Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Better photos

How unbelievable is it that natural sunlight can make such a giant difference in your photographs! I have a wonderful bay window in my dining room and today is a glorious sunny day so . . . I thought I might try taking a few more photos of these items . . . what a difference! Just wanted to post these . . . Oh, and I want to rip these dinky valances down and do the wire, rings, vintage lace or fabric thing!!


Becky said...

I hear ya Dawn. I have compact floresent bulbs all over the house and they just don't give good light a night for pictures. So daylight and sunshine is best.

Michelle said...

I always take my photos in natural light. It is a little trick I learned a while ago that has paid off dramatically!


Lori said...

that bunny face is soooooo cute!!!! i want to kiss his nose!!!!

Stillwaters Music said...

Dawn~ this bunny is so cute! Yes...isn't paperclay fun??

Boxwood Cottage said...

Oh I love your little fairy in the sheet music box! So sweet! Your bunny is going to be beautiful too once he's deorated! Well done Dawn! Carol xox


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