Monday, December 29, 2008

Another wonderful celebration!!

Today we had Noah's birthday turned out just wonderful! Dennis' family came and his two little cousins helped him celebrate!

Just look at this sweet cowboy....our niece's youngest son!

Thelma the cat showed up too ~

Our other niece's little boy joined in the fun too ~

He had a great day!! We have such a wonderful family, always so sweet to come to our boy's birthday parties....and believe me, we had a TON of them with five sons!

I forgot to share something I found Friday at Barnes & Noble!! I love this cookbook ~ they come out quarterly and are just wonderful!! The recipes are simple, healthy and delicious ~ I've seen them at my Publix as well. Seems like they sell fast though! It costs 10.99 but it's so WORTH it ~

Today I'm going to work on something new!!!! I can't wait...I'll show you a few peeks soon ~ I wanted to share something else with you too. Have you ever noticed how many food items are boxed in your pantry?? Well, this cardboard, say on cereal boxes and such, is a valuable resource for your artwork!! You can open them up at the seam and using a paper cutter or a simple ruler and art knife you can cut yourself: bookmarks, tags, ATC cards and other things that you would normally buy cardstock for at the craft store.

Take spray adhesive or spray glue and mist the cut cardboard (inside an old box) and lay sticky side down on your choice of papers, then trim around the cardboard cleanly.THEN flip and spray the other side of the cardboard and lay sticky side down onto pretty paper and trim. Now you have a beautiful foundation to create your ATC, tag or bookmark!!!

Remember, you don't have to have scrapbook paper on hand to make something beautiful ~ use old book pages, sheet music, newspaper, wrapping paper, wall paper, etc.

Thank you all again so very much for the sweetest birthday wishes ever!!!! They all mean so very much to me.....hugs to each and every one of you!

Wishing you a wonderful Monday dear friends ~
xxoo, Dawn


Musenkind am Meer said...

Good morning Dawn,

what a lovely sweat home! I love your style! And for the cowboy: Best wishes for all his life. Healthy, harmonie und allways good moods!


~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Lovely photos Dawn. That looks like a great book. I love cooking, I will have to pick that one up.
Sending you love, Nita

Auntie Joy said...

What a great cowboy! My youngest of 4 boys loves to dress up, we just never know what he is "going to be" from one day to the next! Glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday, I loved seeing your treasures.

Vee said...

I'll be watching what you're doing with the cardboard boxes things. Our town recycles but we have lost our one seems to want old paper anymore. Now what? Lots of bookmarks? LOL!

What sweet pics of happy kids and a shy little kitty.

Deb said...

Happy Birthday Wishes to Noah. What a fun party! Love that little cowboy outfit :-) and sweet Thelma!

Š˛ksana said...

So nice and cozy! Congarulation! You have a wondeful family and very very beautiful cat!!!

Sandy said...

Pass along sweet Birthday wishes to your little Noah! What a cute little cowboy you had attend the party.

Great recycling tip for pantry boxes! I never really thought of using them in that way but I will now! I hope your proposed book will have lots of tips and tricks like that in it. I will be nudging you to write as I want to be the first in line for a copy!

I am excited to see what lovely creation you have dreamed up this time. I anticipate tomorrow when all my work will be caught up and I can then delve back into two unfinished projects that have been patiently waiting since before Christmas. Happy creating!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, how cute is he! Love the lil cowboy pics! He's a keeper all right!

You know, I started doing that with cardboard too. It's great on the backs of pictures to give them some good rigidity so you can stand them up on assemblages.

Can't wait to see what you're making. You've been so busy with other things lately! I'll bet you're itching to get crafting again!


Wish on a Whisker said...

~Such sweet party pictures! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy Birthday!~ ~Mandy

The Charm House said...

Happy Birthday to Noah!!! And what a cute cowboy! You started me on the recycled cardboard. At Christmas everyone was laughing at me because I was taking anything that I thought I could use in my studio! The children kept walking up to me with stuff asking, "AuntE, do you think you could use this?" It was so cute... Most of the children enjoy art classes in my studio and I imagine their little thoughts were dreaming of ideas with what they could do with the recycled items! LOL
Hugs and Blessings for a wonderful new year dear friend!!
Don't forget to put me on your calendar for a visit....

Elizabeth said...

Dawn, you are so smart! I have always hated throwing out so much cardboard, but I didn't know what to do with it. Now I do!! (I bet I sound kind of mentally retarded, but I'm better at copying than coming up with stuff on my own).

Dawn, when you have a free moment (ha,ha - right?) come over and read about my sweet miracle from last night. The Lord is so Good!


Faith's Vintage Vanity said...

Happy Birthday Noah! He looks just like you Dawn.


Bambi said...

Happy Birthday Noah. It looks like you had a wonderful party!

Alice W. said...

A very Happy Birthday to Noah! Looks like lots of fun! That little cowboy is too cute!!!


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