Monday, September 8, 2008

Recycling can be a creative thing ~

That's really how I feel too ~ maybe that's what I should call what I love doing ~ Creative Recycling!
Sunday afternoon I was able to steal away and do a little treasure hunting by myself. Which is always a good thing because I'm as slow as molasses in the winter. I'm too afraid I'm going to miss something. I started outside in the parking lot of Peachtree Peddler's Flea Market & Antique Mall . . . there's always folks set up selling what they don't want in their homes anymore. I'm constantly looking for shadowboxes and this one was a great find ~ I'll be ripping off the back and removing the lovely vases of flowers and add a few nests, eggs and bird ephemera!

Another baby dress, I know, I know, I need baby dress therapy but I promise I'm still thinking of something to do to these lovelies . . . and of course, the little shoes, I couldn't leave them could I? These were found inside in the antique mall and I tell you I dig for my goodies and make sure the prices are great.

Now these aren't old but I found them at Michael's and am wanting to place them inside something that I have in mind to make ~ kind of like weights?

And this precious photo, just look at this couple, they look like teenagers! So sweet ~

Oh and of course a music book. I think something had been gnawing on it at some time but I don't care, these little music sheets will have a new life now.

Just one more shot of the baby shoes, I'm not sure of the material, maybe wool?
Well, do you want to know the grand total of what I spent???


Recycling is GOOD.....

Have a great Monday!!!

xxoo, Dawn


marie said...

Wonderful bargains! I especially love the music book ~ both the sheet music inside and the beautiful, old, red cover on the outside!

Happy creating!

Anonymous said...

Great finds, Dawn! I love the shoes. The picture of the couple is sweet!

Have a wonderful week!

Vee said...

You sure know how to shop! I'd love to leave a flea market with all those treasures having only had to leave $15 behind. But, of course, you need all those little dresses for providing wardrobes for bears, don't you?

That photo of the couple is wonderful!

madrekarin said...

Fab treasures, Bargain Queen!! Why do I never think of going to Peachtree? Now I will for sure.

Sandy said...

Great finds! I saw a yellow silk baby dress last week that instantly brought you to mind. My latest find was a huge rusty old wire basket. I'll be posting on it soon and it's many functions!

Scrap for Joy said...

Dawn~I think those little shoes might have belonged to the sweet baby in the picture on your last post. You certainly found some wonderful treasures. Pittsburghers must just hold on to their old things-we never find goodies like these. I love sheet music, too. I think I use some on every project I make.

Anonymous said...

Great finds!!
I am sure they will be turned into something wonderful!
Have a good week

Trish said... are good at what you do. And recycling things of importance...things which meant something to someone once and now give new meaning. Recycling memories is the most precious gift of all there Dawn!

Elizabeth said...

Don't you just love wonderful finds? You really hit the jackpot on these.

Do you have a tutorial on how you are able to light objects for your photograph and have them come out something other than too dark or blanched out by a flash?

Take care,

Wren Cottage said...

Wonderful finds Dawn!! I'm with you on the baby dresses! Can't pass them up, especially the ones with the white on white embroidery and sweet tiny pintucks, what love must have gone into making them... I love taking my time too when treasure hunting... thanks for sharing your treasures!! Thanks again for everything!!
xo ~ madai :)

Donna said...

What a steal! Love those little shoes and the chippy painted shelf especially.

Anonymous said...

Great finds, Dawn! Love the shadow will be beautiful when you are finished with it. Can't wait to see what you do with the river rocks...weights...hmm! The little shoes look like wool. I have an old pair of mine and they are felt and look much different than these. I wish I could remember where I put them, so I could take a picture.

Sherri said...

such great finds! I like the term creative recycling! I'm a believer.

Tina Leavy said...

what darling finds. I know that shadow box will look lovely when you finish refurbishing it.
hope you had a great day.
hugs, Tina

Shopgirl said...

I think some of us were born recycling. It's a long story, but once upon a time I collected things for resale. I learned that there is something for everyone, I was shocked at what families would sell. Grandma died, so they sell old pictures, handwork, it was great for me, but I never understood how they could let these family treasures go.
But then when I see what can be done with a little of this and that, I am glad there are gals like us that will truly treasure them, and give them life again.
Your, Mary

Lady Em said...

I do hope I have a girl, so we can dress her up in all your beautiful dresses!!!!!! Even if we do have a boy, we will dress him up anyway!!


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