging friend most of this summer . TOO busy with my new heartthrob --(new grandson --6 weeks premature -doing well --3 weeks old now -- Growing -so blessed ) but FAmily are important -- and esp my long established bloggy friends -- MY GA gals included ---- Hope to do better -- with a new one expected in Feb also ( OH showers of blessings )-- I've Gotta hurry up - KAthy - ga ♥

Charlene said...

Funny how we get caught up in our own whirlwind isn't it? I haven't been by in a while either so thought I would pop over & see what's up in your world. Mine is all taken up with Hubby's health issues. Off to drool at some of your wonder! HUGS! Charlene


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