Saturday, November 15, 2008

A sweet gift and a few found treasures ~

Miss Sandy of Quill Cottage sent me the most wonderful journal!!! I love these mini composition books and Sandy has given it the most beautiful transformation! And this was just because I entered her giveaway ~ what an angel! Thank you so much dear friend, it's absolutely beautiful and you know I just love it!!

Friday I had to run to the post office and mail out several artwork packages plus the giveaway package for Yvette, then headed to my favorite antique store, The Plum Tree! It was absolutely gorgeous....a holiday wonderland! Candles burning, soft lighting, Thanksgiving decor mingled with antiques and the most beautiful Christmas room filled to the brim!!!

I scratched around because, basically, that's what I do....dig for treasures at great prices. I found several stacks of Somerset magazines brought in by one of my most favorite dealers, The Tattered Cat, and had to buy a few ~ at 2.00 a pop I couldn't go wrong! As I'm thumbing through them, I discover an artist that I love, Sunny Koch, and several pages featuring her work....I knew it was a must-have.

Then as I'm looking through the store I discover a book that has my name written all over it!!! (Well, not really my name but you know what I mean) Bird Egg Feather Nest by Maryjo Koch! Do you think it was meant to be for me to find both of these artist's work today??? They are mother and daughter and I love them both. Their style, talent and taste is just beautiful to it was a good day!

They co-wrote a wonderful book, Vintage Collage Works that I have and now I need to pull it out and study it again. Does looking at other's artwork inspire you?? It definitely does me ~

I hope you have a great fall weekend. Relax and enjoy those you love ~

Happy Saturday,
xxoo, Dawn


tam said...

Thanks Dawn I do feel inspired! And may you have a wonderful weekend as well!
~Tam :D

Anonymous said...

Wow! I HAVE that book! I found it at my local Salvation Army and was delighted that they only wanted $2 for it. What a day of synchronicity for you, though, finding both mother and dauther's work.

larkswing said...

I bet you love going to the mail box every day! What a sweet and nice goodie.

Have a great weekend!

Vee said...

Lovely finds, but the dearest of all is that find in your mailbox. ;D

The Joy of Nesting said...

Good Morning Sweet Dawn!!!

Yes I think it was meant to be you who found both Mother and Daughter!! Both do amazing work (play) :c)

Oh my yes I find inspiration everywhere, but especially when I see a gifted artist's work!! Your work is one of my favorite inspirations :c) It always conveys the emotions of, warmth, comfort,and unconditional love!!
Thank you!!

Pattie :c)
Mazatlan Mexico

Anonymous said...

Dawn, I have that bird book too! I'd forgotten all about it because it's tucked into the bottom of our dining room hutch behind closed doors. Thank you for reminding me about it.

It sounds like you scored with the Somerset books! Definitely a bargain not to pass up.

The cover of the little composition book you received is lovely. So sweet.

I'm crafting today. I'll be posting pictures later of the cones I made with the paper copies of one of my favorite laces. Time to get into the studio. Enjoy your weekend and thank you for posting more pretty pictures. Your blog is one I visit every day because it helps start my day with sunshine no matter the weather outside.'s raining here!


Sherry said...

You are a soul that is so touched by grace...of course you were meant to find both of those books..and you did because you are a "scratcher" and you look with your eyes and your is evident in everything you do ♥

Have a blessed weekend my friend!

The Artwork of Christi Bunn said...

Yes, I am definitely inspired by the artwork of others... which is why I stop by here so often! I really love the artwork and books you have shared here from the mother/daughter Koch artists. What a lovely find. And, that last page of the book you have open is exquisite. I opened the photo so I could see it larger and the artwork is magnificent. Thanks for sharing it all with us.


Deb said...

aww, you are so loved! Looks like you made a very good find at The Plum Tree! I am so inspired, just wish I could find the time! Until that happens, I will just enjoy the efforts of your inspired moments!

have a wonderful weekend!

Michelle Palmer said...

Love birds! Love the artists' work, too! So glad you found the treasures~
It is always inspiring to see creative thoughts...projects, crafts etc. and visiting blogs like yours!
Thanks a bunch~

Nancy Hood said...

Just wanted to take a moment and say I hope you're having a restful weekend! Keep us updated on the health of the new mommy and know she and the wee one are in my prayers. love, Nancy

Betty said...

What treasures you find...thanks for sharing the pictures and the story. I enjoy your posts so much.

Naturegirl said...

Dawn I lOve the book
~Bird Egg Feather Nest~...the illustrations are wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that book was meant for you to find! I love those books. Have fun and Happy Thanksgiving.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I have this book, too and I chose it just because of the cover! Love to display it on a table!

Charlene said...

I have seen this book & of course Nonnie of Nonnie's Nest Baby Boutique would love this book!!! Oh my how funny is life that we found each other.


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