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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A kind word is never wasted...

When I first started blogging and creating a few art pieces
I received a wonderful email one day.
The email was from Linda, the owner of Willow Nest!
For those if you that don't know, Linda and her husband Ludmil
had a beautiful place up in the northwest
where they had amazing antique shows with wonderful vendors.
They would have the shows right on their property Willow Nest Farm!
Her home has been featured several times in magazines
and her taste is absolutely beautiful.
Well, Linda complimented my artwork and suggested
that I send some into Somerset for publication.

I'll never forget her encouraging words to me.
Sometimes all we need is just a sweet word to push us.
A compliment to give us confidence.
I appreciate her taking the time to contact me
and give me that assurance I needed at the time.

You just never know what kind of influence
your kindness has on someone ~
Thank you so much Linda!

Please stop by her blog
and visit,
you. will. love it!!!

Both photographs below courtesy of Willow Nest

A gift image for you ~ speckled eggs that I printed onto sheet music!
Click to enlarge, then right click to save ~

I hope you have a beautiful Tuesday sweet friends ~
xxoo, Daw


Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

You are SO RIGHT - and whew I tell ya what- I have never "met" so many encouraging wonderful people than about supportive and wonderful and encouraging - you are right on when you said a kind word is never wasted...or forgotten.....

I am heading over to her blog now, and appreciate the sharing.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

What a wonderful post, my dear. Thank you for your generosity in sharing the beautiful image. You always think of others.

marda said...

Encouraging words that you took to heart. I'll check out her blog.. thanks.

Cotton Peony said...


words of kindness go so much further than words or discouragement. That wee boost that helps us to continue what were doing in life .. and at times I even tell myself what a great job our just how cute something turned out to be.

Thanks for the free img for printing .. cute!! Happen to have french recipes or 'bol' or menus around??

thanks and hugs,

Cotton Peony

linda eller said...

A kind word is worth all the gold in our lives. I enjoy your blog and your sweet nature just shines. Will check out her blog soon. Thanks.

Vee said...

This makes me smile. Sweet, encouraging words indeed. I see some things...I have my grandfather's old lunch box on the kitchen table/island. It hold dog treats. And I have that beautiful graphic displayed in a window casement ...a blatant copy of something delightful you'd done. I feel surrounded in the nicest of ways by dear ideas gleaned from Blogdom.

Theresa said...

Kind words are so precious and encouraging! Thanks for sharing the beautiful image! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

morkaren said...

Hej Dawn, u har så ret, jeg har været inde og nydt "Lindas blog" der er meget at blive inspireret af, tak for det søde "ægge/node" papir, det kan jeg sikkert bruge en dag. knus morkaren.

Dorthe said...

My dearest and precious Dawn,
Thankyou for once again speaking loud, about the "small" mirackles in our world.Such mirackles are made from the kindness and compliments given among people ,able to share their understanding and encouregement among each other,--just like you do, dear friend.
Love and hugs,-Dorthe

Maggie said...

Hi Dawn, such a sweet post. Know that YOUR words of kindness and encouragement have meant so very much to me!!!!! Reaching out in kindness to others is just GOOD KARMA!! It always comes back to us somehow.

Linda and Ludmil of Willow Nest are rock stars in my book! I met them briefly years ago thru mutual friends Patty and Herman, who had a space next to their GLORIOUS space in Stars Antique Mall, here in Portland. I went out to an open house at their first place, toured their amazing home, and still enjoy a funky garden trellis and a picket-fence-shelf I bought there that were created by Ludmil. You would have LOVED his crazy workshop, their funky and wonderful property. Then they moved out to another whimsical old converted general store in a tiny town on my way to the beach. Stopping in when they had their open houses was like stepping into HEAVEN. Both of them are unbelievably creative. Wish I could go visit them in Fredericksburg now. Someday I will. Want to meet me there??!!

Cindy said...

Such a lovely post! A kind word does go a long way! I have "met" so many great friends via blogging. (You were one of my first blogs I followed!) I have found that everyone is very supportive of each other. Celebrating all that life has to offer. Be it a tough times or good times.
LOVE the image! Can't wait to use it!

ByLightOfMoon said...

I collect elements too as you say. I like those words! I never quite know how it will end up except with a few ideas to get started. Then I start browsing and collecting other elements to see if they should be added. I love your started piece and I am sure it will be beautiful!
Smiles, Cyndi

I met Linda of "Willow Nest " several years ago at the Texas Antique week and spent much time in her "Marburger Farm "booth across from" Magnolia Pearl." We visited a bit between her customers and she sold the most fabulous puppet theatre. I was just enchanted with it. Her makings and her design style are so eye appealing! I took many photos with her permission and also purchased bird eggs, glitter glass, tiny bottles, etc. She was dressed in all white and looked enchanting!
She even had the original "Texas Shiner Beer Bar" in here space and some lucky soul got a real find from her. She is one lovely lady with wonderful ideas. She is an inspiration and so glad she encouraged you!

Smiles, Cyndi


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