Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sweet mail love & a One Day Sale!!

Thursday was a sweet mail day!! Look at these beautiful old newsletters that Shari from Vermont sent me!! Just because she knew I would love them . . . what kindness ~ I love them so very much Shari, thank you, thank you!!! Don't you just love the graphics??

I had to scan this one for you, I know Christmas is still a few months off but maybe you can use these precious carolers in some of the projects that you sell!

Free image for your artwork, click to enlarge, right click to save to your computer:

I decided to do a little printing on muslin ~ what is it about these images on fabric, I just love graphics and text ~ maybe from being a graphic designer so long but I just do. I'm going to try to incorporate these images on my apron. Yes, I'm still working on it!

The only thing is my work is so, I don't know, too precise looking, not artistic enough....I see all of this wonderful fabric's so free-spirited.
Now I see why I've procrastinated!

OH and the last little tidbit of news . . .

I'm having a ONE DAY SALE over at
The Little Speckled Egg Tutorial blog ~

All tutorials only 10.00 each on Friday, September 12th!!!
Just click the button below to visit:

I wish you a happy Friday sweet friends!!

xxoo, Dawn


Tina Leavy said...

what fun mail you received. love the art work.
here's wishing you a lovely Friday.

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

I can`t wait to see the finnished apron!
debbie moss

(From England)

Lynn said...

Hi Dawn, I can understand you about being too precise looking, I am so like that and have been trying so hard not to have everything perfect, but I think if you have ever sewn clothes or even pillows, it stems from that.
I can't wait to see your finished apron, and I love printing on fabric too it just seems to soften everything.
Thank you for the image, I love it.

Martha, Vintage Trifles said...

Dawn, Just keep plugging away at the apron. Throw some other embellishments on the sheet music and play with it for awhile. Stop for a cup of java and come back to it. It will come together and be fabulous. I made some pillows in the past using the same concept. What a great idea - can't wait to see the finished product. Take good care, M.

Sandy said...

No worries, your apron will be quite artistic when you are done! Relax and have fun with it. We all think you are amazing and what your hands create will be wonderful! I look forward to your finished project.

P.S. Still no word yet!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, I'm a perfectionist too. Probably compulsive! It's something I wish I could do too...just splash things together and accept its free look. Maybe I should try finger painting again! ;-)

I haven't tried printing on fabric yet. I have no idea why not! Probably because I already have my fingers in so many crafts. Maybe in my next life!

Diane :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn.... Apron is looking good... I am going to send you a email about a give-a-way I just put on my blog.... Thanks

Wish on a Whisker said...

Dawn~ Thanks so much for visiting my new blog and the sweet comment! Oh, my mom loves the little journal she bought from you! I'm glad she's the one that bought it since I missed it.(Smile) ~Mandy

Abbie said...

Hi Dawn!
Yeay! I'm so happy to see someone using the music collage sheet I put together! I can't wait to see how you incorporate them into your apron!
Cheers! Happy creating!

Dorthe said...

Hallo dear Dawn, Im sure your apron will end up just fantastic, like all other things you are doing.
Your work is without discussion so full of creativity ,old dayes feeling, sweetness, beautifull tones of sepia (can one say so ? )
and the alwayes big feeling of your heart placed in the middle of everything you do.
So im sure this projekt of yours will end up beautifull too.
Hugs Dorthe

Elizabeth said...

Yep! I agree with all of the above.

Can't wait to see how the apron turns out...How does one put a print onto muslin?


The Cinnamon Stick said...

Well...I am really impressed! I think just printing on fabric is "free spirit and artistic" friend you put way too much pressure on oneself! Your art is amazing because it is YOU...trying too hard to be "too artistic" just turns out sloppy and for you that would just never do! Just create it as you see it. XOXO

Wren Cottage said...

The apron is BEAUTIFUL!! It has your signature style of lace & vintagey sweetness look we all go crazy for :)!!
I've never tried printing on muslin, yours look awesome! and poo I missed your sale :( :) I'm so glad it was good for you!
Still loving my fairy and I just ADORE the idea of making one of a family member, how sweet is that?! She is going to LOVE it!!
hugs to you sweetie ~*~*~~*~*
Love ~ Madai

Heidi said...

Dawn, You continue to amaze and inspire me! I just got my Somerset Life (Autumn 2008 issue) in the mail yesterday and I *love* the advent calendar you wrote! So lovely!

I also want to make an apron like the one you're working on. My mother gave me a "blank" canvas apron a while back, now I'd like to try something similar to what you're making! Thank you!


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