Thursday, August 26, 2010

The current state of affairs.....

Can you say, "big ol' mess"??
Yes, that's what the studio looks like right about now.
No wonder WWC never showed up here.....
I need to put away, clean and organize ~
But here I am, still blobbing around, visiting blogs and avoiding it :)
I've got all of the photos and patterns ready
for the teeny tiny shoe tutorial too....
I just need to compile them all ~

Remember this from my recent junk haul?
It was hard to see in the photos I posted but it's simply tissue paper ~
I don't know why I bought it, as is many things I buy,
but the aged look, the torn edges
just cried out to me.
I think I only paid 2 bucks for the entire thing....

I have the BEST of intentions though ~
look, I bought waxed paper and tissues to try the tutorial I posted recently.

I took these butterflies out of their mod silver frame ~
I plan on painting the frame black and putting it all back together.

OH, and speaking of books (previous post),
here's another of my recent finds ~
I've wanted it for quite awhile and found it
on Amazon for a reasonable price!
I love all of the Victoria books and this one is another beauty
to add to my collection.

A few ideas are brewing ~ here are the components....

I'm such a goob for all things old and torn,
Michael's had these boxes that
look like tattered old books ~
well with a 40% off coupon it was a steal!
What will I do with it?
Who cares! It's wonderful.....

So here it is.
My current state of affairs which I guess we could label
"in limbo"
But it sure does look wonderful :)

Have a great Thursday dear friends,
hugs and love,


Brynwood Needleworks said...

"Whenever creativity flourishes, tidyness takes a holiday." - me
I just might have to use that on my blog! lol
Can't wait to see what you create next, dear Dawn.

Gail said...

I feel your pain because I'm right there with you with my studio!!! Aaackkk, it's such a mess! But I'm determined to get it cleaned up...and soon, umm, yeah. Part of it is my dd is still on summer break and I feel guilty devoting the time to cleaning my studio and not her, you know?
As for what you found at Michael's, oh my. Guess I'll be making a trip there tomorrow, I've never seen such goodness at mine...thanks for sharing.

A Wild Thing said...

Hey girl, good to talk to of the good things about being single is never having to explain the walk through my front doors and you're in my studio. Right now mine is filled with boxes of inventory that will go into the new shop...and furniture and frames and pictures and projects and...

Well, you know of what I speak...STUFF, lots of stuff!!!

Clutter on sista!


Carole said...

Those butterflies are going to be fabulous in their new frames. When you see mess I see creativity in progress.
ALL looks good to should see my backroom...uggggllllly!!!

Hearts Turned said...

So many wonderful finds and projects-to-be, Dawn! So nice to see that my creative space is not the only one with multiple goings-on!

Thanks for sharing your vision...


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love that book box, Dawn! I just happen to have a 40% off Michaels coupon on my bulletin board as we speak! : ) What a great shadow box type piece that might make.

The Charm House said...

My studio is a complete mess..... we had to work in the basement yesterday because you could not even find a clear work surface in my studio... YIKES!!! I should be cleaning it up this morning, but I chose to sit here and blog to you! LOL
Dawn, Have the best of days!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Well, girlfriend, you just better get out that dusting cloth, shovel and dumpster and get to work! ;-) And if you discover that you have stuff that must know where to send it! ;-) I just love visiting here and seeing what you're up to. I'd have bought that roll of tissue too!
Thanks for another peek into your creative world.
Hugs and blessings,

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Dawn ~
You are cracking me up because I walked
in to my studio this morning and literally
had a trail to my computer ~
That was the only clear space ~
My brain is going crazy with ideas and stuff and
I just pretty much have it spread everywhere ~
It really needs to be organized bad !!


Free Art Printables said...

You are still waaaaay more organized than I am Dawn!!!!! You have a brilliant, creative mind, sometimes it comes with the territory ;)

Joy Lett said...

But once you get on a roll you be crankin' stuff out. Knowing what you want to do is the biggest part. When you get those butterflies reframed let me know. You know my girl at UGA is a bug student.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Yep Dawn, you sure are into shabby books and such...but that is what we are about....making something beautiful out of somehthing maybe not so beautiful.....and you are SO good at it.

Look forward to your finished creation.


Mosaic Magpie said...

It looks like a wonderful place to come and spend the day playing. If it were neat and tidy you wouldn't want to mess it up! Neat and tidy may sound good, but in my book they aren't much fun.

Sally L. Smith said...

Can't wait to see what you do with your book cover. I'm staying tuned.

Sandy said...

I think we might be in the current state together. You are being creative, your just not recognizing it. Your creative mind is churning up ideas and filing them away until your hands have a day to play. Ideas are a HUGE part of being creative. Enjoy the ideas until you can get the projects, it is part of the process. Can't wait to see what you do next!

Sandi said...

I so know how you feel.

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

I have two craft rooms the red on where I sew and do things like that and the one off my living room. A friend turned part of my garage into a craft room. Thats where I keep my computer and right now I can barely find it. This week end I have to clean up this mess and get organized in here. So I do know how you feel.
I loved the little shoes you made for Lisa's class. They are darling. Bet they were easy to make. You did a perfect job on them as with everything.
Have a great day!!
Hugs, Pat

Vee said...

I can't keep my craft room clean for beans so I feel your pain because yours is bigger and has even more delights contained therein. The joy of all this, Dawn, is that we all know that these present "messes" are going to pull together beautifully under your hand.

Petit Coterie said...

I would love to just hire someone to come and organize everything for me. I certainly know how you feel, I feel the same way. Where does all the time go?

Michelle said...

YOu have such an eye for picking out the good stuff, that everything you get looks wonderful!

At Home in English Valley said...

Remember Dawn, your state of Limbo may be someone elses inspiration. I love to see what you're up to. Anyway, I think they got rid of Limbo :-) Can't forget my Catholic education. Love, Penny

Anonymous said...

Dawn, you should send some studio photos to Cloth Paper Scissors. They also have a quarterly magazine, STUDIOS. I sent some email photos and she wanted me to send more on a CD. Email Cate Prato at Your studio is so much more gorgeous than mine, so she would be delighted to get them!!!! QueenMarcy

Wildflowerhouse said...

I have a sign, it reads, " If this studio is neat and clean, I have not had a creative week." Feel free to use it dear friend. LOL

The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh good! a shoe tutorial. I have been wondering what you are going to do with your doll shoes...I am working on something with the mess I have...hopefully they will turn out...more to be revieled.
Love ya!


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