Monday, November 10, 2008

Such sweetness from a friend and an AMAZING publication ~

Can you believe these treasures?? To some these items may look too old, too worn or too shabby....but Mandy at Wish on a Whisker knows my heart!!!! Saturday in the mail this precious little parcel arrived. Oh Mandy, I love it all!!! They are like precious treasures to me and perfect to use in my artwork! Thank you so very much sweet friend ~ Just look at her beautiful handwriting on the envelope!

I finally got my hands on the premier issue of Where Women Create!!!! I've been waiting so patiently for this new publication from Somerset and it's HERE!!! I love, LOVE to see how other artist's studios look. To see how they store things, how they organize their supplies, and just to LOOK at the rooms. Seeing their studios inspires me. It's amazing how visual we are isn't it? Just seeing these amazing old things like what Mandy sent or seeing these incredibly talented women and their work spaces can light a creative fire in me!

This is one you don't get rid don't throw away, you don't give away ~ you'll keep it and refer to it again and again. It's 15.00 well spent! Here's a tiny peek:

Thank you all so very much for the amazing response on the Christmas Treasury Tutorial ~ I hope you all are creating your little hearts out! I've had a special request for a new tutorial for the store and I'm going to get started on it this's going to be a Bird's Nest Assemblage Tutorial!

I can't believe the boys only have ten more days of school then they are out for a week for Thanksgiving!! This season is already moving like a freight train, don't you think?

I wish you all a wonderful week ahead and a very happy Monday!

xxoo, Dawn


Rustic Tarts said...

Hi Dawn
Yes I had blogged about Where Women Create too, awhile back. It was the first magazine for a long time - maybe ever that I read every single word. Usually I skim through and just read what interests me but everything in this mag interested me.
I've had several girls here in Australia ask where they can get them from, so I think Somerset are onto a good thing with this one.

Lena said...

My congratulations to you and your family on the lovely news that you will have a baby girl in your family soon, Dawn. Your happiness must be overflowing.

I loved the Studio magazine. It's every bit as nice as the original book, and I'm looking forward to more issues. Jane Cather's studio will be in the next issue. She's one of my favorite doll artiists. That should be a real treat to see.

Everything is always so nice here!

Best wishes!

Sandy said...

I snagged the very last newsstand copy of Where Women Create last week at our local bookstore. I have not had time to fully savor it but I will as soon as time permits.

The book and baby shoe are wonderful. Don't you wonder whose little foot wore it and what adventures it had exploring with its owner?

Happy Monday!

Vee said...

Hope that you find time to nestle in with hot tea and that book for an hour or two. I can only imagine what finding such a publication means to one who creates. May you find some clever ideas that you can incorporate that will work beautifully for you. (Personally, I covet your workspace.)

Deb said...

Beautiful gift! Such a gorgeous book cover and little shoe.
Where Women Create is one of my favourite books and I can just imagine how wonderful the magazine is!!

Unknown said...

Hello Dawn,
Where Women Create is so beautiful, I had my copy on hold in my favorite paper store nearby. I adored each page because not only did it celebrate beautiful spaces but the gift of art and the women who create. So inspirational.

You are invited to a Christmas Fair on November 21s on my blog. Stop by and click on the badge on my sidebar and it will lead to the Fair information.

Have a lovely and creative day.


Elizabeth said...

Hi, Dawn!!

I'm so happy to be back to blogging and checking blogs. Whew! Life's been crazy.

Hey, another tutorial you could do is how to make that little box thing you use to light and photograph your treasures...Do you know what I'm talking about? I need to make one of those.

Speaking of mail love, Sarah and I are putting together a box for you that will go out today or tomorrow (depends on when I have the car). Hope you like it.

God bless!

Wish on a Whisker said...

Dawn~ I am so happy you love everything! ~Mandy

Anonymous said...

HI Dawn! I too just finished the premier issue of where woman create! I enjoyed the book so much I couldn't wait for this and now for future issues! It was a very enjoyable Sunday afternoon reading this with my coffee and getting lots of inspiration! Which is what I get every time I visit you even if I don't always comment! I love love your blog!!!! Sincerely, Jeannette

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Hi Dawn. Have been keeping up with your posts but haven't left many comments but still enjoying them to the fullest... I am about ready to say the decorating is about done for this year and just start my house cleaning... I will be having the family on both Tom and my side for Thanksgiving... so am looking toward that.... I am so looking forward to the ideas and homes of other bloggers Christmas... Yum. Have a wonderful eve.

Cindy said...

Got me one too! I do love it! You are right...its a keeper! :D


Suzanne said...

I'm totally looking forward to a bird nest assemblage tutorial, I have several REAL bird nests and would love to find a creative way to display these treasures.

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh I cant wait to see what else you come up with...I cant wait to get my hands on that Mag. I need all the help I can get!! Laurie

Anonymous said...

Dawn, I don't have that book yet but I do have the Studio magazine. It inspired me to move my studio storage around and buy 3 more pieces to create one whole wall of cupboards! Now I have more wall space, more light reflection and even empty shelves to fill up!

The book you received is such a lovely treasure! How thoughtful too!


Lori said...

Dawn, that magazine looks delightful!!! i love the gifts that your friend sent to you, they are lovely!!!

Maison Douce said...

I loved the book and I'm sure I will love the magazine!! Thank you for sharing!

Julie said...

I always get funny looks when I go to purchase items like your new lone shoe and the sheet music book. I often can't contain my glee when they ask for so little for the items.

Homestead Mercantile said...

Hi there,
I was happy to see that one of the pages you have open is where one of crowns is. It is hard to see in this photo, but it sits on the shelf above the heels on the wall in MaryJanes studio. It appears two other times in that issue.
Now, of course, the new issue is out.
Pamela Thoms


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