Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thank you sweet friend ~

Dear Vikki ~ OMGoodness!!! My package arrived today and all I can say is "Oh My Goodness!" Thank you soooooooooo very much for each and every little thing!! I'm just so very grateful, you know all the things I love and plus some!

I had to share these wonderful treasures with you all. I've met a dear, dear friend through my blog and we've been talking via email now for awhile. It is so very amazing how you can bond with someone even though you've never met them in person! Our tastes are so very similar and she wanted to send me a care package with a few supplies she thought that I would like. WELL, this is more than a few!!! I can only hope that you are as pleased with my package as I am with all these wonderful things. (I feel that another will be coming your way soon though!!) Click on any photo to enlarge so you can see everything!!

Do you see the amazing old photo of the five boys?? How thoughtful of Vikki to think of our five sons. My husband thought this was wonderful!

This cigar box is filled to the brim with yarns, buttons, buckles, so many things I can't remember!!

Look at the pen she made with the little pad to go with!

Laces, buttons, precious pressed four-leaf clovers and be still my heart, speckled quail eggs!!!

Sheet music, altered keys tied with lace and a bundle of keys for me to alter myself!!!

My very favorite treasure ~ a gathered trinket necklace that Vikki made herself!!!

Handmade Lily of the Valley soap, a precious silver sugar dish and several color coordinated bags filled to the brim with bits and bobs!!!!

Hand stamped papers, with the most precious sayings, cut and ready to use!

Vikki, how can I ever thank you enough for all of these treasures?? I will make you something special, yes, that's it!!! You're an angel and you definitely nurture my creative soul!!


Lori said...

oh MY!!! Vikki really outdid herself!!! what a wonderful treasure box Dawn:)

Sharon said...

Wow that was sure a huge treasure chest of goodies you received. Your a very lucky lady.

Lady Em said...

It is a treasure chest! How neat, I love the keys!!

Heidi said...

Vikki would be my friend, too! LOL What a sweet heart she was to send you all those goodies!

Tina Leavy said...

what a fun treasure trove of goodies! I know you'll be creating lots of lovely things from it all.

Bethany said...

Wow, this was a visual feast to just look at let alone for you to have received!! Oh how wonderful...enjoy every last bit of it and your friendship also :)

Jessi Nagy said...

wow it's a treasure trove!! wow you hit the jackpot.
beautiful things today! ok everyday. you always have the best stuff.

Charmingdesigns said...

Hi Dawn. What loveliness!!You are going to have SO much fun playing with all your goodies! Laurie

Vee said...

Oh my! It must have made your heart skip a beat!

SweetAnnee said...

what a mother load!!

I'm green with envy!!

kathy said...

Dawn I am sure this must be -- our vikki -- I too am a recepient of one of her packages --What a delight her heart and spirit are . I am working on a package for her myself -- Kathy - GA -- Oh by the way -- will e-mail you - but regards sent to you from Ribbon Emporium -- a friend of KRIS
HURST of Blissful Elements -
Kathy -GA.


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