Thursday, December 11, 2008

Beautiful ideas that I love ~

Have you ever wrapped a gift in fabric? I did when I participated in a swap with Alice of Romantic Thoughts ~ I knew that she would love the toile fabric as she loves all things French! I did the best that I could with wrapping it ~ and I finished it off with a silk peony I believe ~

Just look at these beautiful packages from my clippings. And then accented with a vintage pin? I just love these!! I scanned in the directions for the square package. If you click to enlarge maybe you can read them.....

The other photo is so neat, I just love bottles. The older the better! Don't you think these below are beautiful with a sheer fabric wrap??

One last idea. I don't have stairs where we live now but just look at this!! You don't have to use garland all the way down the stairs for Christmas. Long pieces of narrow fabric would be beautiful gathered every so often with a gorgeous bunch of flowers here and there. And do you know the fabric that I'm thinking of??? :) Yes, you guessed it, drop cloth canvas, washed with fabric softener, dried in the dryer then ripped into long panels. Gather with floral wire and using the same wire, fasten on your bouquets of flowers. I'm thinking this would be beautiful all year long, just change the flowers!!

Thank you all so very much for your sweet comments about Brent, Emily and their safe arrival. We're packed in here....but it's really motto is "just be nice" and all will go smoothly :) Funny how your babies are always your babies ~ forever.

It's been cold and rainy here in Georgia for the past few days but were all snugged in. And as I lay my head on my pillow tonight, I'll be dreaming......of a little angel named Clara ~

Wishing you a great Friday my sweet friends,
xxoo, Dawn


Barbara Jean said...


Love these ideas!! That cloth on the stair rail with flowers is great! I don't have stairs at the store or at home. but i wll find somehwere to use that idea for Spring decor at the store. (it always gets decorated before my house!)
Love the wrapping ideas too.
I am never disappointed when i come visit you.
Thanks for keeping it all so interesting and new.

Blesings, Barbara Jean

Barbara Jean said...

Dawn, Me again.
Are the wrapping ideas nad banister out of a book? Would love to just get it if it is.
Thanks BJ

Joyce said...

Dear Dawn; oh how pretty! thank you once again for sharing! God Bless you and your family~ I have 3 sons, one daughter, her sweet baby boy who is just 6 months, and one of my sons' fiance, who is expecting a boy on Jan 14th, all living with me! Phew!! I can't say it is always easy, but I love having my little grandbaby so close~ he just brightens my world! I know you will have many treasured moments with your sweet little Clara too!

Lori said...

those pictures are so pretty!!! gifts wrapped in fabric would be almost too beautiful to open...almost:)

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Morning Dawn... Clippings are great for keeping... It is great cause there always seems to be a year that one of them will work in with what you are creating for that yer. The stairs is great. Throught the years of floral I have tired of just garlands... Cheese cloth ...even coffee or tea stained would give a great look with very little money.....

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Dawn ~ I didn't realize that Brent and Emily had moved in yet ~ Bless you sweet friend !! Isn't it funny that no matter how old they are they will always be your babies ~ both of our girls are out of the house but they are still my baby girls ~

Donna said...

Beautiful wrappings! Yes, I use fabric many times for wrapping, especially for other sewing friends! And I LOVE the idea of the fabric swag on the staircase!

Dorthe said...

Lovely ideas Dawn, the bottles are so beautifull-thanks,
Its so good to hear you are all well and feeling fine,---its rainy cold here too and a weather for lots of lit candles cosy tea, and some wonderfull magazines.
Wonder where the time for that is ?
Loving hugs Dorthe

Vee said...

"Just be Nice" Now that's a great motto and should work. Mine has always been "Be Kind."

That stairway looks wonderful, and, no, I've never thought of wrapping a gift in fabric, though I am thinking that it would be a fine idea.

Sherry said...

Dawn, you find the most beautiful ideas to share...and yes, you may be squished in the house but your motto is a good one for everyone to follow -- always, not just in tight circumstances!! May you have many blessedly wonderful dreams of your angel Clara!!

Betty said...

I would never have thought to wrap presents in cloth..they are beautiful! I think even I may be able to do that. Of course, first I'll have to go buy cloth! Thanks for another great idea!

The Joy of Nesting said...


Iuse fabric all the time for wrapping it's so much more forgiving then paper, and then it can be reused in hundreds of ways :c) When I go to the fabric store I always check the remnate (sp?) tables for beautiful pieces. If I'm buying a pretty piece and it's on sale I have them cut and extra
1/2yard for those gee if I had moments :c)

Take care Missy D and don't forget to read a story to Clara today. You will be so surprised how she will recognize your voice moments after her birth!!

Pattie :c)
Mazatlan Mexico

Sandy said...

Wonderful tips and tricks from your idea files, thanks for sharing them.

Anonymous said...

How dreamy these are!!

Elizabeth said...

Oooh! I think that I will try this. It's too late for the packages I've mailed off, but here at home I could try it.

You always have/find such great ideas.

Elizabeth :)

Unknown said...

Those are lovely wrapped gifts!

Monica said...

Love to wrap my presents in fabric-it can easily be recycled in other projects by the recipient! :) And it is soo elegant AND beautiful to use (no adhesive tape and so on...!!).

The adorned banister is WONDERFUL! I have to try- I used to decorate it with faux fir or ribbons and baubles... once I used fresh fir, and it was a REAL mess!!!!!!
Great ideas, Dawn, thanks for sharing!

Monica x.

Alice W. said...

Stunning Stunning Stunning! And you did an AMAZING job wrapping up that gift for me in that toile with the beautiful flowers! It is still one of the pettiest things I have ever received. In fact...I think one of the photos of it will be with my blog article in the next issue of Somerset Life!


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