Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dreams DO come true!!!!!

I can share with you sweet friends what's going on around here!!!
The Edmonson's are MOVING!!!!
We have found the most wonderful, charming, old farmhouse!

The house was built in 1925
and is on the highest elevation of the county....
it sits on approximately 30 acres
and was a former peach orchard!

Here is the beautiful girl ~
can you see the tin roof???

A wonderful old pecan tree on our property ~

The side entrance to our front porch and a peek at our lil' barn!

The side of the farmhouse ~

The sweet back door and yard ~
(oooh, BEWARE of Ellie!)

The amazing old barn ~

A photo from the side fence ~ you can see the barn roof off to the left.....

Across the street!

The front porch ~

A majestic old magnolia tree in our front yard ~

Let's go inside...
this is a photo from inside the foyer ~
can you BELIEVE this screened door??

Looking from my soon-to-be studio,
through the foyer into the living room!
(which ALL will soon be painted)

This view below shows looking from my studio,
through the guest room and into Noah's new room ~
The door you see in Noah's room
is an entrance to the guest bath...

Off the studio to the left is the master bedroom and another bath!

The view below looks from the guest room into the new studio ~
don't you LOVE the interior french doors???

The sweet little kitchen ~
All the paneling above and below the cabinets will be painted!
The ceiling is sloped and so charming with the beams.
Yes, those are yellow countertops but oh well, WHO CARES?!

The fireplace in the living room ~
the paneling will all be painted in here as well.....

The guest room again ~ and it WILL be painted too....

Another shot of the kitchen ~

The cozy dining room ~ which will be totally painted as well...

Another shot of the living room....

Noah's room ~

The most amazing old barn ~

The view from our back door ~

So there you have it!!!!
Dennis and I both love old things....
and we've always dreamed of living in a wonderful old home too!

In March we will be married thirty years ~
we have five precious sons
a daughter-in-law and future daughter-in-law that we love
and an angel of a granddaughter from Heaven above remember

And if I'm not creating for the next few weeks,
now you know why!!! I'm painting my little heart out and
hope to share our new home with you after we've made it "ours"....

Wishing you a great Wednesday dear friends ~
hugs and love,


stefanie said...

its perfect....filled with soooo much charm!!! congrats!

kluless said...

Oh.My.Goodness. You lucky girl!!! I can hardly wait to see what you do with it.

Home and Heart said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! It is a wonderful house, full of charm. I look forward to seeing what you do with it! Hearing the rain on that roof will be divine!

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Congratulations ~ What a Dream Come True.... Can't wait to see the finished, Moved in Home Sweet Home ~ What Town will you be in now? xox Cheryl

Romeo said...

WOW! How wonderful Dawn!!!! I am so happy for you! This is purrfect!!!! I can't wait to see what you do with all this potential!!! I LOVE old country homes!!! And THIRTY acres!?! This is a dream come true!!! Congratulations girlfriend - you so deserve this!


Deborah and Romeo

The Painted Nest said...

Oh Dawn!!!! ~~I'm SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!~~GOD IS SOOOOO GOOD!!!I pray God's richest blessings for you as you start on yet another journey in this "BEAUTIFUL" home!!~~~Blessings always Mama Bird!!~~~Deborah

BellaRosa said...

Yeah mama!!! Ok so when should I pack my bags :) OMStars we got off the phone and I finished watching a movie with Nissa & then it hit me...Dawns post!!! Do here I am 30 min later and Dawn amor...I LOVE IT!!! She is a grand lady :) I can't wait to see what you do with her! I love my old 1916 home...and it has been a long process that we are not even close to finishing but I know that one day she will be a dream :) Maybe not my dream anymore...but a dream house none the less :) I hope you share the process with us all, the colors, the decor as you decorate...any new techniques that you try on painting, aging etc...I can't wait amor! I will be calling you for updates and pictures..I am sooo happy for your bella familias new adventure! Love & huge hugs to you Dawn :) Besos! Rose

Gail said...

Unbelievably beautiful old home! It seems just yesterday you were moving yourself into your "studio" in your garage! You are a brave woman! I'm truly happy for you...your excitement came through in your post...:).

Vicki Boster said...

How wonderful for you Dawn - what a sweet house you have found. I can hardly wait to see all the ways that you will create and decorate and make it your own special place. "She" is already so full of character - "she" is ging to love having you live there!


Faded Charm said...

Oh, you lucky girl! I'm so happy for you to get your dream home and she is a beauty. Can't wait to see what facelifts you give her. Remember to take lots of photos to share.

Happy painting!


Brynwood Needleworks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Dawn:
Congratulations on your new nest. I love the barn and thirty acres - how wonderful for all of you! You are truly blessed. Looking forward to seeing your hand on your new home, and don't forget to email your new address to me, too, please!

Anji Johnston said...

This is so amazing! The barn, the porch, the trees, the...I could go on and on! Congrats to you and your family Dawn - I am so happy for you!

Dawnll said...

Congratulations Dawn -how darn exciting, I am so happy for you. Enjoy every minute.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Dawn, Not much makes us happier than living in a home we love...and I am SURE you will have this one looking EXACTLY as you see a short period of time.
We had that type of paneling and the red brick in our last home too..and when I FINALLLY talked by husband into painting the paneling and the fireplace...( after almost 30 years) he LOVED IT. DHAHHHAHHAAHHHAAAAaaaa !!!

You will be having so much fun and be so busy it will make your head spin.

CONGRATULATIONS...that is wonderful news.


Hopemore Studio said...

Dawn, that is the most amazing news just screams 'feathered nest'. How can you get any sleep? I'm sure the ideas of what this home can be are just buzzing around in your head. I am so looking forward to this next journey in your life!

It is perfect!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Dawn,
that is wonderful.Congratulations!I'm so happy for you and your family. Oh, what fun to paint and decorate. Have a wonderful day my friend.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Dawn,

Congratulations on your beautiful new home.
Looks like an idyllic spot out in the gorgeous countryside.
Wishing you many blessings and well wishes for your next chapter of your life.


Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi, dear Dawn, Congratulations on your new sweet home!!! You must be all excited and I'm sure you'll have lots of fun painting and decorating everything. The barn is so lovely too. Now you could have your own antique store right at the property. I also love those wonderful old trees. I'm very happy for you, girl :-)!
Big hugs,

Rebecca Nelson said...

So happy for you Dawn...

Yes..dreams come true~even those 30 years in the making.

Love to you~


Sonya Badgley said...

Dawn~How wonderful is this?!! I bet you are just screaming with excitemen(on the inside)!What a dream come true! I love old things too. There's nothing like it. What a treasure you have. I'm very happy for you and your family, a perfect place to make your nest.LOVE the screen door. You're going to be reeaallly busy now;) But a good busy. Have fun.

Christine said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful house!!! I think that old barn is my favorite!

Barbara Jean said...

It is a wonderful house, and will be just so amazing to see it all lightened up, and made your home.
I'm so happy for all of you.
Yes, dreams do come true. Mine was my little gift shop. =)

hugs and blessings

barbara jean

Dorthe said...

Oh dear Dawn,
How wonderfull for you, congratulations,-with this beautifull house and place,so charming, and cosy looking-love the whole house, and the gorgeus old trees in the garden-the views to the green farmland,you most lucky girl,dear friend- I`m so happy for you,that your dream came through.
I`m all exited to see what will be with all this, when you have finished painting,and mooving in .
I wish you wonderfull dayes of happy work, sweetie,-in this dream house of yours.
Love and hugs, Dorthe

Anne N. said...

AAAAWWWWww, are you not a lucky one!!!! This is like my country (Norway)! Beautiful.
But the lovely farmer home is like an american movie set! I LOVE it :o)
You are blessed, Dawn, with your lovely family and this wonderful home!
Hugs from Norway, Anne:)

Joanna said...

Such a beautiful new home! I love all that panelling and it'll look stunning when you've painted it - ALL (there's lots of it!). That front door is a dream, and all that land.....! What an exciting time for you both, xx

alveen said...

Oh Dawn, how excited you must be!!! What a lovely nest to foof and feather. As for the yellow benches, regard them as a ray of sunshine. And all that land to run free on. Love those trees, bet you have already scanned them for birds nests.
May you and your family spend many happy hours together warm and cosy as the rain dances on your tin roof.

Alison Gibbs said...

Dawn can't wait to see it once you work your magic

Theresa said...

Beautiful and already looks like home to me:) Enjoy your busy day my friend! HUGS!

Deb said...

So very happy for you! Can't wait to watch as you make "her" your very own!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Congratulations to you and your hubby, Dawn! Much luck and love in your new home!

Lisa said...

Hey Sweets,
You did it!! I can't wait to see these rooms after they get a coat of manchester tan & lil' dawn magic! Your treasures will love beautiful in this setting. It was meant to be. Watching the process will be fun for us too, maybe more fun...we don't have to do the work! Lisa

Vee said...

Congratulations on your new home! It looks as if it has all the potential in the world and I know that under your hand, it will become yours very soon. Looking forward to seeing all that you'll do with this great piece of property.

Tracy said...

What a great house! So glad your dream is coming true. That dream is also coming true for me and my husband. :) I can hardly wait to see what all you do with your's, it's just beautiful as it is but after some paint and decorating, wow...just imagine.
The home we're buying is also a old beauty. It was built in 1926. I have a picture of it on my blog. I'm just so ready to get the keys and get in it! We are keeping our fingers crossed that we can close by Sept. 15.
Oh isn't it so exciting. I know for me I thought the day would never come ....

liszha said...

This is the loveliest home! I wish we had homes like that in Holland.
I am happy for you that your dream came true!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Ohhh girl ! How very much exciting !
I adore old homes and am thrilled for you and your
precious family ~
You are going to have so much fun making
it yours ~


madrekarin said...

You are going to have so. much. fun. :)

Mosaic Magpie said...

What a wonderful place. With such beautiful views. It will be beautiful painted as you have described. The fireplace and paneling will be gorgeous painted. Some where I heard you can even paint counter tops. Love the barn and the fence as well. Congratulations, how exciting.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Dawn! It's YOU! The bones are all there! We're all waiting expectantly for the transformation to begin, and knowing you, it will be amazingly beautiful, cozy and welcoming!
Hugs, love and warmth in your new abode!

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...


I hope the transition goes smoothly and that you will have lots of wonderful adventures in your new home. It's got creative potential written all over it's beautiful bones.
Funny, we have always lived in old homes starting with an old converted convent for our apartment, then a farmhouse in a little village and now a stone home in the country, with outbuildings. This time around we are looking for something a little more modern. We do still check out all the older listings too, just in case... Love of old, never fades.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

OMG Dawn, that place is just beautiful. Your own slice of Heaven on Earth. I'm so excited for you. Can't wait to see how you'll transform the place.

Sweet Old Vintage said...

What lovely bones to make so special and your own... I am sure we are going to have many lovelt posts over the next year as you place your stamp on this sweet cottage style farm lady... So excited for you...

vikki said...


Beth Leintz said...

Congratulations on your beautiful new home- how exciting- love those french doors, and those little shelves over the kitchen window are adorable.

Regina Moore said...

Congratulations! Very exciting and I can't wait to see all the transformations forthcoming!

Miss Gracie's House said... are going to have soo much fun! And we will too...watching the transformation along the way!

MJ Ornaments said...

Congratulations Dawn on a beautiful home. I love the screen door! You could also take out the linoleum and paint the bare concrete...I did that in my last home andre it turned out really pretty. Take care, Martha

Elizabeth Golden said...

Oh sweet Dawn this is wonderful! I am so happy for you. I did not realize you had 5 sons and a grandchild, just like me. No wonder I have felt such a kinship with you. The house . barn and property look divine. I can not wait to see how you put your personal touch on everything. I am sure it will be Amazing. I think you will be creating just in another medium. Post often so we can see all of your hard work. Congratulations!

Brenda Evans said...

Oh what an amazing old house. A magnolia tree to boot. Oh MY!!! I would die to have a magnolia tree in my yard. I miss them so much from being born and raised in the South and now I live in the West. I do miss that so. What a great property - I just love that barn and the front porch and the tin roof. You are so lucky. Congrats to you and your hubby. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Oh my goodness, Dawn!!! How exiting! What a perfectly charming old home! I am so happy for you!!! I can't wait to see how fabulous it looks after you use your talents to paint and decorate this lovely home!

Dragonlady said...

I am so happy for you and your family..This place looks so nice and I know it will look gorgeous when you get it painted and all moved in with all of your wonderful stuff there...
It will be wonderful to get to see the transformation as you go, if you have time to share.....I just love the wood floors and I even like the yellow fits in with the "ole' charm of the home...Congrats..

Jill Marcott-McCall ~Feathers & Flight~ said...

Congratulations Dawn On your New Home!!Your Grandchildren will have the Same Fond Memories that you have of Visiting your Grandparents house! Beautiful Old Home! So Serene!
Many Happy Wishes for You and Yours!

Booklinks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Congratulations sweet Dawn!!! That is such wonderful news : ) I just so happen to really like the kitchen too! It reminds me of my Pappaw's house where I grew up. Your dream home is one of the most charming little farmhouses I've seen. Congrats again!

Lots of love,

Booklinks said...

Congratulations with this beautiful dream home
Can't wait to see how you are going to decorate
this wonderful home

Claudia said...

Ah, now your post about old homes and buildings the other day resonates even more! CONGRATULATIONS! I'm thrilled for you. As a fellow old home nut and the owner of an 1891 farmhouse, I can assure you that you will just love living in your old home. It is beautiful, Dawn. 30 acres! Fabulous.


Vicki K. said...

You will make it so wonderful! I know the whole deal is a lot of work but having 'just' watched you pack up and move your studio - you are going to be one tired girl. But there's a big reward at the end. Congratulations!

marie said...

Simply beautiful Dawn - I wish you so much joy in your new nest!

Happy painting!!

The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh Miz Dawn,,Congratulations! I know you will make it a magical home. I love the location, and the front porch! I do think the spare bedroom will be part of your studio too. How fun, and what a perfect time of the year to move, when it is getting cooler. When do you move? With all the help, it should be fairly easy to get the work partys together. How cute it will be for Christmas! Clara and your pets will be happy too. This is just the best news!
I look forward,,"we" look forward to your progress.

Bettyann said...

Dawn I am so happy for you and Dennis..Congrats on a charming sweet new home..Looking forward to seeing what new changes you do ...take care..

Unknown said...

Oh Dawn!!
How Exciting!!!
I am so happy for you!!
I too look forward to updates on your new home.
And what a wonderful home it is!!!
Thanks for sharing.
Best Wishes,

Debra@CommonGround said...

How wonderful, Dawn! What fun you will have! Pace yourself, girl, and enjoy your move!!

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Girl, I don't even know what to say....I just have to pick my jaw up from the ground! It's perfect (and I am jealous), I mean happy for you.

Thespoena McLaughlin said...

What a charming place to live. And much bigger inside than it looks from the outside. Love those hard wood floors! Gorgeous! Congrats! So when do we all get to come for sleepover? LOL

Wish on a Whisker said...

Hi Dawn~ LOVE your farmhouse! I am so happy and excited for you! It will be so much fun seeing all the fun things you do to make it your own! It has such wonderful old wood floors. There's something special about an old house... ~Mandy

Jann said...

Oh, it's just perfect! I'm so happy for you and your family--I know you will make it even more beautiful and oh-so cozy with all of your talent for creating and decorating. Congratulations, Dawn!!!!!!!

Simply Shelley said...

I am trilled for you and the family...what a wonderful lovely old are truly blessed indeed....may God grant many more blessings in your new,old farmhouse.Can't wait to see all your makeover results and decorating....blessings,Shelley

LP Vintage said...

Congratulations, it's beautiful! Gorgeous setting too. Best Blessings!

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Oh HOW exciting sweet friend! I remember how I felt when we found our old farmhouse with it's shabby old barn and I can't beleive it's been almost ten years now. I KNOW you will make yours fabulous as it has amazing bones! And a yellow counter? You'll make it work and work beautifully.
I'm excited for you!

At Home in English Valley said...

Dear Dawn, I can't think of a more deserving woman to have all her dreams come true. The house is so charming and that screen door, beautiful! I wish I could help, I'm handy with a paint brush. It is such wonderful news, can't wait to see how you make it yours. Much Happiness! Love, Penny

Shopgirl said...

If I am right, this will be a real doll house when you are done. This is a lovely farm and you are right, dreams do come true. When we found our little slice of heaven years ago, I was delighted and ready to make this 1906 house my home. I could write a book about this journey Arney and I took when we found this Ole Cottage Farm house on 5 ac. Many things would be funny, some would be about many hours of hard work. But done with love together, this is our little space in the world, and we love to love it!!!
My Dear Dawn, make a journal, you will love that you did. Love, Mary

Terri Gordon said...

Hello, Oh how wonderful, I can't wait to see all of your pictures as you are re-doing things, congratulations. Have a wonderful week. Terri

Deb said...

Congratulations Dawn!
Such a beautiful home , barn, view ... I can just imagine how amazing it will look when you add all your special treasures.
Wishing you much happiness ♥

Anne Lorys said...

Oh Dawn, I am So thrilled for you!
It's a beauty, alright.

I'll bet this has been cooking for quite some time, I'm surprised you could keep quiet for so long! I should've kept my mouth shut until our was a done deal, now it's iffy that we'll even get our farmhouse.

Congats again, this is the BEST news!!!


Elderberry Dreams said...

I am sooooooo happy for you, and can see that this is the perfect house for you and your family! When you are finished doing what you do best with it, it is going to be featured in some magazine in the future ;-) God knows are hearts, doesn't he?

Bring Pretty Back said...

What a charming adorable home! I can NOT wait to see how you make it yours! Congratulations!
Have a pretty day!

Unknown said...


Myrna said...

Oh Dawn! I am so THRILLED for you!That darling house, the wonderful land, and the gorgeous view! Talk about the Lord blessing us 'with more that we could ever think or hope for'!!
Congratulations! That house is just DARLING!! Have fun 'making it yours'!! ;-)

Rock River Stitches said...

Dawn, Your new home has everything I want in a house! It's just beautiful with all those hardwood floors and that screen door! I want one of those so bad!! And a fireplace! That's on my list of must have's! Congratulations!


Sandy said...


What an incredible blessing! Congrats on the "new" old home, I love it!!! I am a little green with envy, our farmhouse was built in the 70's and does share your groovy paneling but it has none of the charm and character yours has. Can't wait to see how you will transform it into a most amazing space that I know it will be. I am so excited for you and your family. Happy blessings to your in your new home.

Laura Venosa Verbena said...

wow this is a dream & I am sure you deserve it!!! Bless your & your new home.. That barn is the best!!!

VINTAGE HOME lifestyle said...

So wonderful!!! You are living my dream.
Wishing you many wonderful memories in your new home.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Congratulations Dawn to you and your husband.
I'm so glad that your dream is coming true.


Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

A Dream is a wish your heart makes! SOOOO happy for you. It is all beyond precious. Sincere Congratulations!!
Big Hugs!

Unknown said...

UUUHH! How exciting. This is going to be so much fun to follow along with your transformation of your already wonderful new home. Those wood floors look like they're in really good shape.

Diane Mars said...

Congratulations, you have a very pretty new home! And the property is wonderful! Enjoy, Hugs, Diane

The French Bear said...

What wonderful news!!! I can't wait to see the transformations you make, the barn......another studio or tearoom...a place to host sales? lol
It will be so exciting for you!!!!
Margaret B

Shawna Bates said...

Oh my heck Dawn!!
I am excited for you!! I can't wait to see the transformation!
Don't worry about your yellow counter, if you aren't planning on changing it out you'll get use to it..we live in a farm house with a yellow counter (and floor!!)..the counter is ok it don't bother me, but I'd LOVE to replace the floor!
Speaking of floor, I LOVE all that wood floor in your home!! Love the screen door, the french doors and your barn!!
I just know you are going to have so many precious memories in your new home.
Cant wait to see it take transformation, I know you will do awesome things to this new home!!
Congrats to you and your family!

Theory said...

Double WOW. I love it all and to own the land is amazing. I am so happy for all of you, it is like a new beginning too. Take care and have fun creating your new home. You are truly a country gal. Love Theory a country gal in Iowa.

Unknown said...

Oh Dawn: I'm just swooning over the photos of your new home and farmland. Isn't it just wonderful? You must be beside yourself with excitement and plans. Good things DO happen for GOOD people like you.

I had to tell you that I recently received a custom order for a dress form for a baby girl's nursery. We decided to use birdies and butterflies for art and the customer ADORED the bird print you shared with us. You can see my little "story board" for the form here:

I'll be sure to share the final project with you and thank you so much for all that you give us. It really makes a difference to your followers.

love to you!

Starview Sonnet

Anonymous said...

OMG OMG OMG. Dawn, that is absolutely adorable and so "you"!!!! I am so happy for you. I can hardly wait to see what all you do with it. How fun, fun, fun.

Carole said...

Oh Dawn how exciting. Can't wait to see your creativity at work on this charming home. It's got such great features. Please let us in on all the details as you "make her yours"


Unknown said...

Hi Dawn. I've been such a bad, bad blog friend. Sometimes I read your post on my phone in bed (which I hate to type on) and then I forget to come back the next day and comment. I love your house!!! I'm so excited for y'all. Isn't it exciting to start a whole new chapter. Love your soaps too by the way.

Love that porch and screen door. I'm looking so forward to following along while you work your butt off. ha-ha. You must be super woman with all your crafting, selling, new soap business and now a brand new house to tackle. Be sure to get some rest.

Best wishes in your lovely new old house.
Hugs and love...Tracy :)

Elizabeth said...

WOW! I LOVE it! The screen door is wonderful. I also love the old brick fireplace. There appears to be lots of windows with lots of light. Plus, you are out in the country with great old trees on your property. I love it. It's fabulous! I am so happy for you.

I cannot WAIT to see you decorate it.

I am so thankful that God heard your prayers and answered them with such a generous gift.

God bless,

Cathy said...

O.M.G..... what a great house!! Congratulations! I know you will make it into a lovely HOME for your brood.... and I can’t wait to share the journey with you! Hugs, Cathy

Nancy Hood said...

Ooooh, I cannot wait to watch this transformation!

mimi charmante said...

I just found you and am in LOVE with your home!!! What a dream to have all of that! We have an acre and a half and I can't begin to tell you what I would do with 30 of them! I can't wait to see what you do with the house - it is absolutely darling to begin with - I am sure you will have it done up in no time!
Enjoy the rest of your long weekend,

Storybook Woods said...

Oh Dawn, what an amazing old house and beautiful property. What a blessing xoxox Clarice

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Hi Dawn!!!!
Congratulations Sweetheart...your new home is beautiful!!!!'s after 3 in the morning and this was the best sleepless night I've ever had. I've been walking through each room with you and just imagining how wonderful you will decorate this charming little home...I can't wait!!!!!
And 30 acres? wooo hoooo! Lisa and I will head on over soon...we can pitch a tent anywhere! haha
I'm so happy for you girl, I just know you'll be so happy here.
You are a prime example of having dreams come are totally awesome :)

Vintage Inspired Jewelry said...

Just beautiful Dawn. May you have many happy memories In your new home. Take care...Kathi


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