Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tons of goodies in this post!

Tuesday I received a wonderful email from Lorraine, a customer of Lessons from The Nest. She's purchased three of the tutorials so far and she wanted to send a photo of her creations. Just look at how beautiful all of her artwork is!!! I love to see her creating these things and hearing about the instructions and that they are clear and easy to understand. You always hope that you can convey what you want to when giving instructions like these. Thank you so much Lorraine, for buying the tutorials and for letting me see how gorgeous they all are!!

Just a random cat shot ~ they seem to really know how to take a nap! This is Paxton ~

Way, way back in my blog....about August of 2007. I went to a friend of mine's house from the antique store. Her home is so wonderful, collected and full of treasures that I took photos to send to Fifi to see what she thought of Jean's house. Almost half a year later we heard that "YES" they did want to shoot her house for a publication. So in July of 2008 they showed up and took some gorgeous photos of Jean's home. I was able to be there and what a thrill it was!!
The magazine has finally hit the newsstands! It's in the January issue of Country Sampler magazine. I've taken a few photos to give you an amazing that because of an email, here's Jean's home in a magazine!!! This blog world is wonderful ~

A few goodies I wanted to share ~ these were a couple of beautiful pieces from Noah's baby nursery that I've saved. Don't you just love the classic Pooh items??

And I can't forget an image for you!!! Here's a sweet little snowman for your artwork or to make your own Christmas cards!

What a cute little fella!
Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday ~ xxoo, Dawn


Anonymous said...

Nice collections
i like it

tam said...

Hi Dawn!
I really enjoyed your post! thank You!!!
Hope you are having a wonderful week!
~Tam :)

Anonymous said...

great post, loved everything about it. the BEAUTIFUL home. the adorable baby items, the so very sweet snowman image, the precious catnap and of course the pretties in the first picture. thank you!

Vee said...

What a great snowman! He's loaded with charm.

That magazine! Ackkk! I saw it yesterday and felt so good for not buying it or any others. Well, next chance I get, it's coming home with me. It looks fabulous. Yes, Blogland is amazing.

The Cinnamon Stick said...

Miss one day of checking your blog and I have a week's worth of goodies to view. I am thinking (forgive me) Valentine's Day and can't wait...really I can't see what you come up with. I remember you posting of what a grand time you had with the photo I will go get the magazine!!Have a great day and thanks for being YOU !! XO, Judy

madrekarin said...

Wow! Lorraine did a fabulous job on her things!!
I love all things classic Pooh. Not that I don't like the Disney version, but the real Pooh is just so sweet. That just all sounds so wierd. ;)
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!!! love ya-

Anonymous said...

Dawn, isn't it a good feeling when someone sends pictures of what they've made from your tutorials!


Deb said...

Paxton is a beautiful cat! Looks like the perfect napping spot :-)
What sweet treasures you saved from your boys ~ Pooh was a favourite in our home too.

Sandy said...

Your friends home looks so charming and cozy. It is pretty amazing what can happen in this land of blog. I must have that little snowman! He is too cute! Thanks so much for sharing him. You would think I would be snowmaned out by now. Have a wonderful day!

Betty said...

Beautiful pictures, wonderful Pooh just do everything 'up right'!

Sherry said...

Isn't it lovely to "see" your "students" work?? I think there is a great satisfaction in seeing how someone has learned from something you've done and loved.

I'm glad that your friend's home has been featured (I remember reading about this over the summer) and the magazine is now available. It's been AGES since I read Country Sampler!

Charlene said...

I will have to run out to get the magazine after work today! It looks wonderful. WISH I had time to have finished the tutorial I bought from you. I have used the Christmas Images for gifts I am doing though...
I left you a surprise on my Blog check it out. Hope everyone else does too.


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

OK, so I love "old Pooh" ! And, now I have to go get that magazine! Thanks for the 'heads-up"!!

Unknown said...

Paxton looks like a cutie pie! I love kitties. The photos of your students work are lovely. Thanks for sharing all those beautiful creations.

kathy said...

Dawn , how wonderful your friends house is !! Have to get that issue -
Yes the tutorials are wonderful .
Almost caught up on my swaps -- can't reveal any yet - as they are winging their way ,
You Pooh items , makes me think of my oldest (28 )son -- I had a wonderful daughter the 3 miscarriages -- and the God blessed us with a son --WE did his room in POOH - was so sweet --then God gave us another son 3 years later -- Truly blessed -- Your new grandchild will be so blessed - Kathy - ga

Wish on a Whisker said...

Hi Dawn~ I LOVE sweet Paxton! Such a cute picture! How neat that we both share December birthdays!(Mine is on the 10th.) Hope you are having a fun week! ~Mandy

Gail said...

Thanks so much for all the beautiful free images. I do use them and thanks for stopping by my blog and the wonderful compliments you gave.
I check out your blog every day, since you're so good about updating daily, unlike some of us!

Cindy said...

Paxton is so pretty...funny how they can just sleep anywhere isn't it?



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