Sunday, December 28, 2008

A few gifts for you ~

I love this precious illustration! Just look at the little girl and the bird is adorable! Click to enlarge and right click to save to your computer ~

Another beautiful illustration! Maybe you can use these in your artwork ~ I'm so in the mood to create....tomorrow is Noah's eleventh birthday party (it's really Dec. 30th but we wanted to have it on the weekend) ~ so after the party I can get back to my artroom, I miss that wonderful place....

Wishing you a peaceful Sunday sweet friends ~

xxoo, Dawn

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”



Musenkind am Meer said...

Dear Dawn,

how lovely! Yes, I will save this pictures on my computer. They are filling my heard with love, harmony, thankfulness for my creative life and high spirits.

Thank you and have a nice time!

Monica said...

Thank you, Dawn! These are just adorable!!
I'm creating, too!;)))
Monica x.

Vee said...

Your wanting to return to your artroom just makes me grin. I, on the other hand, have no interest in returning to my sewing room...yet!

2 Dogs said...

These are adorable. As a child all my books were illustrated in this style. Thanks you.

Patti Cake

Trish said... sweet

The Cutest Cottage Lamps said...

Hi Dawn, thank you for sharing these pictures, and thank you for adding me to your blog list. I enjoy visiting you from time to time and seeing all you have done during the year - you're so creative! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you - I'm so ready to create something - I've got so many ideas swimming around in my head. I have been sewing though and that also feeds my needs. :-)

The Joy of Nesting said...

Thank you Sweet Friend!!

Why do you think it is that the promises a new year holds, always brings with it the insatiatable need to create?? :c) Ever since I was a small child I have always had "A day after New Years" project. It was one of the first quirks LW learned about his "roomie" :c)

Have fun Sweetie and when you need a break drop by for a lovely glass of "limonada"!!

Pattie :c)
Mazatlan Mexico

Charlene said...

Honey do you look for ways to make it hard on yourself??? LOL Christmas, your BDay & now your litte ones????? Girl you are going to pass out with all the preperations, celebrations & clean up (not to mention how very full your nest is now). You are a beautiful soul & we love you so.

Anonymous said...

Dawn, how sweet a person you are - even though your days have been so busy and filled with much activity lately, you still find time to check in with your blogging friends and share lovely pictures too!

Hoping you're enjoying your Christmas holidays!


Anonymous said...

these are so sweet! thank you!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Happy Belated Birthday Dawn :) I am trying to catch up on my visiting my favorite Blogs tonight! I hope you are having a lovely holiday and congrats on your Apron getting chosen for publication! YAY!

Happy New Year,

Amy said...

So sweet I can't hardly stand them... or you for being just so nice to share!!!
Thanks a bunch Dawn!

trish said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful images. :o)

Kristen Pare said...

Thank you Dawn! I absolutely love these. Remind me of my little girl so much. I have finally started to have the itch to create after a long holiday season!


Wildflowerhouse said...

Thank you Dawn. The pictures are precious. Have fun in your studio. I am heading to mine...


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