Monday, August 11, 2008

Rubbings and a new tutorial in the works!

This is such a wonderful idea I had to share it with you! From my clippings stash ~ rubbings from the covers of very old, embossed books! How neat is that? You could incorporate the images into your artwork too. Makes me think, what else around here is embossed that I can use to make a rubbing! This will make you look at textures and surfaces differently ~ What do you use when you make a rubbing?
(Click all my photos to enlarge if you need to)

Plus, I've been working on a new tutorial!! I have an order for this wonderful French silver tray collage and decided it would make a great tutorial as well ~ I should have it ready for purchase in my tutorial blog really soon!

OK, don't faint but I'm heading to bed and it's 11:40pm Georgia time!!
I'm trying so hard to get on a better schedule ~

Wishing you a great Tuesday!!!

xxoo, Dawn


Lady Em said...

11:40PM?!!!!!! Wow I don't think I have ever known you to go to bed so early. I know if I had to get up early (which I can't stand doing), like you do, I wouldn't be able to even make it past 8pm!! I am really loving that French image, it is wonderful. I am on some funky hormone induced sleep schedule myself, I feel asleep at 6pm and woke up at 11pm, and now I am sitting in front of the computer trying to get back to sleep.
Hope ya'll are doing well!!!!!!
Love ya'll!!!!!!

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Dawn, you always find the best information to help us with new ideas and your tutorials are great for the creative person on how to do new artwork.
Have a great week,

Dorthe said...

Sweet freind, thanks for your loving words, and once more for a good idea.I remember as child rubbing beautifull coins, and this is realy worth trying.
The Eifel Tower print is very beautifull,im looking forward seing your new tutorial.
Loving hugs to you dear Dawn, from Dorthe

vikki said...

another shared love! you are sucha giving kind ~ gracious soul! thank*u. it is hard to git on a schedule ~ if there is sucha thing. have a creative tuesday m'dear friend! hugs & blessings, vikki ♥

Vee said...

Wow! I love embossed covers...have so many of these ancient books. What a marvelous idea. Thanks for finding it and sharing it.

You know, sleep is good for the creative mind! You'll find some of your best ideas waiting for you there in Dreamland.

Simply Shelley said...

Hi Dawn, I loved caughting up on your last few post. Your finds from the antique shop are wonderful. I loved seeing all the pictures from the shop as well. It was like taking a mini tour. I wonderfed if you might mind if I saved the picture of the vintage teddies in the wicker carriage? I think it is so sweet.


Sandy said...


Your next project sounds wonderful! My daughter and I did some rubbings last summer when we were in Savannah while visiting some of the historic cemeteries. We used sheets of tracing paper from a large pad and artist charcoal. We took along a can of fixative,to seal the piece, and latex gloves, to protect our hands from the mess. We found all kinds of interesting epitaphs and images on the tombstones. Weird but fun!

Storybook Woods said...

Oh too cool, you are tooo sweet to us. Thank you. Clarice

Anonymous said...

Dawn, I don't know what kind of vitamins you take but I want some! You are a bundle of energy and creativity. I love visiting here and seeing what you've been up to!

I know! You have a pair of those sneakers with the wheels under them!

Diane :-)

Julie said...

My Mom and I did some rubbings once in a very old cemetary. I don't remember what kind of paper it was exactly - but I think she got it from the local butcher!

Beth Leintz said...

Rubbings from book covers- what a great idea. I just bought a Cuttlebug and did a little how to on my blog about using it to emboss- I'm in love with the idea of embossing!


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