Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm slowly but surely working my way around!

First, a few more random pics....
photos of sweet old things ~

A gorgeous old fall painting ~

Sweet girls ~

Our little Ellie when she was just a baby....

A few more photos of the house progress...
only a tiny bit of cutting in is left
around the ceiling of the kitchen.
I need to scrub the cabinets too ~
What do you think I should do about the piece of
laminate missing there at the end of the counter?
Maybe remove the remaining pieces?

I've already started priming the living room
and plan on getting it painted tomorrow!
I just can't believe what a difference the paint has made in these rooms....

Our antique buffet will be placed underneath the windows
and then of course the table and chairs.

I am SO loving the transformation of this beautiful old girl ~
I hope you're having a great week...
Wishing you a wonderful Thursday dear friends!

Hugs and love,


Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

I think I would remove the remaining pc. of laminate (I think a steam iron would take care of it) then either paint it the yellow & seal of brown like the cabinet..... You are working at Warped Speed ~ Where is Your Studio going to be???? You going to be far from the Scott Flea Market???? hope you'll still be close of enough to get together when I visit Georgia.... Love watching the progress ~ Don't Wear Yourself Out! xox

Unknown said...

Dawn...if you can find the correct replacement's very easy to replace. Just need a sharp cutting knife and a steam iron. Ask the guy at the hardware store how to do it...easy as pie.

Anne Lorys said...

I think I'd just pull it off and replace it.

Looking good! :-)

marie said...

Oh my goodness! I go and lose cable/internet for a few days and you go and move!
How wonderful it all sounds!

I can see you all over that "beautiful old girl". Thank you for sharing the process with us...I know that I'm loving watching the transformation. Wish I could come and help you!

About the laminate ~ I vote for removing the rest. By the time you finish putting your touch on the room no one will notice a bit of missing laminate!

I love the first photo you shared today - the colors are so vibrant...really beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Yes, pull it off and replace it. Maybe use a completely different color than the counter tops if you can't get a match. What will your kitchen colors be? Make the end piece your accent color. It would be a fun visual surprise!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

It's really transforming under your hand, Dawn! Looking forward to seeing how you fix the end of the cabinet, too. You must be getting tired, girlfriend!

Unknown said...

It sounds like your life is busy... What a wonderful time to be nesting! I always enjoy my visits here!


Christine said...

I would remove the missing piece and paint it the same color as the wall. Then it will just blend in!

Sonya Badgley said...

I would remove the broken piece and paint the edge to match the counter color and you won't even notice it:) It's looking great. You're working hard. It will be the way you want it in no time at all. Thanks for sharing your progress.

sassytrash said...

Congrats on your new home!! It is SO charming, and it will be even more so when you use your creative magic everywhere--can't wait to see what transpires!
I recognized something in your top photo--I made the black shadowbox several years ago! It's always fun to see that your creations are out there being loved somewhere!

liszha said...

What a bit (or most propably a lot!) can do! I love where it is going to!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, a piece of wood trim all around the edges of your counters would add a special touch! Maybe fluted trim? Or something carved? Painted white and stained? It will hide the missing piece and add a custom touch to the whole kitchen very inexpensively. Hubby has done that for me on the edges of some plywood shelves.

I love your old vignette display!!


Lee Weber said...

Dawn, you can buy end piece laminate at Lowe's. Maybe chip a little piece off for a color match, or be brave and pick a piece that is a little contrasting... then it just glues on. Or, maybe paint it? The edges would be uneven, but the eye should just glide right by it. I painted panelling like that in my other house, and it made such a difference! It lightened everything up, but boy, did it suck down some paint!! Good luck!

Emily said...

I love the color of your cabinets. You're making a lot of progress already! Painting the paneling turned out great. It really lightens up the room and still provides an interesting texture to the wall. Looks wonderful, I'm enjoying watching the transformation!

Primitive Seasons said...

You could pull the laminate off and repaint the edge in a similar color, even acrylic would work there after sanding. You could edge the entire counter with a molding. I even saw a post a long time ago where the home owner didn't like the color of her laminate counters and she painted and sponged them, then sealed them and they were holding up very well until she could replace them. Maybe a gold and tan sponging over the yellow would look nice. Lots of options Dawn. Knowing your taste everything will look lovely no matter what. I'm so happy for you and your family!


The Old Parsonage said...

Love seeing it through your eyes!

Have fun!

Brenda Evans said...

What a difference is right. It's just turning out beautiful Dawn. Yes I would remove the rest of the laminate pieces and with your talent I know you can come up with something in the place of it. Maybe some sort of stained filler like they use on repairing walls. Everything is looking sooo beautiful. Can't wait to see the rest.

Joy Lett said...

I know the painting gets tiresome and actually I am not a fan of painting but I always love the end result. It is amazing how it changes an entire room. Where is your new house? Have you said that and I missed it?

Theresa said...

Oh that old girl is looking gorgeous with your touch added! Hmmmm the missing laminate, I would remove the extra pieces and you could paint that edge? Just a thought!

Have a blessed day! I love that first picture!

Jo said...

Dawn, I love old houses. They have such wonderful charm. You are doing a great job, can't wait to see it when you are finished. You can pick up a piece of laminate at the hardware store, it will be easy to replace. Hope you have a blessed day.

Vee said...

It's getting really exciting to see all the renewed spaces... As for the missing laminate...I don't know...just pull of the others, I guess, and add a piece of molding to the raw edge. I have a raw edge with missing laminate and I hate it. I've painted it, but, as you know, it's weird under there. Love to see your photos and your pup when she was a baby. That first vignette is absolutely inspiring...yup,

Jill Marcott-McCall ~Feathers & Flight~ said...

Good Morning Dawn!
Nothing like Fresh Paint! It just makes everything look Wonderful! I am with Lisa above! Remove the remaining Laminate and Find a Wonderful Piece of Decorative Molding that would be cohesive with the molding through-out your Girl. Beautiful! Beautiful!
Just want you to know Dawn that your Blog is the 1st Blog I Go to in the Morning & the Last one I check at Night! I always leave with Smile, a Good Thought to Ponder or just feeling Great! Thank you for that!
Have a Wonderful Day!

Jill Marcott-McCall ~Feathers & Flight~ said...

Sorry..."Diane above.." Not Lisa.. I think I need another cup of Coffee!
Jill :0)

Linda said...

It's amazing to watch the transformation of your sweet old farmhouse...I can't wait for what's next!

Nancy Hood said...

I'm with the others, I'd remove the piece and yes, steam with an iron does the trick! Oh Dawn, I am so loving this transformation! Paint is an awesome 'changer' and I'm glad we're past the days of wallpaper!!!

She Uses Her Words said...

I can't believe how fast your new nest is coming together! You must be a speed painter! Congratulations on your new home. It looks lovely!
Take care, Karen

Taylor Kay said...

Hey There!
Your house looks absolutely lovely! I have always dreamed of living in an old farmhouse :)

Taylor Kay

Unknown said...

Dawn, I have seen precut strips of laminate in the hardware stores. You might find something that will work with yours. I have also seen paint to cover laminate countertops. I saw some at Lowes today, then you could match the laminate if you were not happy with the color of the laminate countertops.

I have followed your blog for a few months now and I enjoy visiting your with you and seeing what you are up to. I see that you are from Ga. south of Atlanta. My fathers family is from Yatesville and I have family in Barnesville. Are you anywhere near there and do you have a shop? I would love to see some of your things in person if you do have a shop.


stellarstamper said...

Love, love, love your blog! We must be kindred spirits because I absolutely love old farm houses, barns, and vintage things in general! Thank you for sharing your new adventure with all of us! Love the photos of all the love and creativity you are putting into your new home!
I have a question for you- what breed of dog is Ellie? How is her temperment? I just think she is adorable!


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