Friday, August 8, 2008

A couple of new Etsy items & baby dresses!

I wanted to show you what I did with the little poem that I wrote about the fairy in the jar. (It's included in the tutorial)

I've tied them to the top of the jar and slightly curled them and aged the edges with ink . . . now, these are ready to mail out ~

A couple new items that I've added to my Etsy store below:

Here are the precious baby dresses that I bought from Cathy at Hazelruthe's ~ why in the world do I love these so?? I can't explain it but I do. I don't pay alot, 3 - 5.00 is all and I guess that's what makes collecting them so fun.

My wish for you ~

Happy Friday! xxoo, Dawn


Lady Em said...

I am drooling over those fairy jars and baby dresses!!!!!!!!!!!! I love what you did with the poem. Maybe we will have a little girl so you and me can dress her up in cute little dresses that we find. But I think it's still a boy. Don't know why, just do!!!!!!!
I love ya'll!!

Tina Leavy said...

darling creations Dawn!..and the little dresses..too cute.
I also have added a few new items to my etsy.
We've been busy huh? :0)
have a lovely weekend!

Lori said...

those baby dresses are so beautiful!! i went over there to shop last time you posted her link and couldn't find any baby items {?} did you buy them all jar fairies are the sweetest...i LOVE that bride doll, her dress is amazing...the few dolls i have bought with crepe dresses, the crepe was totally destroyed...her dress looks to be in very nice condition!!!

vikki said...

all of it is sooo adorable! lovely job on the fairy jars & baby shoes! may have to try them someday. love 'em! have a beautiful friday ~ it is friday agin!! =) hugs & blessings, vikki ♥

Wendy said...

I have been lurking on your blog for a while now, and thought it was high time I left you a comment. I found you on TCB and what a find Kim had in you!!! I ADORE your fairy jars. I'm going to have to buy the tutorial, but I'm afraid I just wont do them justice (maybe you should put one already made in your etsy store just for me...wink wink)

Anonymous said...

I love visiting your blog. So peaceful and full of memories. I'm working on another one and come here for inspiration.

Simply Shelley said...

Hello Dawn, love your things. Those little dresses are so sweet. I wish babies were still dressed in such attire as these. Now'a days you can see newborns wearing denim and halter tops,but there are still mothers who apperciate the sweetness of little dresses like these,to dress their little ones in. My mother and MIL even dressed their little baby boys in dresses such as yours.
Your little fairy jars are such wonderful creations. Lucky ladies who purchased them!

Dorthe said...

Dear Dawn, thanks for your god wishes , and thanks for the lovely dresses you shown-, I can se My little Mathilde (1,5 years old granddaughter) in it. She would look so sweet.
I wish you a happy satterday-yours Dorthe

Sarah said...

Thank you sooooooo much for the gifts.I love them. You are such an amazing lady!!

Sandy said...

The fairy jars are utterly enchanting! The baby dresses are darling! Happy weekend!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Oh the dresses are too too cute! Wonder waht we all like them so much? Maybe it;s becasue they remind us of playing with dolls - or our own babies! Thanks for shating htem - they are just beautiful!

Alexandra said...

I love your art works and your wonderful pictures. Have a nice day.

A Wild Thing said...

I can still feel my cuddly baby daughter in her in her sweet cotton frocks, blond curls bouncing...she'll be 40 next week...a Mother never forgets.

Be happy,

Marilyn Miller said...

Love the baby dresses. I have a small collection and can't resist them. Always enjoy your art too. I have been reading your blog for a long time, just don't usually leave a comment.


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