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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pure sweetness ~

The weather has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL here in Georgia
these last few days ~ breezy cool days and crisp cool nights.

My sweet daughter-in-law Emily took these pics yesterday and I just
have to share them with you!

Can you believe what a big girl Clara is???
She's growing like a little weed...needing all new pants for winter too!
Such a sweet baby...


The neighbor's cat loves to visit and Clara loves for her to visit too!!!

All the while, Murray is busy dozing...too bad we can't remember this time in our lives!
Napping is a full time job!

But he must be dreaming of something wonderful ~
just look at that sweet smile on his face!!!

I've been working on a few special orders of angel wings...
but to tell you the truth,
that is why I create tutorials.
Just so I don't have to keep creating the same thing
over and over again.
Doing that always seems to crush my creativity ~
And believe me,
I don't need any help doing that...
I can do that well enough on my own :)

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Happy Wednesday precious friends,
hugs and love,


marda said...

Oh my Clara looks more grown up every time you post her picture...if only we could stop time for awhile, right? Reminds me so much of my granddaughter who's now 8. Time just flew by. Little Murray is such a doll, and we'll be watching him grow up to fast too! I know what you mean about doing the same things over and want to do something different..all the time!
Your tutorials are great.. unless the person in mind doesn't want to craft anything..hang in there.

Dorthe said...

Dear Dawn,
she is the sweetest little -"big" girl- such beautiful photoes of her, I love how the neigbors cat LOVES her ,and she her-and little brother, just also looking so cute, having sweet dreams-
OH Dawn, I so know what you mean,about sewing the same over and over again-as I do that all the time for my shop here - but for me I JUST HAVE to do it-as long as it sells, at least untill I can get my pension.
I so wish you the most lovely day, my sweet friend.
Love and hugs,

linda eller said...

Your grandchildren are adorable. I have six and they are the lights of my life.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Grandchildren are BEYOND a shadow of a doubt the most precious gifts God ever gives us.
Mine are all grown, sad to say...and NO great-grand~babies on the way YET !!
Thank you for all your wonderful posts....and shares.


At Home in English Valley said...

Dear Dawn, Clara does look different now that she is a big's quite a job for a little girl. Why do babies smile in their sleep long before they smile when awake...what are they dreaming of? One of life's wonderful mysteries! Enjoy these wonderful Autumn days my friend. Love, Penny

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What a sweetie that sleeping cutie is, Dawn! You can't help but smile when you see his little smile. Clara looks like a happy big sister, too.

Vee said...

Do thank Emily for me for the sweet photos of Clara and Murray. They are such beautiful children.

Lululiz said...

Beautiful photographs, your grandchildren are such adorable little darlings.

Createology said...

Two very precious souls indeed. Your angel wings are heavenly. I understand your tutorial vs "mass production". Blessings and Creative Bliss...

Sandi said...

Clara is a sweetie and so is Murray! Aren't grandchildren so special!! :

marie said...

Two such sweet little babes. Murray sure looks like Clara in that second photo!

Beverly Sager said...

Such sweeties and so precious!

Pat C. said...

Oh, what sweet and precious little ones!! Every time I see a photo of Clara I am struck by how happy and well-loved she looks... God bless your wonderful family.♥


Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Lovely Grandchildren!! The blessings of life ;-}}

Ella said...

How precious! They are so sweet and you captured such wonderful photos~


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