Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blog what you love....blog what you live ~

I really do think that's what I love about my blog...
I simply blog about what's going on in my life ~
Don't you just love this photo?

Can you tell we are chomping at the bit
to live in this wonderful old home??!!
These pieces were in our living room before and I just knew
they'd look so amazing in the foyer ~
The glass doors still need to be put on the book shelf...

The beautiful old radio will have a mirror hanging over top ~

I need to touch up the white paint on the door ~
I have some gorgeous old lace to hang on it too....


Finally! The dining room is done!
Ready for our buffet under the window and our dining table and chairs.

I'm so sorry about the different tones of the photos,
the lighting kept changing as the sun was going down.

My hands are cramped...and covered with paint
(kilz is nothing to mess around with you know!) ~
and only four more rooms to go PLUS the two bathrooms....ugh ~
but I can see it all finished in my mind!!! :)
Thank you so much for joining me on my farmhouse makeover journey!

Wishing you a great Tuesday precious friends ~
hugs and love,


Miss Gracie's House said...

Ohh...it is turning out beautifully! And YES, we have to blog true to ourselves.

June said...

Dawn I love your new home and I can tell how much you are lovin' this! Painting and hanging chandys and making it beautiful. I am soooo excited for you. (albeit, a little jealous of the sweet farmhouse and acreage)hehe. This is going to be so fun...keeping up with all the ways you adorn this lovely place. I have enjoyed seeing the land and the layout of this new place. I am so thrilled for you!!!
Love to you...

Jill Marcott-McCall ~Feathers & Flight~ said...

Looking Good Dawn!! All that Hard Work is a Labor of Love isn't it!!!Very Soon you will Look around and Say It was worth Every Moment! How Happy you Must Be! Can't Wait to see More! This Better then any HGTV Show! Lol!
Have a Wonderful Evening!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Seems like a WHOLE lot of love being put into your new home...and that is what it is ALL about...how much love there is for our "new" surroundings...shows in the end.

BLESSINGS on your journey.

I believe we love our home more than the day we moved in.


Joanna said...

Your sweet house is coming along just great with paint and love. It'll all be so worth it! x

Theresa said...

Love the progress! It is fun watching it all come together! Enjoy your day and rest a bit if possible:) HUGS!

gail said...

As a new blogger, I have to agree. You do have to be true to yourself and your thoughts.
You are making great progress and I admire that because I am the world's worst painter.

Vee said...

Still giggling over the contrasts between us...you going like a house afire and me with my one tiny wittle cabinet yet unfinished. :D

Sandi said...

Looks like you are doing a great job. Go get some rest. Looks like you need it.

vikki said...

~♥ It is soo fun seeing the progress, SWEETIE! I was like you always bringing something along from one home to the other everytime I came...made it seem more like home then! Hubby said the 'stuff' just got in the way when we were painting & such... but I did not think so...Why waste the trips with empty loads back & forth? A labor of LOVE! TAKE CARE... DO NOT WORK TOO HARD... MOTHER TUCKER SAYS SO! HAHA... We always want things done right away, so we can be done with that part & git to the good fun stuff...right? LOVEYA SWEET FRIEND, WITH HUGS & BLESSINGS XOXOXO, VIKKI ♥~

Brenda Evans said...

Dawn it's just lovely. You are doing a great job - all a labor of love. Can't wait to see more. Remember to take a break.

Claudia said...

I love seeing your house transform with paint - and I can't wait to see what other beautiful transformations are in store for us.


At Home in English Valley said...

Dear Dawn, I am so enjoying the process, and love seeing the transformation of your new home. I can't believe how much you've accomplished in such a short time. The foyer is beautiful! Take care my friend. Love, Penny

Mosaic Magpie said...

It will all be so fresh and clean when you are finished and it is looking good!

sweetpea said...

congrats on the new home dawn! can't wait to follow on the transition!



Dorthe said...

Sweet Dawn,
I love your dark furnichures against the white walls, they looks so gorgeus there, in their new places--and even 4plus 2 more rooms seems a lot to do, the work will soon be over, and you will happily decorate the new home,in all the beautifull treasures, and art pieces you have.
Have a lovely day dear friend- thanks for taking your time to show us the progress.
Love and hugs, Dorthe

Romeo said...

Very good advice Dawn! And that's what we love about your blog too! Blogs really are a great way to keep up with our friends!!!

Congrats on getting the dining room finished! No doubt when you read this, you will have already started on another room ;) Are you going to use the same color throughout?!?! Can't wait to see the transformation!!!!

Thanks for your compliment on the new bench. Romeo is quite pleased with it....however, he wishes there was just room for him and maybe me. Seems there's a competition to see who can reserve their parking place first ;)

Have a great day!

"Her" and Romeo

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Things are looking great. But won't it be something when you are finished and you can look back and say, "I did it". That's the best feeling.
Have a great night!!
Hugs, Pat

Anonymous said...


From one old house/farm owner to another, Congrats on your new home. I wish you many years of living the dream!


stefanie said...

how fun and tiring, but FUN!!!!

Elderberry Dreams said...

The picture is great, and your house is coming along beautifully. Thanks for taking the time to take the pictures, and then share them with us in the midst of all painting and the moving! OXOXOXO Eileen

Barbara Jean said...

all looks wonderful Dawn.
What a fun adventure!!

barbara jean

LADY JANE said...

Dawn...I love to paint...wish I could come help! Your new "old" little place is going to be fabulous!

chicroses said...

Been enjoying looking at your progress on your new farm house. It is going to be so beautiful...love your location even if there is a train track...but I love trains...anyway the pic here of the three gals is wondrful. Did you notice the gal on the left has a hole in her stocking? Looks like on her knee..picky I am..its cool.I remember my mom telling us that an aunt of hers was always pulling at her stockings to make that seam in the back of the leg just perfect straight. I love looking all the surroundings of the old pics. I have tons from my family I guess I should put them up on my blog. You are going to love you new home. Sally

Luv Creating Cards 'n' Keepsakes said...

Dearest Dawn,

What a wonderful job you are making of this amazing transformation. You are such a talented lady and it is no suprise to see all of your lovely ideas filling up your delightful new home.
Sending you lots of love and our warmest best wishes, for good health, joy and happiness for you and your family, in your new home, from far awaw across the miles. Looking forward to catching up for a chat soon.


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