Thursday, December 4, 2008

The magic of Christmas has arrived ~

I'll never forget the magic I used to feel as a little girl the night we put up our Christmas tree. It was the most wonderful thing to me ~ the lights, the decorations and of course the beautiful music. Our parents always played Bing Crosby, Johnny Mathis and of course Ray Conniff and his singers....each of them singing wonderful Christmas classics. Even ol' Glen Campbell had an album that we loved ~ just hearing him sing "Pretty Paper" melted my heart. I always knew that the Christmas season had officially arrived in our home when the tree was up, decorated and the music was softly playing in the background.

Thanks to my sweet son Brad getting all the decorations down from the attic, we have our tree up and decorated!! He even ran to Michael's for me and bought the spool of ivory tulle that I've been wanting....and it looks just like I thought it would!! A dreamy vanilla Christmas ~

I'm still going to play with the mantle a bit more, I can see by the photo that my candles aren't even and Mary and Joseph look a little like they may jump down to the hearth ~

Have you ever made these easy icicle ornaments? They are graduated sizes of clear beads and clear star shaped beads strung on a silver pipe cleaner. Just make a little ball at the bottom of your pipe cleaner, string on the beads smallest to largest so it tapers up and clip the pipe cleaner with wire cutters and fold over to make a loop for your ornament hook! Easy peasy ~

I still need to play with these arrangements a little more. The middle snowman looks like he might fall off!

Sorry about the scary shadow on the ceiling but I wanted you to see how Brad decorated the tobacco rack ~

We are also working hard to get rooms switched to prepare for Brent and Emily's arrival next week.....I've not been in my art room much and I sure do miss it!!! A wonderful recipe my mom always makes at the holidays:

Pineapple Marshmallow Salad

  • 1 bag of mini marshmallows
  • 1 large can of crushed pineapple (not drained)
  • 1 cup of flaked coconut
  • 1 8 ounce carton of sour cream

Mix together and refrigerate for at least eight hours.

Stir before serving.

Charlene of My Heart's Ease has given me a wonderful award ~ and as I usually don't tend to pass them along as I have SO many favorite blogs now this one seems a little different to me.

It's a Marie Antoinette Award of Inspiration....thank you so very much sweet Charlene for this ~ what an honor!

And who do I think is deserving of this award?? I must pass it on to YOU. You, who stop by my blog, who take the time to comment, who care what I'm up to, You inspire are the one so deserving of this award of inspiration ~ Thank you so very much!

Wishing you a great Thursday sweet friends!

xxoo, Dawn


Anonymous said...

What a georgeous post! Your home is so warm and cozy and your tree is beautiful! Loved all the photos, thank you!

The Wrought Iron Gate said...

I see that you are a night owl like me. Your decorations are beautiful. The soft white decorations against the green tree branches impart an air of sophistication. I like the serene color pallet. I wish you a very joyous Christmas season.

Kay Flynn

debi said...

Your Christmas decorations look so your 'very vanilla' theme. Just love your blog, always something wonderful to look at.

Sherri said...

The tree is so so beautiful. Your room is so soft and relaxing looking. Love all the little touches you have done.

Charlene said...

Your tree & rooms look wonderful. I so envy you the pretty white tree. I used to do "theme" trees. But, since the grandkids are here we are back to traditional with Santa, snowmen, & family ornaments. You will see how that goes soon Mimi. :) Once that sweet little girl gets here you will decorate for her I bet. I know you can't wait for Brent & Emily to get there. Enjoy the beautiful things in your home.

Monica said...

Your 'vanilla' Christmas is just FAB!
Love those cards on the tree, and Santa and the clocks on the armoire's top! Beautiful!

I'm going to keep my scheme to red and white (and pink)... It is still a busy crafting time for me, I'll post some pictures of my decorations in a few days!
Pop in when you have time.


Vee said...

Everything is looking beautifully romantic and festive at your home, Dawn! Lots of great ideas that I can borrow...thank you!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, everything in your room just GLOWS with warmth!


Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Our trees are twins! I have tulle also. Except in white. Love that look. Everything looks so beautiful! Isn't it great to get it done? Now you can just enjoy...well almost, if you are like me you are tweaking something everyday!

Sheila Rumney said...


I have been truly inpsired by your beautiful creations and I would love to be able to send you something that I created - inspired by your creations. Would you please do me the honor of letting me send you something? Please email me at

Have a wonderful Christmas season!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful (and very romantic) home you have for the holidays. It is all so festive and warm. Such inspiration you have given me!
Happy Holidays,

Betty said...

NOW I'm getting the spirit! Just seeing your beautiful tree and decorations gets me thinking. Of course, almost every single decoration we have is dog-related. I love your's gorgeous! Thanks for showing us your 'spirit'!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Dawn... so very..very pretty and inviting.... I love sitting in the eve and looking at the lights... Christmas decorating really is magical when nicely done.... Enjoy your beautiful home....

Simply Shelley said...

It's all very beautiful,Dawn.


Dorthe said...

Dawn, your tree is the most beautifull, romantic thing ive seen ever -how sparkling it must be, so very wonderfull.
Here we wait till the day before christmas, then we cut the tree,and take it inside .Because its genuine it cant stay more than ca. 1-2 weeks untill the nedles are falling of.
I love your beautifull room sweet Dawn -so very cosey.
Love from Dorthe

simple~needs said...

everything looks wonderful and truely dreamy!!! great job!!!

Unknown said...

Your home looks like a Dreamland of Christmas come true! I wonder if my parents had the same Christmas album... Iloved those singers singing the beautiful classic christmas tunes! When ever Bing Crosby started singing "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" I knew that the Christmas holiday season had officially begun!

rivergardenstudio said...

Your house is so beutiful, I love the warmth of each photograph, each has the glow of welcoming Christmas! Roxanne

Lena said...

Oh my! Dawn your tree is stunningly beautiful. As usual, you have inspired me. Now, it feels a little bit more like Christmas to me, and I'm going to pull out my decorations and get busy too. Thank you for your generous sharing of ideas, Dawn.

My sister gave me a big snowman, just like the one that you have. He's a charming fellow! So is the lovely snowman image that you've shared in your post down below. Thank you for sharing him too. I love snowmen, and have a collection. I think I will glitter your snowman and add him to the others.

Best wishes!

Sandy said...

Your decorations look so dreamy! I am taking a little break from doing mine but hope to have most of it finished up by this afternoon. Thanks for the icicle how to, I'll have to try them. Have a dreamy day!

Deb said...

Absolutely beautiful Dawn!!
I love your mantle ~ soft and romantic with the twinkling lights.

Becky said...

Dawn, your home looks just lovely.
I hope your Holidays are blessed.


Anonymous said...


Your home looks beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Dawn!

Your home looks beautiful all ready for Chritmas! Your touches are warm & cozy! Perfect!


PEA said...

Your tree looks just like I thought it would. very much the dreamy tree like a friend used to do. Love it. I don't get my kind of tree this year. I have to do the kids tree. Yuck, but they love those country ornaments so I might have to give them all to them then I can have my tree. LOL
I love the old German ornaments, angels, and glass Mom has given us every year.
I love the ornaments I bought in Paris on my trip with Mother one Christmas, and the wonderful ones my family has passed on to me. But I will do the tree they want probably. One last time.
Thank you so much for sharing the pineapple/marshmallow recipe! I can't wait to make it. Even if I am allergic to pineapple I will have a little bit and take a pill. So worth it! LOL

Anonymous said...

Your tree and house are so pretty, Just like I expected,,,vanilla. You inspire me to get it together,,and decorate! Thank you for your kindness in sharing all the good things on your blog.
Merry Christmas!

Sally L. Smith said...

Your tree is absolutely beautiful! Looks like you're on your way to a Merry Christmas.

Elizabeth said...

Oohhhh, I love your beautiful tree! It's perfect. Did you make the "Dream" sign?

It's so beautiful in your home. It must be such a pleasure to live there.

God bless you, my friend!

Relyn Lawson said...

We all know you're an artist, but you are also a wonderful photographer. And your home! Ahhhh............

Jann said...

Your home and decorations are just beautiful, Dawn . . . your tree is gorgeous. You are so talented and creative! Thank you for all your wonderful posts . . . they inspire so many people and bring a smile to me every time I visit!


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