Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Snippets of Inspiration ~

Hey sweeties ~
I'm still working so hard...
Our sons have been amazing and such a wonderful help.
Please! Who am I kidding?
We couldn't have done it without them!

We are living in the new house now and I'm trying
to get things put away ~ the studio still remains to be moved though :)
Yes, I know, it's crazy full...
I'll be packing it up this week for the boys
to move it all in this coming weekend.

I'll take a few photos of the new house as soon as I can ~

A few images for you and a little inspiration :)

Thank you so very much for your precious prayers for Mark ~
He's still in ICU and they are warming his body back to a normal temperature
(after chilling him down yesterday to encourage healing.)
We're praying he breathes on his own tomorrow
after he comes out of the induced coma.
Thank you again for keeping him in your prayers ~

Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday dear friends,
hugs and love,


Elderberry Dreams said...

Thank you for taking the time to post and share, even as you are moving and have family worries. Take care. Praying for a recovery, and strength for you......XOXOXOX Eileen

Unknown said...

Hi Dawn. I'll continue to pray for Mark and the family. I know this has been such a scary thing. It seems we just got out of school and we're nowhere near old enough for things like this to happen to our family or friends.

Thank you for always being generous and thinking of us with the beautiful imagines.

God Bless Sweetie and warm hugs....Tracy :)

BellaRosa said...

Dawn amor, I am so sorry to hear about Mark, I have continued to keep him and all of you in my thoughts & prayers...Emily posted about him on her FB, I was truly saddened knowing you & your loved ones are hurting right now like this. I pray he will soon make a complete recovery & be back home to all his loved ones :) Love & miss you lots! Besos, Rose

Ps...I can't believe how fast you guys have gotten so much done at both houses! You all are amazing :)

She Uses Her Words said...

Hi Dawn,
Hope you're holding up okay with all you've had going on in your life. Thank God for your sons who have helped so much! I am still praying for Mark. Hope you get some rest soon!
xo, Karen

Primitive Seasons said...

Oh my Dawn you have so much on your plate right now and how you are holding up is a miracle. Prayers for Mark and best wishes on fixing up the new house. Take good care of Dawn in the meantime, don't over do! Things are looking wonderful.


Theresa said...

Praying today is a great day for Mark and that he will breathe on his own!

Enjoy decorating your new home and moving that beautiful studio:)


Sweet Old Vintage said...

Oh my thoughts are with Mark... I love the room and those muted colors... Love ...love... love... We have lost yet another friend this week and I got in panic mode again thinking we should be making some changes in our life and sought out a villa for us to go look at... After I got my thoughts back in place we talked and both know how happy we are right here... Things that happen can send your thoughts and feelings different direction that is for sure... I think of you often and know you are going to love placing the fun touches and stamp on your new home... This home is not as large as your last is it? Blessings Dawn....

Vee said...

Continuing prayers for Mark...

You've moved in? Wow. You guys really know how to make things happen!

Thespoena McLaughlin said...

These are wonderful images. And I really want to live in the house that has that bedroom! So awesome! Healing prayers for Mark.

summerland cottage said...

Hello there,
though I don't know who Mark is as I am a 1st time visitor,
I will definitely keep him in my prayers.
Your blog is beautiful and inspiring.
I especially LoVe the bedroom photo.
Thank you for sharing,
even during this challenging time.
Sending all best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Barbara Jean said...

thanks Dawn.
Sweet blessings to you


barbara jean

Cindy said...

you are amazing girl that with all you have going on in your life that you are keeping us your readers happy with your continued blogging on the progress of your new home. thank you for that:) you know we love this... so exciting:)
thoughts and prayers being sent your families way for the complete recovery of mark!


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