Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Our adopted relatives ~

I managed to hang a few more things
on these old farmhouse walls this past weekend!
You know my motto...
more is more!!!!

One was the wonderful penmanship print that I framed
a few weeks ago. It. is. HUGE!

Plus, I hung a couple more "adopted" relatives on the living room wall too.
Hubs and I found these two amazing bubble glass oval frames a while back
and I'd been waiting for the right spot to hang them.
I took them totally apart and cleaned the beautiful glass
and now they are finally hanging in our home!

I know it's odd to have photos of folks around who you don't even know but
I have an appreciation for their character and age that I can't explain.
And the neat thing? My real family "gets" it too!!

I have to share a photo of sweet Clara from just yesterday!
Her daddy just assembled a jungle gym in her backyard and she LOVES it!
Can you believe how grown up she is? She'll be five in just a few months...

And here's a precious photo of little Murray (who's really not that little!)
looking into his mama's eyes one night when he was restless.

She took this pic and I just think it's wonderful!
You can so see the love in his eyes for his mama....
By the time Clara's birthday comes around in March
Murray will be a year and a half old!

Thank you always, always for stopping by to see me here.

Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday dear friends ~
hugs and love,


marie said...

Sweet, sweet babes!

Love your wall arrangement too Dawn!

Vee said...

Love the fake relatives and the real ones. My sister has made me promise that I'll write "fake relative" on the back of anyone not belonging to us. LOL! That is not appreciation, is it?

Simply Shelley said...

Your grands are beautiful...I like those frames too,and I get it as well... :) Blessings

LBP said...

We call the photos I have hanging of people we don't know our "instant ancestors"! Love your arrangements and Clara (I LOVE that name) and Murray are adorable!

suziqu's thread works said...

You have created such a gorgeous cosy corner there Dawn with those amazing framed photos and clocks!
I'm like you and love to see these old photos around on our shelves and walls - perhaps we felt at home then!
Sweet Clara and Murray photos for us again. Can't believe that Murray will soon be 18 months old!
Happiness and love to you,

marda said...

What sweet babies.. just don't tell Clara I called her a baby.
I have pictures that I too will write on the backs... NOT an actual relative!!! They know I like to collect vintage cabinet photos, and your instant relatives in those old frames are wonderful.

Lady Pamela said...

You have 'adopted' relatives, I call mine 'rented' family because I bought them on etsy. lol


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