Sunday, June 10, 2007


Do you ever just wander on the internet, just meandering around, searching for beautiful, inspiring pictures? I do on a regular basis . . . I can't help it. I love images that make me feel something. Artistically or even as a wife or mother ~ I love to search them out and enjoy them. Images can move you. To create, to feel nostalgic, to feel appreciation, to feel many things. We are visual beings and are so stimulated by what we see.

Surround yourself with things, paintings, photos or whatever that when your eyes fall upon them, you are moved. You feel love, joy, nostalgia or something ~

I have a photo that I took of my youngest child, Noah. He was a fresh little newborn, and it was in the hospital, the morning we were leaving. I had him dressed beautifully, swaddled in two different little baby blankets. He was sleeping on the hospital bed and I wanted to take a few photos of him. I took several pictures of my sweetie and one of the photos, the flash did not go off. Well, it was morning and the sun was pouring through the window ~ I must tell you, that picture is probably the most beautiful photograph I have ever taken in my life. He is precious. New, fresh, ready for the loving of a large and caring family. I absolutely adore it. I will try to get Cindy to scan it for me and I will share it with you.

Anyway, why I shared that story is how that beautiful photo of my baby moves me everytime I see it. As women we need these wonderful, beautiful visuals all around our homes. They move us, take us back and make our lives, simply put . . . beautiful. I'm sharing with you a wonderful vintage photograph that i love. It is so very simple but absolutely beautiful!


wisteriagirl said...

My Dear Sweet have a way with words! You make things sound exciting, delicious and leaving us wanting more. You create wonderful visualizations with your descriptions. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I agree, you do leave wonderful visual images. The black and white photo is so elegant. By the way thanks for the suggestions for the "studio". It's a good idea for me not to store everything in one room. Smart and talented :D

Anonymous said...

simply wonderful image, thanks for sharing it!

Cape Cod Washashore said...

What a lovely photograph! I'll just bet that photo of your son is the most beautiful thing! I, too, took a photo of my son #2 carrying son #3 when the youngest was a baby -- the flash didn't go off, but they were in front of a lace-curtained window and that photo now makes me smile and weep at the same time it turned out so precious!

Anonymous said...

"You are an inspiration to read..I'm so glad i saved you on my favorites list to read!!"



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