Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Do you ever worry..... "Is this post good enough?"

 I do too!!!
I mean it.
After blogging for over three years now...
I always want to give you such an amazing post!!
But I think that we,
as women especially,
put undue pressure on ourselves.
And as a blogger, I'm here to share my life, my loves, my experiences.
And believe me, it's not always stellar.
Not earth shattering or even very interesting....
but it's life,
my life.
and what I'm up to....

Sometimes, I'm not up to much....
it's just a regular day ~
wishing I had been more creative but
laundry, cooking or cleaning
came first....
because it has to be done, right??


My message for you is this ~
post what you love,
post what's on your heart,
post what you're up to
and don't worry!!!
We just love seeing a new post from you ~

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday precious friends!!!
hugs and love,

(Please let me know if my blog is loading OK for you.....
if not, please email me at


Patricia said...

Aww... what a beautiful post!

Anji Johnston said...

I worry so much Dawn that I don't bother posting!! I think my little life cannot be of interest to anyone except me and then not all the time! "But why bother having a blog?" I ask myself. Who knows. But I am so grateful that you update everyday as it gives me so much encouragement - thank you!

Barbara Jean said...

Great post!
Sometimes I feel the same way. I keep trying to make it better and better, but i cannot always do that.

hugs and blessings, and thanks for a wonderful blog.

barbara jean

PS no trouble loading it at all.

sandy said...

I enjoy your blog immensely...even though I rarely comment. Blog for yourself....and then it will be perfect for the rest of us!


Jennifer said...

I always enjoy stopping by for a visit as I feel so relaxed when I am here. Everything is so calm and peaceful. I do understand the wonder factor though as I always wonder....

Romeo said...

Your timing is impeccable - were you here with "her" last night? "She" sat there for hours doing and redoing the post. I'm glad to know that it's not just a one purrson affliction. I'd hate to have to turn her in for therapy - she might take my netbook with her! That would be bad, then I couldn't even post!

Your site is lovely and loading just fine Dawn!

Hope you are having a great week!

Romeo and "her"

Connie said...

You are talking to a chick who completely understands, honey. Today was one of those days when I didn't get to what I wanted to because LIFE just crept up on me. I've given the question you've posed much thought today. I want to run away tomorrow but I need to cut a pattern out and work on my paper roses. Maybe the day after?! *Sigh*.....

BellaRosa said...

Dawn amor, your posts have always been "the bees knees" as Nissa has been saying latey :) I just love that you post as much as you do so that people like me have beautiful places to come and visit...cause lets face it, if you and other bloggers were more like me....there would be hardly no blogs to visit for new posts :) Besos, Rose

Dawnll said...

What a wonderful post sweetie!
Yes , we as women are much harder on ourselves then we need to be.I try to remember that daily.
A big Hugz to you

Florence said...

I too think maybe my post is not that great, but decide to just go for it. I love visiting your blog so please keep it coming. Thank you. Florence

Unknown said...

Dawn, as a relatively new blogger I asked myself the same question.I have noticed that many will pour their hearts and others keep it purely business. I don't do political or any other kind of blogs because my heart is not there. I'm a craftter and junker and I love God so I do levitate around blogs that touch my heart that way. I admire the way you seem to touch so many around you, with your art, faith and family. I have not been able to create those kind of connections yet. I want to keep the blogging thing casual and not to let it become another chore. I'm still enjoying and will continue doing it it. As for the blog and everything else in life I think you should do what you love, put your heart in it and like they said, the rest will come, and that to me applies to everything. Feel good, your blog is really special and I visit everyday as so does everybody else. Bravo. Blessings, Marta.

Anonymous said...

What a great blog and simply said.Its so very true.Funny you mentioned it.I was going crazy this morning try to do a good post it wasnt working so I switched topics,After all of that I went to get on the computer after work and I couldnt get on the internet.I spent all evening up until about now talking with Dell and my broadband company and everything is finally fixed.I just felt like throwing my computer out the But we do get those days and like you said we dont always have a awesome blog,lol.

Happy Wednesday!

Vicki Boster said...

Dawn - you could make a potato sack seem interesting! You have the greatest blog ever!

Peridots Garden Blog said...

Dearest Dawn,

The best part of you comes shining through in this post...your ability to relate to others in an honest and sincere manner!

I have read your blog and others for awhile, then with your encouragement I started my own and you know what I found...a world of friends...and they accept me just as I pretense...just good ole me....AND I LOVE IT!

Thank you for reminding me...don't stress just let it happen...

Love and hugs,


Debra@CommonGround said...

Dawn, you are so creative, and so detailed, everything you do is of interest. Even when you just post some wonderful images, I always love coming over here. You are loved by us all. I think we all struggle with this if we are honest, I'm trying not to worry and just be myself, which is what I know is best for all of us. Each of us is unique and different. And that's what makes it so interesting!
big hugs,

HeARTworks said...

Thanks for the encouragement! We all need it! I keep postponing posting most of the time!

Rustique Gal said...

Dawn, I always love reading your posts. It feels like you are talking to me. We have our ups and downs, don't we? And blogging is such a supportive venue. I love it. Also loving your new look! I think Karen is so talented. I've always admired her blog, and her new design site is pretty amazing.
Have a great day!

Elderberry Dreams said...

Dawn, because of you and the things you write in your blog, I have been inspired to start creating and making beautiful treasures like I used to do. Even your pictures spark imagination and make me run out to Michael's and gather even MORE stuff to make yet another project. I love the sparkle, yes I do. I will not even go into how I saw the inside of my husband's ear sparkle with glitter after I thought I had everything cleaned up when I was finished doing your Fairy in a Jar tutorial. By the way, she turned out GREAT! I read your blog EVERYDAY. Thanks for sharing, and your posts are always FABULOUS!!!

Have a great week,


Linda K. said...

I worry too if my post isn't good enough, did I go overboard, is it dull, boring, preachy, thanks for reminding us to just be us. And your blog doesn't load slow for me. It loads pretty easy on my pc. Thank you, Dawn!
Big Hug,

Dorthe said...

Hi dear Dawn,
Thanks for your wonderfull thoughts, -it is ever so right,-and sometimes difficult to remember.
I love the sepia pictures of old cards? and saved them on my map: Dawn 2010----

Love and hugs to you dear friend.
Dorthe said...

I like your honesty here, Dawn. And I'm so glad you said it, cause it helps me to think about it. I am blogging to find connection and kindred spirits, and hope they will also find me. I am so drawn to your blog and obviously so are 796 others!!! Hope your today is filled with beauty....Kathi

Theresa said...

Blog loaded fine:) I blog whatever it is and some days are more interesting than others! It is what it is with me too. Love all of the images. Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Dawn, I do! And I feel worse when I have no post at all! Especially since I know my followers take the time to stop by and having them be disappointed makes me sad. I know they understand but still...

Blessings! Sometimes life gets in the way.

Hugs too, Diane

vikki said...

~♥~Sweetie, how we all love coming here & see the lovelies you care to share with us! you do a wonderful job & you continue to encourage & inspire us. we love. checking in with you & even when you share an image & few words ... we feel your heart ♥ felt soul & goodness!
do not be too hard on yourself or spread yourself too thin, doing so much... do what God leads you to do ~ you are doing a beautiful job!
hugs with love & blessings, vikki ~♥~

Sandy said...

Yes, I do share that worry and sometimes it keeps me from posting. I don't think my life is that interesting. I am always amazed at what you come up with to be able to share a little something every day.

Your blog is loading fine on this end. I hope you have a day filled with delights!

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Another inspiring post. Thank you, Dawn. I feel like you're our blog den Mother. Keeping us constantly inspired and motivated with your wonderful ideas and creations, AND your support of all us.

Thank you, again.

PS - Your blog loaded just fine for me.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Yes, sometimes I do wonder that, but I hit "publish" anyway! Your blog is loading fine for me, Dawn. I do love the changes Karen did!

Lisa said...

Hey girl,
I'm so far behind on my comments to you. Don't even know where to start, so this comment will be 'a la Rose' in length. Get a snack & settle in. Your posts are AlwAys 'good' enough. The fact that you find something to show & share every day is a gift in itself. We love you & you do no wrong here in our little world. Now to the anniversary pics (I know, that was last week) How cute are U 2!! You are working that feathered do like no bodies business! Fierce! And is hubster sporting a mullet?? I'm seeing the 2 of you at the disco doing the hussle to BeeGee's! In this day to still be with your sweetie for so long is such a big deal & speaks volumes of the person you are. Now finally, although this is late...find your sweeetest, prettiest voice & sing this to Clara.
Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear Clara,
Happy birthday to you! Then kiss her cute cheeks for me. I can't wait to see her in the tutu. Talk to you soon.
PS No probs this time commenting, hold breath while I hit 'post'.

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Hi Dawn... I think I certainly have the same feeling and know some posts are much better than others but day in and day out it can be hard finding the gusto.... {When coming on your blog the background sometimes seems to freeze and I can't scroll.. I usually click off and come back if this happens....} said...

You silly thing, we all LOVE anything you post about.

Unknown said...

Love the shutters on your banner!
Aaaah, the wondering if our blog is interesting enough, I've been struggling with that thought almost every day lately. Your's is always lovely!

Tina said...

Hi Dawn
Love those images - thanks for sharing.
Congrats on your new blog look too - Karen have done an awesome job
Wishing you a wonderful day
xo Tina

GardenOfDaisies said...

I agree... post what you love. And don't worry about it. People can read it or not. It's not a competition and it should be fun!

Sandra Evertson said...

Beautiful and how's that Adorable little Ellie of yours doing?!
Sandra Evertson

nancarts said...

Hi Dawn, I have to agree with you whole heartedly. I have been blogging for quite awhile now, and whenever I do, I wonder who will stop by and read it? I can't seem to attract viewers, but I keep blogging ahead! I love your blog and your art work. Little Clara is a doll and I can't wait to see pics of her in her PINK tutu! She will be adorable!
Happy Birthday # one, Clara.

Smiles and Blessings,
Nancy C

Vee said...

Amen! (I really don't fret too much about a post and, oddly enough, some of my least favorite have been the most visited and vice versa.)

Christy said...

a nice reminder. Thanks!!

Frog Hollow Farm Girl said...

Sweet greetings from Frog Hollow Farm and thank you for such a wonderful post. We need women like you shouting these common-sense, practical words of wisdom from the hilltops - or at least from the hilltops of Blogland. Ciao, bella!

Sandi said...

Hi Dawn,
Yep that's me. I also feel guilty when I post on White Wednesday, but can't view a lot of blogs and I can't leave a comment because I am STILL on dial-up internet!! We called and they have no plans to upgrade our area. *sniff sniff* so I just keep plugging along and view the ones I can.
I love your new look, but it takes too long for the header to load for me here in the boondocks!! LOL

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hi dear Dawn,

Oh this tutu is going to be adorable! Happy 1st birthday to little Clara! I wondered the same thing sometimes too Dawn, about my posts. I always love coming here and seeing what you are up to. Love the pics, and all the creative things you do. I was thinking of you the other day, when I was visiting The Lemon Tree Creations blogspot. The tutorial on March 22nd for the book page egg wreath. She explains how to make a wreath, covering plastic eggs with aged book pages, and forming them into a wreath. Very pretty. I thought, that's Dawn!
If you can't find it let me know, and I will send you the link. :)

Hugs, Debbie

myletterstoemily said...

thanks for the encouragement.

i always post whatever i want,
but at first worried a bit about
offending people.

DID offend someone and found
out the world did not stop

your blog is always beautiful.

Lisa Johnson said...

Hi Dawn, I wanted to thank you so much for sending so many people my way for my 300th post giveaway. Lots said that they came from here so I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your support. I totally know what you mean about wondering if what you are posting is "blog worthy." If the number of comments you get is any indication, I don't think you have to worry about that. Your blog is gorgeous and it's so easy to see why you have so many devoted followers. Keep on doing what you're doing. It's all good!



paperbird said...

oh yes- I do worry about that. I thought that with my very last post- but it came from my heart. Hopefully those who visit my blog realize this. Thank you for the inspiration that is felt from your blog.

Paula -Teaberry Cottage said...

Thanks for the encouragement. You always have a beautiful blog.

June said...

Dawn I think I really needed to hear this sweetie. I was just telling Dale that I was thinking of not blogging much anymore, because I have shown everything there is to show and that I was having a hard time knowing just what to post about. I figure you can only show so many garden views, before you boor your readers to death. lol I think posting when I feel like it and not put any pressure on myself to come up with anything earth shattering will help me stay in it longer.
Sometimes when I take the pressure off myself, I find that the ideas and the thoughts just start flowing again.
love and hugs

The Jeweled Postcard said...

I enjoy your blog so much but sometimes forget to post! I have been back to my blog a couple of times really thinking I would keep posting every day. But to my disappointment I did not.

So rather than make a promise again I'm giving it plenty of time and some soul searching to make sure when I come back I will really stay with it.
Thank you for being here every day!!

Wish on a Whisker said...

Such a sweet post! *smile* ~Mandy

Bonnie said...

Lovely Dawn,
Your blog is beautiful and I'm always interested in your posts. By the way, I love the sepia toned images! I'm filing images for a nature journal for my bedroom and those will work perfectly!!!
Thanks for sharing!


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