Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's time for a one day sale!

Since Christmas is on it's way, and if you'd love to make a few gifts yourself,
I've decided to have a one day sale at the Lessons from The Nest blog!

From now until Friday, November 21st at 12:00 midnight EST

All tutorials are only



I'm getting so excited about everyone coming home for Thanksgiving, and Emily with her precious bebe tummy....we will definitely have a house full and it will be wonderful!! We have two separate Thanksgivings, one with DH's parents and family on Thursday and on Saturday my parents and family come to our home to have another one!! It's so much easier than trying to fit two dinners into one day.

If you've ever purchased a tutorial from me, and created the project, I would LOVE to have you comment on this post as to what you thought about it ~ just to provide some feedback for those interested in purchasing one!

Well, it's so funny, I received an email Thursday from a sweet friend who says that she's the same way with ideas and wanting to create so much but that sometimes it can be a bit paralyzing...and she's very right about that!! I need to make a list and try these ideas one by one and check them off, share them with you and think of more ~ but when they're all buzzing around in my mind, it can be overwhelming!!

Wishing you a wonderful Friday sweet friends ~
xxoo, Dawn


~Tonya said...

Hello Dawn,

Thank you so much for having a sale...I just hopped on over and purchased one.

Have a great evening.


I may just have to purchase the little fairy in the jar too? We shall see.

Dorthe said...

Hallo dear friend- what a tempting thing, but i have to take care with the money- now christmas is coming. So ill wait a bit.
Wishing you a wonderfull sale and a beautifull friday.Her the sun is shining, but its very cold and windy. And Dawn thankyou for your sweet words it means a lot to me.
Hugs Dorthe

Betty said...

After reviewing your tutorials, oh, how I wish I could create! I've often said that if I bought my hands at Sears, I'd take the left one back! It's good for grasping; but, I'm definitely NOT ambidexterous...and I think you have to have two working hands (and a creative mind) to do what you do. Anyhow, I certainly enjoy looking!

Free Art Printables said...

It will be so great for you to have everyone home for thanksgiving!

Sandy said...

I am looking forward to seeing family on Thanksgiving too. I am not hosting this year so I only have to make a few dishes and we will travel with them to my Aunt's home. There is nothing so special as having our loved ones gathered near. I hope you have a blessed day with each of your families!

Vee said...

How exciting Thanksgiving is going to be! Just wait until next year. ;>

Dawn, I think your tutorials are amazing. I now have three and each one explains each step in a logical and clear order. One does have to read the directions, of course. The only thing they are missing is a hand to reach out and slap a gal when she doesn't. Ten dollars is a real bargain because one will use them over and over again!

Charlene said...

I have purchased two of your tutorials & can not wait to sit down & do things with them. The instructions seem clear & easy to understand. And the photos for step by step instruction are perfect. I also purchased Summerset Magazine just for the tutorial of the baby shoe pin cushion. Your tutorial price is cheaper than the magazine. A steal of a deal for magic shared by such a talented beautiful soul. We love you honey! Thanks for all you share.

The Charm House said...

Dawn, Your tutorials have become a problem. LOL I need to be working on the shower for tomorrow, which truthfully I am pretty close to being ready for, but I can't stop making the projects. I love them!!! I especially love the salt shakers! They are so awesome! To be honest, I am trying to make some for my giveaway gifts for the shower! Dawn, I love you and your creativity!! You are wonderful!

Ruby said...

Thank you so much for your tutorial sale. I just purchased the Christmas treasury. I'm looking forward
to crafting this weekend. You have a wonderful blog!
Happy Thanksgiving

Joy Lett said...

I've bought several tutorials and am always amazed at the details. I'll send you photos of my pincushion shoes. We have a large group for Thanksgiving too and this year will be extra special because Zack will get to come home (he's in the Coast Guard in school in California). Had to get the Nest Assemblage- you know I gotta have anything nature. Have a good weekend.

kathy said...

DAWN , Your Christmas Treasury
Tutorial is awesome - such wonderful graphics -- and the
projects are wonderful --
Will let your know when I post the completed projects - KAthy - GA

TuTu's Bliss said...

Stunning blog!!

Nancy Hood said...

what sweet cards! you may see them pop up on a future blog with a link to you, dear one! thank you, again, for being so giving when you find these pieces!

Heidi said...

The first image you have on this post, of the little girl in awe of the beautiful Christmas tree, is what I used for my Silver Bella Button Card Swap! I'll be posting pictures of this swap soon! I don't remember where I got the image, do you? (I think it was a Flickr member???) Anyway...just wanted to say, Great minds think I LOVE that picture!!! Happy Day, and Hugs!
Heidi Woodruff


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