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Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm thinkin' I have a thing for shoes....

What do you think?
I finished the tiny pretties for Lisa's class!!!
They are now on their way to Texas ~

No, not shoes for me to wear...
just beautiful little shoes that make me smile ~

Have a wonderful weekend precious friends!
hugs and love,


Anji Johnston said...

I want ALL these teensie, tiny, little beauties! I know why you have thing for these - who wouldn't?!

Joy Lett said...

I have a basket full too.

Carol Bass @ A Bird in Hand said...

Oh my....the little leaf covered shoes are my favorite!! Did you make those also? Tutorial?? I wish I could say I only adore the teeny shoes. My husband would say otherwise! (hee hee)

June said...

Hi sweetie,
I am lovin' all your sweet little shoes. Did you know that now everytime I see a pair of doll or baby shoes I think of you?! You are the shoe whisperer!!!
hugs to you dear one...

Vee said...

Oh yes! You really do have a thing for shoes. But, do you also have a thing for shoes for you? I love those little elf shoes that are made with leaves and things. So darling.

Theresa said...

I love them ALL Dawn, but my FAVORITE are the little satin ones in the beautifully decorated jar! Sweet little display of shoes that you made too:)

Have a blessed day my friend!

Wendy said...

Oh Dawn,

They have made me smile as well. I love all those shoes. All the different pictures are just wonderful. I love all kinds of strange shoes. I seem to be drawn to them like I am to hats when I go junking and thrifting.
Yours are absolutely enchanting.
Thank you for sharing

marie said...

I'd love a closet full of your sweet shoes!
Thanks for the "smile" today Dawn ~ even before I read that shoes make you smile I was smiling too!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi sweet Dawn, The shoes you made for Lisa's class are just so cute! I would have a hard time to decide which ones I like better, so I would have to make two collages. I've never seen a pair of vintage baby shoes at a flea market over here but I when I see some on the internet, then, like June I have to think about you :-).
Have a wonderful weekend!
Hugs to you,
Julia said...

Those little hand made ones are just the cutest!

La Maison en Wonderboom said...

So cute, i've never seen such a beautful shoes.

have a nice weekend


Jann said...

All of your sweet tiny shoes remind me of the fairy-tale, "The Elves and the Shoemaker." Adorable!

Judy said...

I thought of you today as my sister was telling me about a quaint little ice cream parlor she visited this week.

She said there were just a few round tables inside surrounded by miss-matched chairs, and each chair leg was wearing a tiny shoe - some baby shoes, some doll shoes, but each leg had a shoe.

It sounds SOOO sweet!

Now, if you ever get too many and you just cannot think of what to do with them all...

(oh, wait. one can NEVER have too many!)

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Dawn,
your shoes are just adorable.Have a wonderful weekend,dear friend.

Miss Sandy said...

I think I have a thing for tiny shoes too! Today while I was out flea marketing I bought a tiny pair of satin mint green high heeled doll shoes - for one dollar! Your shoes turned out adorable, I bet Lisa will be thrilled. Have a great weekend!

Home and Heart said...

Just beautiful!!!

vicki said...

Sweet dawn - YES you do have a thing for shoes - and NO BODY does shoes better than you! LOVE every photo dear friend!

(we need more photos of sweet little Clara!)


Elyse said...

you are like one of the little elves from 'the elves and the shoemaker' fairy tale. the wee shoes are adorable!
- - - - - happy stitching - - - - -


Barbara Jean said...

Yep! Think ya' do have a thing for shoes.
Great collection.
Cannot wait to see the shoes in the art Lisa is teaching.

blessings and have a great weekend.

barbara jean

Lynn Stevens said...

How precious. I think you have enough to open a baby shoe store!

Tarnished and Tattered said...

You are about the best friend ever. Who would cobble me up 8 teeny pairs of slippers?? Who? No one, that's who. I dont' think anyone else could figure out how to do it, or have the double jointed fingers to accomplish the task. LOL I may have to switch my class, those are too precious to use. I agree with June BTW, you are the shoe whisperer. Lisa

Lady Pamela said...

Have you seen the latest issue of Somerset Home? There is a 'shoe chandelier' in that issue. I thought you were talking about that kind of shoe at first. :)

suebeebuzz403 said...

Dear sweet Dawn, oh my god, so many beautiful shoes. I just love them. I am already excited for your new tutorial how to make the little ones you made for your friend's creating class.
You have got such a great talent, I am so jealous of you :) Have a peaceful and creative weekend
hugs Karen B.

ByLightOfMoon said...

Dawn, They are all just beautiful and I remember you finding the lot of baby shoes! I have a ceramic baby shoe collection and I have crossed a big hurdle in saying I have enough when I see more. Except ballet shoes, of course!

I adore the ice cream chair shoes story above!
Smiles, cyndi

TinyBear said...

Hi Dawn
I love those little shoes you have made for Lisa´s class and all thosee other little shoes. I think I need some too :D
Those little ones in the jar is so cute.
Have a wonderful weekend.
xo Tina

Anonymous said...

We'll just have to call you our Imelda Marcos of wee little shoes! ;-)
Hugs, Dawn!

deborah said...

oh the little faerie who lives in my faerie door would love a pair of shoes so sweet

Charlene said...

LOVE them all! And that darling little coat in the cloche near the end of the post. HUGS! Charlene

Cheryl @ Vintage Serenity said...

Hi Dawn, Wanted to let you know that I linked to your blog yesterday...loved your baby shoe pin cushion idea!! And the sweet shoes on a plate of buttons is to die for!! Thanks for posting it!
Hugs and Blessings!

lisawohl said...

I love the shoes in the glass jar... now I'm gonna have a thing for shoes too!


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