Thursday, November 20, 2008

A little trip, a little art & a new tutorial
at Lessons from The Nest

I took a little trip out Wednesday afternoon to make a run to the post office. My chubby bird is on her way to North Carolina! I have to make my standard Books-A-Million and Michael's run. I did find the new MaryJane's Farm magazine ~ I still have to sit down to enjoy it! I love all of the vintage images they use inside and such wonderful ideas....

I happened to have my camera in my purse and when I saw these beautiful apothecary jars at Michael's, I had to snap a few shots of this isle. Just look at all of these beauties! Very mercury glass-ish, don't you think? I didn't purchase any today but wanted you to see how beautiful it all was ~

Being the bargain shopper that I am, I did buy these wonderful metal stars for about 40% off each. They are on sale this week ~ they measure about five inches from side to side. They look adorable in the rust finish that they have but I want to play a little and give them a makeover!

When looking through the closet in my art room, I came across a couple of small drawings that I had made for my grandmother and grandfather one Christmas. I must have been around 12 years old or so, I just loved to draw. You can so tell that I was a young teenager in the early seventies as these little characters look very similar to some that were out back then. They've both passed on now but I'm so glad that I have these to remember my sweet grandparents ~
Click any of my photos to enlarge them :)

And lastly, I finished my new tutorial for the Nest Assemblage!! I've listed it for sale at my Lessons from The Nest blog too ~ This is a wonderful start to get you to creating these fun projects. I share the products that I like using and show step-by-step photographs on how I go about making one. This will be just the beginning of making assemblages for you. You will want to make many more! The themes are endless and you can build them inside all types of objects. I love to have mine "say" something or have a message ~ just as a visual reminder....
Click HERE to visit the store ~

I have a few tutorials that I've provided for free here on my blog ~ they're way back in the archives but I'll get together their links and list them in my sidebar for you.

Do you ever have so many ideas swimming in your mind that you can't even decide what to do first?? I am just about to bust with ideas right now!! I want to make a tiny fairy shoe, crafted from paperclay and adorn it with something...I'm not sure yet what..wouldn't they be lovely as Christmas ornaments???..I'd like to make several little snowman heads from paperclay to hang on the Christmas tree, paperclay over styrofoam balls....I'd love to start making a sock monkey for my soon-to-be-here granddaughter.....and what about trying an altered book! Plus, I have these great canvas totes that I found somewhere...I want to adorn them with images that I've printed out on fabric ~ ugh! You get the idea....I'm absolutely nuts!

Thank you always for stopping by to see me ~ I love your kind comments, your uplifting words and most of all your sweet friendship!

Wishing you great Thursday ~

xxoo, Dawn


Anonymous said...

I just recieved my Christmas Tutorial. Thank you, Thank you!!
Great pictures and such good instuctions.
I can so relate to the so many ideas and where to start. I think it must be part of our creative nature.
God Bless.
Barbara Jean
Treasures from the Heart

debi said...

Dawn, I know exactly what you mean about a head full of ideas of things to make. I get frustrated sometimes that I have to sleep at night...I could so use that extra time!
I'm really impressed with your drawings, heck, I can't draw like that NOW!
Have a great Friday,

Lori said...

oh that is IT, i need to head over to michaels...i love those jars!!!

Lori said...

your drawings are amazing Dawn!!! they would make the sweetest greeting cards:)

Sara~Graphic Pretties said...

Looks like I'll be going to Michaels tonight :)

Betty said...

My friend gave me a subscription to Mary Jane's Farm magazine for my birthday. I'd never heard of it; and, now, I'm reading about it all over blogland! I love it, too.

We are getting a new 'outdoor' mall here and Michael's is due to open by the end of this month...I am so excited. I'm not creative, but I love walking through the aisles and finding things I can use...just have to use them in their current creative touchups for me.

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

What sweet drawings! I have a pen & ink, I did for my grandfather when I was about 15 but it's of a bull rider so I don't have it displayed anywhere.

Deb said...

Your little pen and ink drawings are precious and wonderful keepsakes for you knowing you had originally given them as gifts to your grandparents! They must have been so proud.

Sandy said...


It must be the Autumn air, I am in the same exuberant mood to create and have so many ideas rattling around in my head. Your ideas sound great. I can't wait to see what you do with the stars. Have a wonderful day!

kathy said...

DAWN -- your ideas sound great --
can't wait to see what you do with the stars -- I love the DEc cover idea Of Somerset -- the angels -- oh and the colors --They remind me of the beautiful soft lovely colors you use -- Running here -- Lots of family things now -- But tha tis a good thing -
blessings --Kathy - ga

Vee said...

Not on my own I don't have, but with your help, I often do!

Thanks for all the information and the photos. I really like your latest art work in a drawer. Wonderful!

madrekarin said...

Love your drawings!! They remind me of Joan Walsh Anglund's work. Very sweet!!
What the heck!? I was at Michael's yesterday with Cilla!!! I hope we were not there at the same time and I missed you! Aargh! I loaded up on the large bottles of MS antique silver glitter at 30% off. Love that stuff. :)

madrekarin said...

Love your drawings!! They remind me of Joan Walsh Anglund's work. Very sweet!!
What the heck!? I was at Michael's yesterday with Cilla!!! I hope we were not there at the same time and I missed you! Aargh! I loaded up on the large bottles of MS antique silver glitter at 30% off. Love that stuff. :)

Country French Antiques said...

Love those little drawings :)
Nice that you still have them.
Have a wonderful day!

Elizabeth said...

Hi, Dawn!

I can't wait to see what you are going to do with those stars! Be sure and take pictures.

I advertised about your tutorials store on my blog. When you have time, stop by..

I'm making my snowman tomorrow!!!

Have a really great day!

Dorthe said...

How sweet your little drawings are, you are so talented ,and was in early age too, and your new tutorial, well you know im in love with it, as in every other thing from your hands.
And sweet Dawn it sounds so great with the snowman heads, and altered book, and your other ideas,and my head- as yours are getting tired from all the projekts i want to start .Well what a richness overflowing with wonderfull ideas.
Dear Dawn, i hope everything is ok, and wish you a very wonderfull friday.
Sweet hugs and love

Anonymous said...

Dawn, I know exactly what you mean about so many ideas and not enough time!

I wanted to tell you that one of the beautiful music/bird nest prints you posted for us to copy has found its way to be decoupaged on the back of a lovely glass plate that I just bought online! I will be posting pictures on my blog soon. Thank you for giving that to us! It looks beautiful! It was perfect for this!


Nancy Hood said...

your artwork is awesome!!

Dragonlady said...

I just adore those drawings that you did for your grandparents...Such sweet memories too..
I love visiting here..

Sally L. Smith said...

What beautiful little drawings, you talented girl. You are so blessed to have all those lovely creations swimming in your head. I'm a "springboarder." I see some things, they spark the idea and from there I create something similar. I'm so unoriginal but I sure love to try new things and that's why I visit here. What a lovely blog. Sally

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Dawn ~ I totally know what you mean about idea just swimming around in your head ~ I have been so much like that lately ~ all I want to do is create right now ~ nothing else sounds like fun at all ~
Have fun creating !!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are so sweet! I know what you meaning about trying to get things done! Too many ideas and not enough time!

Barbara Jean said...

It's me again, Barb. I just wanted to thank you for posting those free tutorials.
I can't wait to try the Christmas Trutoirals for tags and shker display, but today , (and tomnorrow) I iwll need to finihs up the two snowman paintings I've started. I'll post them when they are odne if you want to see some of what i do.
Passing your blog on to my firends. They'll love your work too!

barbara Jean

1,000 faerie wishes said...

Dawn, the drawings you did when you were little are so sweet and very good.
xoxo Nita

Antiques In Old Town said...

Dawn I bought the same stars! Useing mine to tie on pkgs. Have a BLESSED THANKSGIVING ! Rowann

Betzie said...

This is so lovely!!!
I am the same way...too many ideas "swimming" up there. Sometimes it keeps me from doing any of them!
Such a serene blog you have here...:)

Betzie said...

This is so lovely!!!
I am the same way...too many ideas "swimming" up there. Sometimes it keeps me from doing any of them!
Such a serene blog you have here...:)

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