Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Simple things can bring a smile ~

Today has been a grey day here in Georgia. I found myself feeling quite grey as well. Do you have those days? You're not quite blue or sad, just grey. I do think the weather affects people and their moods.

I received the sweetest gift in my email today from Julie of Red Hen Studios ~ images that were in a little book of hers that she knew I would love! What a random act of kindness ~ it so made me smile! Just look at those chubby birds ~ Thank you so much, Julie for thinking of me.

Then in my mail box was a wonderful surprise from Healther of Present Past Collection. A gorgeous Cavallini Birds and Nests calendar! What is it about birds and nests that I love so much?? This little calendar stands up and is just beautiful ~ I had to smile. Plus, I'm in love with the seam binding that Heather wrapped the calendar in! Just gorgeous . . . and to top it all off, I think the sun is coming out here now.....

I hope you're having a wonderful day ~


Anonymous said...

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Essential Oil Premier University said...

Oh yes, it's the weather. It's grey here in Michigan too. First we have cold and snow, then it warms up, we have rain, then sleet and now cold and snow again!! It does a job on us with sinus problems, let me tell ya!!

Oh hurry Spring!!



BailiwickStudio said...

I love those little calendars! I send the one about Italy to my son-in-law every year. This year I got myself the birds & nests calendar in the large size. It has wonderful graphics, but nowhere to write appointments and such. But since I happen to have 3 other calendars to write in, this one is just eye candy!

Alison Gibbs said...

Dawn what fabulous things the mailman brought for you.

Tina Leavy said...

Hi Dawn..I too love birds and have bird related items in my kitchen.
I know what you mean about the grey days..they sometimes affect me too..bleckk..wish they didn't but sometimes they do.

Julie said...

I was so happy to share with you. Once I opened up that little book (one of the many inspirational books passed on to me from my grandmother)and saw those birds, I thought of you.


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