Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Angels are among us ~

There truly are angels among us. Those whose thoughtfulness seems to arrive at a time when you need it most, how do they know these things? Those who know you and try to think of a way to bless you. One of my angels? Miss Sandy. Sandy of Quill Cottage was the first friend from this land of blog that sent me a random act of kindness gift.

As some of you know, that's not uncommon for this to happen here in blogland. But what Sandy sent me that day looked as if fairies had packed the box, it was absolutely precious!! A bird's nest filled with beautiful handmade acorns and vintage lace bird. There were many other wonderful goodies packed inside that parcel, but it touched me that she knew me so well as to send exactly what I would love!!

Well, this sweet friend has done it again! Look what arrived in the mail Monday....the. most. precious. grandmother's brag book EVER!!! Miss Sandy knows how much I love all things vintage baby but she even remembered that I love lambs as well!

Look at the precious French knots and blanket stitching...
Dear Miss Sandy, you have blessed me today with a wonderful gift from your heart and hands and I just LOVE IT!!! I will be proud to put our little granddaughter's photos inside ~ I will treasure it forever, thank you so very much!!!

A little Christmas cone in the making ~

Another in the series of Christmas card images for you!!
Click to enlarge and right click to save to your computer ~

Great gift giving is an art form. Being observant enough to notice what others love, what they mention, what they enjoy. Not running in the store and picking a random gift that will speed you up in being finishing with your shopping. To be thoughtful and not give a gift that we love but one the receiver would love, that is the art of wonderful gift giving ~

Wishing you a great Tuesday dear friends!
xxoo, Dawn


Unknown said...

What a sweet, angelic gift and yes, your friend is an angel to send you such lovely gifts! :)

kathy said...

I who sew on a button badly -
so admire the lovely creations of
people who can -your book is beautiful and of course goes straight to your heart - Kathy - ga

Vee said...

Oh I had hoped that that gift was for you! :D

It's the most precious creation and I know that you will truly treasure it...can't wait to see the first picture that you pop in there, too. Oh, maybe you already have one...the sonogram pic, right?

The Charm House said...

Dawn, This is so beautiful! What a thoughtful and wonderful gift!
THE CONE~ I need to know how to make one ~ Tutorial????

Betty said...

Beautiful little album...you will fill it in no time! As for gift-giving...I agree that a gift needs to be thoughtful and appropriate for the recipient. Sometimes I buy something for myself and end by giving it to someone I know who would love it as much as I do (okay, that's mostly 'dog stuff').

Enjoy your album!

Michelle Palmer said...

Adorable, sweet & perfect gift!
Thank you for the pretty image & LOVE the cone, too~
Wonderful Wishes~

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Dawn,
That was so thoughtful of Sandy. Isn't it something how you can learn so much about a person from the post that they write.
Cute, Cute...

Sherry said...

I always believe that we receive in return what we give in abundance. Sandy has shown us that ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn! : ) I know many people have saidn this ha ha but I love your artwork you have an amazing talant. One of my friends, for her birthday she got one of the faries in the glass jar, I love it so much! : ) Well if you can find the time, since your so buisy with your beautiful crafts would you come by my blog? Thanks


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