Monday, September 8, 2008

I would LOVE to have this book!!!

Photograph courtesy of Barbara Jacksier

Don't we all love gorgeous decorating books?? Here's just a small request . . .

Last Wednesday, Barbara Jacksier's publisher, Gibbs Smith, called her to say that “because of the weak economy they will be publishing fewer books than they originally anticipated this year.”

And Barbara's book, Waterside Cottages, has been put on the list of books that may be postponed for publication for a year or more!

Perhaps, if Gibbs Smith sees how much interest there is in Waterside Cottages, they’ll move it from the “POSTPONED TITLES” list to the “ROLL THE PRESSES” list.

Please go to and vote for her book to be published now. Just click on the link below to comment and say you'd love to have the opportunity to buy her book:

Even when we can't afford to travel and take vacations, books can be a wonderful way to escape the stress of a rough economy and tight finances....Beautiful books will always be a woman's best form of relaxation and inspiration!
Thanks so much sweet friends and spread the word!
xxoo, Dawn


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

I commented - I too would love this book! If movie stars can spend 5 million on a wedding ring (Beyonce)then certainly the general population should have the money to buy a book they would love?!

madrekarin said...

I left my comment as well. I love books like these, and this one looks like it is just my style.
I hope they do roll the presses for her.

Sandy said...

Thanks for the heads up. I love Barbara's blog and have followed her work in her book as well as the publications she has been managing editor of. I hope her book gets the thumbs up! I am off to vote!


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