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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

And the saga continues...

So. The new drapes have been ripped down.
You knew it was going to happen and it did!!!

I kept thinking, surely I can make these work somewhere else in the house ~
Then I thought of our bedroom!!
I've been wanting new curtains in there
so I had a brainstorm...

I would split each drape in half, add a coordinating fabric ruffle on the end of each
and then just bunch them all up on rods in our bedroom!
Funny, I had a three inch hem on both ends...only the top one had a rod pocket seam,
so I'll just add the rod pocket seam on the bottoms too
(which will now become tops)!

We have a double window on one wall and a single window on another.
I stay up very, very late at night and sleep a little in the daytime to catch up...SO,
the more cover I have on the windows, the better!!

I'm working on the ruffles now...I had to make a quick trip to Hob Lob to find
some fabric that would look good for the ruffles.
Now to put them all together!
I can't stand making a mistake you know,
it's the perfectionist in me ~

No pics for now but I just had to thank you for all of your wonderful input!
My decorating style is not for everyone...I just love my collections
and enjoy to displaying what I love!

Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday precious friends ~
hugs and love,


marda said...

Hi Dawn.. I just now read yesterday's post.. and I know,I know! I've made window treatments that I envisioned as the perfect thing and it was NOT. Glad you can still put all that work to good use in another spot.
Love the pictures of the grandkids, as always, cute as can be.
Thanks for the heads up on the new Vintage Style magazine. Looks luscious.

NanaDiana said...

You sound like me- I just took my dining room drapes down and am trying to figure out what to do I had turned them upside down, too, and am thinking I can re-purpose them for another room. I can't wait to see more- you always inspire me. xo Diana the way, I LOVE LOVE those cute little bunnies-

Tina Eudora said...

I have always loved your decorating style Dawn and I have to say the photo of the sweet bunnies have just sent me into a rhapsody of happy memories!
Have a fun day decorating and I can hardly wait to see the finished window treatments.
Tina xo

Lisa said...

These pics are so wonderful I didn't even read the post:) Some mumbojumbo about drapes I think.
Hey will you teach me the water mark thing.

Sandy said...

I am positive your new idea will be perfect for your bedroom, the fabric is just beautiful, what a creative solution! Happy sewing.

Vee said...

Love that you are showing us your creative process and that it is not always straightforward. May this Plan B the perfect one! Your decorating style is a delight.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Well, I'm glad you found another room to use them in, Dawn. Can't wait to see them with the ruffle. Your angel mannequin is beautiful!

Theresa said...

I can't wait to see the finished curtains:) Love those sweet bunnies! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Judith said...

I know I'm not alone in saying that I love your collections too. And I love your decorating style. Looking forward to seeing those drapes when they're finished. Judith x

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

I just love the sweet picture of your work space! I spy dolly clothes in the corner! Best of luck with your project!

Dorthe said...

Well done dearest Dawn-
I guess you would never have been satisfied with them in your living room- Now I can`t wait to see them with the ruffles, in their new place!
I wish you happy hours sewing ,take care that you get some sleep too, sweetie <3-
Love and hugs,Dorthe

Simply Shelley said...

I spied that little doll wardrobe you have had forever :) It is still as sweet as ever too! As far as your curtain predicament..I guess sometimes we just have to live and learn. Although I thought they turned out lovely :) Blessings friend.

Brenda said...

I was happy to make a couple sets of curtains that I made for our previous house work here. It takes so much fabric to make them and you always spend so much time looking for just the right fabric that it would be disappointing not to use them somewhere in your home.

ByLightOfMoon said...

This is how we get our home exactly as we want it. We have to just keep playing with our vignettes until we like them the best!

I change things around all the time, but I do hate changing curtains. Mine need to be taken down and dusted! well, mine are just draped tops and they really collect dust in the folds!
Don't consider it time wasted!

Smiles, Cyndi

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

Well, as much as I said I liked the curtains where they were at, I'm looking forward to seeing the 'new' look in your bedroom. You go, girl! ;)


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