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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A pin pillow ~

I made this pillow a few years ago and knew that I was making it specifically to display my pins and a bit of my jewelry. The neat thing is that when I stuffed it, I used folded pieces of bed sheets and fiberfill. This added weight and stability! You can see my grandparents on several of these pins and a ten commandment charm bracelet I had when was a child. One little charm has four of our boys pictured before Noah was born! Each and every piece means something special to me. What do I wish for you? Your very own pin pillow!!

Happy Thursday dear friends!
xxoo, Dawn


Nancy Hood said...

I used to make stockings from old quilts, lace, and buttons and encouraged buyers to add pins, charms, and memorabilia to personalize. Still have ours :)

GardenGoose said...

oh I remember those 10 commandment bracelets too. like the pillow idea. I knew someone that had crafted a chenille valance out of white chenille fabric then used it to pin all different kinds of pins to it that she found at tag was really rather cute.
hope you have a great day.
and I like the idea will have to try something similar..yet another thing to be on the look out for at tag sales.
gosh always have the sweetest ideas.
hugs to ya,
p.s. you are gonna have to email me your phone number..after all this time gee whiz..we could be chatting on the phone to each other! silly me..I should have thought of that sooner.

Anonymous said...

Dawn, what a sweet idea. And it could rest on a bed in a central place of honor if there is no room on a dresser-top.

Anonymous said...

Such a nice idea and what a wonderful way to display pins!

vikki said...

how very sweet! love how we love seeing our family & legacies to enjoy as we go thru our daily routines. it always brings a smile to me. and i am sure they are happy to be remembered, too. have a creative beautiful thursday m'sweet friend. hugs & blessings, vikki ♥

LindaSonia said...

Love this idea of displaying pieces of jewelry that typically reside in a dark drawer of a jewelry box somewhere. Let them out into the light to be enjoyed!! How lovely! LindaSonia

Simply Me Art said...

What a fantastic Idea.. Love it

Ruth Welter said...

Hello Dawn, I'm out visiting blogs and stumbled across yours...Wow, what a gorgeous pillow, just so beautiful.


Elizabeth G. said...

Wow, you are so very creative! I know I keep saying this over and over again, but...I don't know what else to say. You come up with unique ideas. I hope you don't mind if I copy.

I am praying for Nita and Elizabeth. Hopefully, you will update us.

God bless,

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Dawn, it is beautiful..xoxo Nita

Wren Cottage said...

This is such fabulous idea!!! you are sooo good :)!!! I've used cameos before on my pillows...this is so much more personal! Beautiful!!

Lady Dorothy said...

I, too, had a Ten Commandment Charm bracelet. I adored it! I wonder if I still have it somewhere?


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