Monday, December 8, 2008

Don't you love finding something you'd forgotten you had?

I love wonderful books. Not so much novels and fiction but the intructional kind of books. The books that teach you how to create certain things or show you ideas how to display your flea market goodies.

I'll admit it too, I have a ton of them. Most have been purchased on ebay, or at discount stores such as Ross or Tuesday morning. Some have been found at Amazon too. I'm always looking for a new one and always looking for a great price.

We've been preparing for Brent and Emily's arrival this next week, shifting things around abit to make them comfortable and give them plenty of room. As I'm glancing over my bookcase, for no particular reason, I noticed a book that I had totally forgotten about!!! Look at the precious ideas inside ~ the author is French and it's really evident in the elegant and simple projects.

After the holidays I am going to try so hard to complete a few goodies for our new granddaughter....

I finally hung up the Advent calendar that I made for Somerset ~ I'm not taking the ornaments off though.....we're just enjoying it the way it is, kind of like a piece of artwork.

I came across a beautiful Christmas card that I had to scan for you ~ I love the typestyle used! Left click to enlarge and right click to save to your computer ~

We still have a busy few days ahead of us this week with the kids moving home ~ but we'll be ready!! I hope that your day is a wonderful one, try to take the time to do something you love ~

xxoo, Dawn


Monica said...

Oh, Dawn! What a joy when you find something 'new' that way!!
The book is lovely, full of inspiring ideas...
And your Advent calendar is gorgeous!!! Love it, I'll save the idea for next year...

Warmest wishes,

Monica x.

Betty said...

Everything on your post is so beautiful. I'll bet the first item you make from the book is the "angel's nest"...just perfect for you and your grandchild!

Vee said...

Best wishes with all your preparations for Brent and Emily. I know that you're creating a very welcoming space.

What a providential book to find on your shelf!

Thank you for the beautiful Nativity scene...just wonderful.

Your Advent calendar is out of this world lovely!

madrekarin said...

Eek! You must be so excited! That book is incredible. I love the simplicity of French sewing. It is just beautiful and so classic. That little babe is going to be so chic!!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, love the book! You're going to have fun making things for your wee little granddaughter! the white-on-white Advent wreath.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love that advent calendar. I was so hoping to get one made for this year but it just hasn't happened...yet!

Lori said...

Dawn, the projects in that book look unbelievably sweet...i can't wait to see what you make for your granddaughter!!!

Dorthe said...

Sweet Dawn, your advent calender is the most beautifull "picture" I can immagine on a wall-and the project book as you say so elegant and french-stylish as can be.
They realy know how to dress babyes and children .
Sweet and dear thoughts to you from Dorthe

Dixie Redmond said...

What a COOL Advent Calendar!


Barbara Jean said...

Too busy to get on for a few days and look at all these new and wonderful things!!
Of course i love white and cream buttons, and old jars, so a definite winner on that! =0)
And the book is precious. We have our 5th grand baby due the 19th, so busy with a Christmas stocking for the unknown little person. (no gender revealed in advance). I make wool stockings for them and embroider their name at the top.

Have fun with all those great finds. I'm off to finish painting a Christmas box order.

Barbara Jean

Barbara Jean said...

Dawn, Forgot to say how gorgeous that advent calendar is!!

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

That linen dress is just SO SO darling! xoxo Heather

Bethany said...

I have this book too and yes it is a great book, I agree!!! Have fun with it making all the little baby things....wonderful, simply wonderful advent calender! It truly is a piece of art!

Unknown said...

I just love your Advent calender. It is BEAUTIFUL!

Catharina Maria said...

I love your advent calendar .
The color is sweet
Rini the Netherlands


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