Thursday, January 2, 2014

Little by little...letting go of the hoard ~

That's my new year's "thing" this year!!

Little by little, I'll be selling some of this hoard I have around here.
I'll never be able to make stuff out of all the goodies that
I've collected over the last few years so I thought,
why not let some of it go???
And also, if I croak, it'll all end up in a yard sale anyway, right?!

Of course, I'll save my very favorite things but it's time
to pass some of my wonderful treasures on to others ~

So, I just got started and here are a few of the first goodies!!!

I have more to come too!!!!
I just haven't gotten the items listed yet...
These few are already in my Etsy store if you'd like to look ~

I think this is a good way to start my new year.
Letting a few things go is a good thing!!!

Wishing you a beautiful Thursday sweet friends ~
hugs and love,


Dorthe said...

Hi sweet Dawn,
Yes a new year also brings wishes of cleaning out, and letting go. Your treasures are wonderful, and will soon find new homes.
I wish you a wonderful new year my friend, free of problems of any kind, and filled with happiness and love.
Love you, and hug you. Dorthe

Theresa said...

It's on my "to do list" for the new year also:) TOO much stuff around my house! Have a blessed day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

Deb said...

Happy New Year Dawn!
Something about a new year I think makes us all want to do a good clean out. I know my studio could certainly use one :-)
Hope you are having a wonderful day xo

Okio B Designs said...

Those buttons are lovely! How ever can you part with them? I know the feeling though. I've got to de-clutter this year.


Vee said...

This is on "the list" for April and May. Sometimes I fret about the job I'd leave for someone else to do... I watch way too much Antique Roadshow. All the best with the task!

Alice Wingerden said...

Lots of cute stuff Dawn! I was just thinking today that I needed to watch a Hoarders marathon to get myself in the mood to let stuff go every time lol!

marda said...

Bravo to you. My husband would love me to open a shop and get rid of some of my "stuff". But it's taken me to long to accumulate it so I'm hanging on to it all!!!! Yes, my daughter in law will have her hands full. But she understands when my husband starts complaining, that I'm not ready to downsize just yet. Plus I've been eyeing some of your goodies!!!!

Elderberry Dreams said...

I am de-stashing too! Seriously, I only need one BIG apothecary jar of buttons, not 2 or 3. HAHA You have a wonderful collection of things, and someone will help you take them off your hands, I am sure! Happy New Year!


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