Monday, May 18, 2009

Wonderful finds and a finished canvas ~

We loaded Noah up Saturday and headed out! First stop was The Big Peach antique mall in Byron, GA. Noah was a really good sport about antiquing....the sweet child has been around them all of his life! I started with my first antique space when he was just a baby and he would sit sweetly in the stroller as I arranged my wares. He enjoyed getting to eat out, and getting a little fresh air too.

I found a few little things. I'm cheap....and hunt to find a good price. Dennis found the pretty oval dish for me and the small jar and the prices were just what I love! The wooden baskets are for the studio and of course I couldn't pass up the small bird books.

Next we headed to a wonderful, large Barnes & Noble in Macon. I just love this store....the smell, the magazines, the books ~ everything about it! Noah found a few good books about sports cars and believe it or not, I didn't buy a book or a magazine. I found this wonderful wooden artist hand and have always wanted one, so I splurged and bought it! It will be a great addition to the studio too.

I finally finished the bird canvas that I was working on too!! I added a few small pieces of lichen (sp?) and seed pods in the bird's mouths ~ now to hang it!!

I have a new blog friend that I'd love to introduce to you ~ Lorraine Stobie of Creative Daily! She's a published artist and is giving a class at Creative Workshops on Soldering ~
So if you've been wanting to learn how to do this....head on over!
Welcome to blogging sweet Lorraine, you'll love it!

Another new blogger and artist that I've discovered is Helen Wheeler-Shaw of The Willows Nest!
Just look at her sweet bird painting.....I'm so glad you're here Helen ~

Tuesday morning we have an appointment with Noah's surgeon to see how his leg's healing. It's been four weeks already, can you believe that? He's getting stronger by the day and more agile too.

Thank you always for stopping by to see me. I hope you have a great Monday sweet friends ~
xxoo, Dawn


Dorthe said...

Dawn dear sweet friend, thanks so much for your beautifull comment on my MMM, --I`M the one to be proud here,-being your friend.You are the one here on blogland that first "spoke" with me-,made me feel comfortable , and gave me the currage to post more and more.
Thanks ever so much.
Your post today shows again the sweet person you are.

I love how your picture turned out,with the panels you made, and the birds eating-wonderfull.

Have a beautifull day sweetie.

XOXO Dorthe

Suzann said...

You found some fabulous things. Love those bird books. I will definitely be checking out the blogs you mentioned.
Happy monday!

Tara Sullivan said...

So glad your baby boy is coming right along in the healing process! And love the treasures you found. Of course, the bird canvas is just amazing! Thanks for sharing your talent with the world. It's a much lovelier place thanks to people like you!

Unknown said...

Wow , Dawn , thank you so much for mentioning my blog here, you are just so encouraging and helpful.
I got such a surprise to see my wee birdie in his teacup , I felt like I had just been published in a Somerset
I am in love with your bird canvas, it looks gorgeous, your ingenuity is brilliant.
I bet Noah felt so much better after getting out and about!
Thanks again,
heaping many blessings upon you and your sweet family,

Unknown said...

Hope everything goes well with appointment. Did you paint this? I love it!

Lana Manis said...

Great purchases Dawn and your finished artwork is lovely!

Thanks for visiting and entering my giveaway!

Vee said...

Four weeks? It seems like last week, but I can't believe that even you say that the time has flown. I know that it's been a lot of extra work and any time a child is hurt, it weighs one down. I know that the surgeon will have a good report for Noah.

The project turned out beautifully. You handled the lichen with such restraint that I had to enlarge the photo to get a closer look. Loved it.

Gail said...

What a lovely canvas you created!
I'm so glad you posted, I've been looking for one of those wooden hands for the longest time. I was at a Goodwill and passed up two of them at 7.99 apiece and have been thinking about them ever since! You'd think I would have learned by now, if you love it, buy it!
Have a happily creative day....

Alice W. said...

What wonderful finds Dawn! I am with you...the cheaper the better. I always have to find the best deals or I just won't buy the stuff...even if I love it. I love your new artist's hand from B&N!

And so glad to hear of Noah's improvement...hope all goes well with the next appointment!

(Typepad comments aren't working now so I am using my old blogger profile)

Ribbonwood Cottage said...

Good morning. So glad to hear Noah is healing up. It is awful when your sweet one's are banged up to say the least. Our son in high school broke a couple of ribs in high school and the xray showed they had been broken previously in football...we were mortified. Our son is now married but I hurt inside just thinking of his injuries. I hope and pray his Dr. appt. goes well!

Holly Campbell said...

I love all of your finds as well! You have such an eye for great things. I am off to visit your new-found friends, but I'll be back! (I am hosting a giveaway this week if you have a chance to visit. . .

KarenB said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day! I looked at that artists hand myself, but succumbed only to Artful Blogging this time. BTW, I made a new banner for my blog and used one of your free images. I'm a rookie, but let me know what you think. Thanks so much for providing those. I save every one.

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Oh my you did do well,such great finds,what a buzz it is to find things that make your heart skip a beat!!All the best, Chrissy

Nancy @ Live love laugh said...

Your finished piece is so pretty! I am happy to hear that your son is healing well. Time does fly!!! In his case I am glad, but I want to hold on to it!

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

The natural items added to the birds' mouths was the perfect touch - I would never have thought of that! Love it. The Willows Nest bird in a cup painting is the cutest thing...I'm headed there now to check it out.

Lorraine said...

Thank you so much Dawn for mentioning my new blog! I am quite excited and looking forward to establishing many new friends. All my best to Noah!

Barbara Jean said...

Love how you finished the bird painting.

Barbara jean

PS Working on changes on my camera may fix the slow loading problem I'm having on my computer.

thanks for the help. =0)


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