Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The best kind of people are...you.

I saw this on Facebook and just HAD to share it with you...
don't you just love it???
To me...YOU are the best kind of people.
You always inspire and encourage me!

So what's been going on around here??
Not much really.
I have listed a few more treasures in my Etsy shop...
I mean it.
I have GOT to let some of these things GO!
I have so much....

And as far as being creative?
My biggest accomplishment, other than Noah's tablet sleeve in my last post,
is a cosmetic bag I made for my purse!!!!

I used some beautiful chenille tapestry fabric my dear friend Cindy gave me,
lined it with a type of ticking fabric and
interlined it with some felt I found in the clearance bin at Hob Lob...
I really don't need a zipper because my purse is a little different.
The main compartment has a zipper to house the makeup bag.
It's a wonderful Fossil purse that has a section on the outside that serves
as a wallet...change purse and credit card spots included.
So, the interior houses my makeup, brush and lotion.

Is is sad that I love a purse so much???
I found it at a second hand store for twelve bucks.
Yes. A Fossil leather bag for 12 dollars!!!
I've used it now for a couple of years and love it STILL!
It looks better and better with age.
So, why can't I? HAHA!

I have to share a few photos of our sweet angel Clara...
Noah found this pic on his phone that he took way back last fall,
I just had to have it so he emailed it to me. Isn't it wonderful???

Clara spent the night with us Saturday night ~ oh my goodness, I cannot EVEN believe
how grown up she is!!! Do you realize our sweet first grandchild will be FIVE this March?

Happy Tuesday sweet angels...

hugs and love,


At Home in English Valley said...

Dear Dawn, Of course, you bring the love to yourself with kindness, caring, generosity. Even if you aren't accomplishing things the way you might like, we are visiting just to "hear" your sweet voice and to be uplifted by it. Clara is so sweet . I cannot believe how quickly time passes for us Grandmas. My own sweet baby grand will be two in May. Have a great year my friend, a slow start is a steady start;-). (I keep telling myself.). Love, Penny

Theresa said...

Thank you for that sweet and OH SO true quote! Clara is growing up and is absolutely precious! Love that makeup bag for your purse:) Have a blessed day dear Dawn, HUGS!

Vee said...

You are so, too, growing more lovely with age and don't forget that! Clara is so adorable. It really is hard to believe that that much time has already gone by. May I say that I am glad that you have created something useful and pretty for yourself? It is always cool when an artisan does.

marda said...

Wonderful quote. Oh my, how is it that some pictures make our grandkids look so much more grown up??? What a beautiful child. Your make up bag is so pretty.
You get a purse that just "works" and that's the one you keep using. I have a wallet that I've been using now for at least 20 years.. leather, and it still looks great and works for me. Can't see any reason to replace it.

Dorthe said...

Yes dearest Dawn, such a beautiful qoute -and so amazing to have met so many friends, on fb, and the blogs, whom just do that... sprinkle love, and selfconfidence- and spread some clouds , now and then...among them ( for me ) are you, special friend.
Clare will be a very beautiful looking young woman, she already is.. and with such kindnes in her eyes.
UHH I love your purce, too--- and such a bargin, the makeup bag sits wonderful in there, and really don`t need a zipper .
Hope your week is great sweet Dawn-
Love from Dorthe


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