Monday, June 4, 2007


Well, I've been tagged by the sweet Deena of Nestled in the Singing Woods to give 7 random facts about myself . . . here goes but I don't know if I can think of that many:

1. I am the oldest of three children, was the only girl and have two younger brothers.

2. I married the boy across the street! I met him when I was in the fourth grade and he was in the sixth ~

3. I am not very outdoorsy ~ I admire it from afar but only like being outside in the fall and early spring here in Georgia.

4. I measure myself at the end of the day by what I have accomplished that day. What have I made, washed, cleaned etc. Don't we as women all do that?

5. I can't just sit and watch television. I have to be reading a magazine, looking at a wonderful book or making something.

6. I used to be a neat freak but now, after five children, I have relaxed a little as I would have been miserable all the time and so would they!

7. Given the choice to go shopping for myself or shopping at a wonderful antique mall ~ I would choose antiques!

Now in true blogging tradition, I'd love to tag:


I hope you're all having a wonderful day!!


Becky said...

My first tag, I'm so excited. Thanks for the comment. Those mermaids are fun to make. Have a great day.

kris hurst said...

Hi Dawn
I was tagged for 7 -it's at the bottom of my may page- thanks for coming to see my little crafty world.


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