Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A sweet discovery ~

We have had a very rainy spring this year in Georgia and my ferns are just loving it!! I have two big ferns that are hanging on our front porch. When it starts raining I love to take them down and let them get a good soaking. Well, look what I discovered in one of them the other day.... a house wren nest with tiny little eggs inside! I gently hung the ferns back in place and will have to strategically water them now ~

Saturday evening I took a trip to Hobby Lobby. It has been quite a while since I've visited because it's 30 miles from my house but love to see if there's anything on clearance or new that I need for the studio ~
This was the last day of the sale but
they had a ton of bridal stuff on sale....
I love to look on this aisle because sometimes
I can use these things in my artwork....

I love that they had these cake plates in various sizes so you could stack them....I needed them a few months ago!!

Favor boxes or tins are perfect to alter ~

Their drieds were half off and I LOVED these sticks....their color and shape were perfect for my artwork ~

Another cool wire basket thingee that will be perfect to hold supplies ~ half off!

I can't remember if I showed you these, but I found these wonderful window frames when I was at Tammy's for the Girl's Weekend.....only 10.00 each! Well, since my studio is really a two car garage, there are two lovely fluorescent lights on the ceiling. I want to hang these horizontally underneath the lights to camouflage them a little bit.

All I needed was a small roll of chicken wire or poultry netting to staple to one side so I would have something to clip things to ~ a few hooks for the ceiling, eye screws and white chain to hang them!

This is how far I got with them....now to get Brent to place the four hooks around each light.....and then I'll hang them.....they should hang about a foot lower than the ceiling ~ sort of like pot racks hang.
I'll be sure to show you how they look when they get put up.

A tiny offering that I've added to The Feathered Nest Shoppe!!! A french tart pincushion that I made this weekend!!! I used some wonderful fabric that Marcie gave me (thank you Marcie!!!) and an individual tart tin.....You can see it HERE in the shoppe ~ simple but so pretty.

Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday sweet friends!!
xxoo, Dawn


Dorthe said...

Hi Dawn dear,

What a great idee with the frames, I think I could use it in my shop, would look wonderfull there, can`t wait to see it in your studio.
And what a sweet little "cupcake",you just makes the sweetest things Dawn,
Your book-mark is packed and will be send off to-day sweetie.
The sun is shining from a clear sky-wonderfull, even I have to work inside.

The best of dayes to you,
with love and hugs.
xo Dorthe

Anonymous said...

I love your frame idea for the lights. The past two days I have seen several ideas for window frames. I currently have three in my basement that I need to do something with, due to the fact I am "supposed to be" cleaning out my basement! LOL.

As always, thank you for all you share.


Barbara Jean said...

Love the pincushion!!
Light idea:
I've toyed with the chicken wire idea for my light as the top that goes over it broke. Now the light is just sitting there in all it's 'ugly'. Just the ole bulbs hanging there.
Anxious to see how yours turns out.
I think i even have an old screen frame that is the right size.

thanks for all the cute ideas.
barbara jean

Barbara Jean said...


great finds, and so coool about the bird nest in your ferns.

fun post.

Barbara jean

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Dawn,
The windows are looking great with the wire. They will be awesome hanging from the ceiling. Looking forward to seeing how you decorate them up there.

Sweet nest and eggs.

I hope you had a great long weekend. Speak to you soon.

Unknown said...

what a wonderful , long interesting post!
Thanks for sweet comment on my blog , Dawn!

Oh , how tiny are the wren eggs!
Gorgeous pin cushion , won't sit around long , I bet!
Cheers , Helen

Sandy said...

I am imagining all sorts of wonderful things hanging from your new light fixture disguises. Thanks for always sharing such great ideas!

How perfect that a little wren choose your home in which to feather her nest.

Love, the new pin cushion too!

Have a sweet day Dawn.

The Jeweled Postcard said...

Well you make me want to make a trip to Hobby Lobby today! Great finds especially the wire tier basket, love it! Your little pin cushion is adorable!

Yes, son in GA said lot's of rain, where was it when you really needed it;(

sepiadreams said...

Great idea with the light covers....When we decorate the antique booths those ugly neon lights stick out like a sore thumb. I like to suspend the old gates or the front iron work of old screen doors and then embellish them with doilies of lace or skrim...Love the idea and the pincushion is to die for..Congrats on doing so well in your shop....Love Tiina...Oh by the way my mom had little wrens in her Petunia basket. She left them there and now they are back with the babies and will hopefully stay in the yard.....xxx/oooo

madrekarin said...

Um, yes- your light covers are going to be fantastic!! There's nothing worse than having to stare at those awful flourescent lights.
Looks like some sweet stuff from Hobby Lobby. I haven't been in ages. I miss ours. :(
Have a great day!!

Sandi said...

Hi Dawn,
I think birds must really love ferns because I have pictures of a bird nest, eggs and eventually birdies in my fern from last year. It was a sweet surprise when I found them.

Love your pincushion and your ideas for window frames! You are so creative!!

The Rustic Victorian said...

The Wrens are smart to choose your fern, as they will be taken care of. I am glad you are using the fabric, it is so "you".

kathy said...

Dawn - don ya love great finds --
and a discount too ! I love your
frames and wire -- so very french - Can'y wait to see what you put on it = kathy - ga

Anonymous said...

Dawn, those windows will be SO handy for getting things up and out of your way! And to display more of your pretty creations!

We're getting a Hobby Lobby!!! 40 miles from our house but it's near the mall. The other mall is 50 miles away. Life in the country....
means driving to everything of interest. Living the simple life! :-)

Such a sweet little pincushion!

My weekend find was a lap desk at B&N. I needed one for comfort when doing needlework. So much easier in my comfy chair than at the table on the porch. I lean over my paints all day. Evenings are time for sitting on something soft! :-)

Have a wonderful week, friend!

Vee said...

Always so many delights here... Have a wonderful day, Dawn!

Magic Moonlight said...

I love your Frames, I which I have a Hobby Lobby near! Good deals, Have a wonderful day,Blanca.

Charlene said...

I saw a light fixture done like that & she had lovely white fabric in them & covered the fixture completely. It gave the prettiest soft glow.

I too have had nests in my ferns before. It does cause issues for watering. This week I found the sweetest little egg all by itself in the flowerbed. Sad to know that the little bird will never be. But, I had to pick it up & treat it as the treasure it is. Have a wonderful week.

Veronica said...

Dawn, birds seem to flock to you! I remember last spring there was a bird nesting near you too.

Very inventive idea for the ceiling. When ever you have an idea you just go out and do it. Wish I could be more decisive like that, I tend to ponder and wonder "should I shouldnt I..."

Lorraine said...

Dawn, the tart pincushion is wonderful! I can hardly wait to see what you put in the baskets too. I always enjoy your shopping trips....


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