Friday, January 31, 2014

Finally beginning to thaw...

Well...the snow is finally beginning to melt, slowly.
We just aren't used to having snow and having it for more than a day is unusual!
Noah's school was cancelled Tuesday when the storm hit and has continued
to be through today (Friday). There are just too many icy patches to risk it.

Noah took a few more photos for me Wednesday...
it really wasn't much at all!
Not even two inches but it PARALYZED our state.
I don't know if you've seen the news coverage but we had below freezing temps for
almost three days so all it did was freeze and then refreeze each night.

I didn't share this with you on my last post but Tuesday afternoon
after the snow fell and as it was
late afternoon and freezing to ice,
several of Noah's classmates were in a terrible accident,
hit a tree and one of his friends was killed instantly.
17 years old.
It breaks my heart and always scares me so...
Just knowing that life can change in one. simple. second.

He's had a hard time dealing with it this week.
Being home, being bored and thinking of his funny friend.
They would joke between classes and rag on one another as boys do.
I'm keeping all of those involved in my thoughts and prayers
as well as so many students who loved him.
It's just so hard to be faced with mortality when you are still so young.

One more pic of our precious angel Clara...eating snow!
She had the best time playing in it....

Thank you always for stopping by to see what's going on here ~
Wishing you a wonderful Friday and
a very happy weekend!!!

hugs and love,


Vintage Home said...

oh dear ...I am so sorry for your son having lost a friend. So devastating.
I wish for you melting snow and ice.
Peace and joy and soon sunny skys....

Vintage Home said...

p.s. your barn is fabulous!

Theresa said...

Love seeing the snow, it is SO pretty BUT... I am ready to see it go away:)

I have been reading about the accident and the death of this handsome young man:( My heart is breaking for that family. I can't imagine what they are going thru. Praying for all!

Have a blessed and sunshiny day dear Dawn, HUGS!

At Home in English Valley said...

Dearest Dawn, I am so very sorry for your son's loss and how your whole community was hurt by the storm. A large accident happened here recently. No matter all the plows and salt trucks, there was a white out and people died. Driving in the snow is always treacherous, but never experiencing it makes it all the more deadly. I will pray for your family, dear Noah and for your community. Spring will come, but we will all remember this long winter. Keep warm my friend. Hugs. Love, Penny

Vee said...

Oh no. I am so sorry for the loss of one so young. How I wish that the entire state had stayed home, safe and cozy. What might have been a fun memory becomes one of unspeakable tragedy. Praying for that family, for Noah and his friends.

Clara is as cute as a button!

Botanic Bleu said...

There are never words to express our sympathies adequately for such a great, untimely loss. Nor or there words to express our own emotions, feelings of devastation, sense of bewilderment, and aching body and spirit as we try to understand what has happened. Not an understanding of why it has happened, but an understanding of how to go on and what to do next.

May all of you find comfort in the love of family and friends during this great loss.


Bente said...

Oh, I`m so sorry to hear about the tragedy. That is so terrible. The roads are so dangerous in wintertime.

Wish you a nice weekend

Hugs from here

Mary W said...

Noah certainly has a future in photography!

Shopgirl said...

Lovely pix, I am so sorry about the young man that died so young. It makes us wonder, whats it all about? I love you Dear Dawn, your Mary

rkramadh said...

I am shocked by the sad news, I can't imagine the pain the family must be going through. May God truly help them during this time. Snow is a regular affair for many of us in NE and midwest but it's still dangerous stuff to drive on when it freezes. It's OK for parents to forbid their kids from driving in that and even adults in the south are not used to those conditions.


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