Thursday, August 7, 2008

Musings ~

Wednesday was one of those days. You know the kind. Too exhausted to create then I get mad at myself for not creating, but am exhausted because I worked on artwork too late the night before! Ughhh! Do you do this to yourself? If you don't accomplish a certain amount in the day, you get angry with yourself? I think women are especially guilty of this. Or maybe it's because I'm the oldest of three children, a capricorn, and like to drive myself nuts!!

I'm hopelessly a night owl. I enjoy getting started on a project late in the evening and working into the night 'til it's finished. But that doesn't work too well now that school has started for the guys! I'm going to work on my schedule....I love to post after midnight, so it will be fresh with your morning coffee or lunch....maybe I'll post earlier in the day and schedule it after 12:00 am....I'm just thinking out loud now. Well, enough of that ~

I did get the best mail though! I had purchased four little baby dresses from Cathy at Hazelruthe's and just love them. I'll be sure to have a photo for you soon. They just came out of the dryer and are absolutely precious!

Another wonderful tidbit of news: Today Sarah at The World and it's Roses is having a birthday today!!!!! She's turning THIRTEEN!
Please stop by and give her a big birthday hug ~

Happy Birthday Sarah!!

Wishing you all terrific and productive Thursday ~
xxoo, Dawn


Free Art Printables said...

I do the same thing! I guess that's why I am commenting at midnight! :) Those are the best work hours, everyones in bed snug and tight and QUIET. :)
Jen R

Shopgirl said...

I too am a night person, it's just who I am, so we night owl's could have a party while everyone is sleeping. I love the silence, the air is lighter, it is my time, no one calls. No knock at the door, it's just me and the night...and don't you love to look at the moon. I step out on my porch just to see it, the stillness.
You have some beautiful things to look at and of course, I want them all.
you might like to see what I did with the new challenge. I was running late...kinda like the Rabbit in Alice In Wonderland. I have been working on a project for one of my lunch buddies. I should take a picture.

Your friend and night Owl, Mary

Anonymous said...

Dawn, I can so identify with the way your internal clock runs. My husband says I'm wired differently than the rest of the world. Sometimes I'm going to bed as he is getting up! Opposites and all that... My mother and my daughter are the same way...a female thing? Your buttons photos made me want to run my hands through that jar!! I play with buttons, too. And, yes, it's midnight, and the night is young. I won't be ready to call it quits for hours.

The Cinnamon Stick said...

Guess you need an early bird to comment.....I am up before the chickens...I love the silence of the early morning - then hearing and watching the awakening of a new day! When the day comes alive so do I!! (and I am lucky my dearheart is the same way) !!

Lori said...

yes and yes, i am always beating myself up because i work so slowly and am not as productive as others...well, now maybe i know why? i am the eldest child and a capricorn too...thanks for providing me with a rationale...i am using it too...

vikki said...

i think we, gals, are our own worst critics! i can stay up late & then rise early ~ but can not do that too often. love them both! the peacefulness & silence of the late & early. each has its' own beauty. have a beautiful thursday m'dear sweet friend ~ & do not be too hard on yourself! hugs & blessings, vikki ♥

Vee said...

Night people are so creative! ;D

Be kind to yourself...always!

softinthehead said...

Hi Dawn....Thank you for the visit and wonderful comment. Visiting your blog is such a comfort. I love reading your posts. I have little or no time right now for doing much blogging and really miss it.

I myself am a "whatever" time I can get kinda person. I do have to admit though I am partial to mornings just before the sun completely rises. Everything just seems newer and fresher and that revitalizes me....Pam

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Dawn, I know I've told you I'm a night owl, a lot of times after mid-night I go and look to see what you've posted and it is really 1:00pm here.
Well, I have to agree with you on the other point too, it does make me upset if I had a wasted day.
When I'm not in such a good mood, my husband will say "Don't you need to go in the sewing room", knowing that makes me feel better.
Can't wait to see your baby items.

A Wild Thing said...

I have always worked well into the wee hours and awoke at the wee hours and tend to wear down around 3:00...a good power nap (face first in the keyboard) then I am up and at it again. My Father was a workaholic too, must be an inherited trait...but too, I want to squeeze all the goody I can out of a day...we have so few. But there is nothing like the sound of soft music when all in the world are asleep.


Margaret said...

I'm a bit of a night owl myself, though my husband is a morning person so I've had to adjust somewhat.

Some days the creative spirit is just on vacation--happens to the best of us!




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