Sunday, November 23, 2008

Artwork in progress & a beautiful wedding ~

Can you tell what this is? A new project that I've started....and hopefully will be wonderful when I finish...well, we'll see!! This is the lid of a very old suitcase! It has seen better days and of course, you KNOW that I've saved the beautiful pocket, but have decided that the lid itself is a wonderful canvas ~ so, it being uneven and grubby I decided to give it a coat of liquid gesso ~ so we'll see if I can give it a little bit of a transformation ~

I bought this beautiful print a few years ago from a sweet friend of mine, she was having a sale and has the most wonderful taste. I've had it hanging in our master bath and decided to take it down, take the frame apart and make a few color copies of it!! I just took it to Staples and they were able to copy it being the size that it was. Now, I'm seeing it in this suitcase lid ~ with a backdrop of sheet music I think....hmm. We'll see ~

Another "little" project in the making....a paperclay snowman head! He's drying now so I can give him a little personality ~ Don't you think he would be a great gift to go along with the magazine giveaway???

A bit of inspiration for you....I love Deb's Curious Sofa blog ~ and I've always loved Elizabeth of Elizabeth House ~ well, Deb has taken pictures of Elizabeth's wedding!!! You have got to see her gorgeous dress created from what I believe is an antique table covering!
Just click HERE to see all of the photos Deb took of Elizabeth's wedding ~

Wishing you a peaceful, relaxing Sunday dear friends ~
xxoo, Dawn


Vee said...

That was a wonderful wedding...lots of ideas there for anyone to use at many gatherings. I loved the Edwardian outfits...way cool!

You have a great Sunday as well ... can't wait to see what happens to that suitcase lid.

Unknown said...

Your current art project sounds fabulous! I look forward to the finished piece!
The wedding looks like it was an amazingly beautiful event.

Betty said...

When you get creative, you really do it up right. I'm anxious to see the finished products!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, I love the snowman's FAT cheeks!
He's going to be adorable.

Can't wait to see what you do with the suitcase lid.

I still haven't finished my tri-cone project. Hoping to today. Finally found most of the embellishments.
Sometimes we just have to wait until we find the perfect accompaniment, don't we!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Trish said...

What an interesting project or two you have on the go there Dawn. And the wedding beautiful. Makes me want to get married again!

The Cinnamon Stick said...

I visit Curious Sofa often and saw the wedding pictures....what an awesome store! Her Halloween was to scream unusual...such imagination....just like someone I know named Dawn!! XO Judy

Sandy said...

Wow what a wedding! That dress was to die for and imagine that she designed it herself!

I see something magical and wonderful in the works in the suitcase lid. Love the print you chose to use and can't wait to see the outcome.

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

AHHH !! I can't wait to see both of these projects when you are done with them ~ I just know they will be as cute as can be ~

Nancy Hood said...

the wedding looks like a dream come true! and rest and happiness to you, dear one~

Wish on a Whisker said...

Hi Dawn~ I have always LOVED magazines! I don't buy as many anymore but I enjoy my scrapbooks with all the old stuff I've saved. Thanks for stopping by to say ~HI~!!! ~Mandy

Anonymous said...

oh how i love that old print. so smart of you to have it photo copied. i can't wait to see what you do with it.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Dawn! My daughter and I are ga-ga over the print for the trunk lid! Could you please tell us the name and/or artist? And we're looking forward to seeing what you do with it too! Love your work and visit every day! Blessings to you! Elaine


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