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Thursday, October 4, 2012

A little inspiration for you today ~

Sometimes, when I've not really done anything interesting around here,
I love to look through my archives and just randomly choose pics.
Stuff I think you might want to see again or
maybe you'll be seeing them for the very first time!

Because, really ~
you do not want to see photos of me vacuuming and mopping,
because that's what has been going on around here lately!
My mom and dad are coming to town today
to see sweet baby Murray for the first time ~

I made this little doll dress a few years back....and aged it as well.
Seeing this photo makes me want to make a few more!!
I wonder if they would sell in my Etsy shop?

Don't you just love beautiful old book covers?
This one was falling off of an old book I bought,
so I scanned on it a couple of times to see how big it is!


I love, LOVE botanicals and remember tinting these
so they would be sepia toned ~
I still love them so...

The pic below is random but still thought it was good to share again ~
you all know I'm a freak for seam binding!

 How I felt after vacuuming and mopping....

One of my favorite images....EVER!

And I'll leave you with a wonderful photo
I took of the antique store I used to own ~
this was the little bitty front porch all dolled up!
Those are gauzy curtains that are hung near each post.
See the "P" on the painted door?
It is one of those vinyl sticker things...neat idea, huh?
The shop was call The Plum Tree Antiques ~
sometimes I miss it but then again, I really don't...
it was fun while it lasted though!

Thank you always for visiting me here
and especially for your precious comments!!!

Have a wonderful Thursday dear friends!
hugs and love,


My Shabby Roses said...

Such pretty pictures Dawn. It is fun going back through the files and seeing things that bring back good memories.
Happy cleaning! Have a great time with your folks.

Barbara Jean said...

all so very beautiful sweet Dawn.

I love that little baby dress you made. I remember it from before. I think you should try some in your shop.

and, I loved the one you did with the little pocket and...hmmm..maybe a nest in it?? or was that what I was going to do if I ever did one??

who knows? what I do know, it how much I always enjoy my visits here.

hugs and blessings

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Oh, Dawn! So many wonderful treasures, but the hands with the acorn and oak leaf cuffs are my favorite!

Dorthe said...

OH I would have loved visiting you in your shop,--- and seing your photo of that wonderful entrance, there are so many things I would still love to buy from you--if I could :-)
Yes I think you should try with the adorable dress in your shop,-you altered it so beautifully- it looks really like something found in an old drawer ,from long time ago!
Wish you a good nights sleep, if you are still wake - and a wonderful thursday,my sweet friend.
Hugs and love,Dorthe

Bohemian vanity said...

Beautiful images dear ! I love that old book covers ! Have a fabby and inspiring day ! XX Tani

linda eller said...

So nice to remember things of the past. Loved all the pictures.

morkaren said...

Tak for dejlige vintage billeder, jeg faldt også for de skønne hænder med egeløv, alle billederne er pragtfulde. knus morkaren.

Vee said...

The woman on the stoop is so interesting. She looks very wise and as if she's lived a fascinating life. Wonder what her story might be...

Beverly Sager said...

Some things are well worth a re-visit. Love love love the little dress! And such darling photos - thanks so much for sharing - again :)

Theresa said...

Love the little dress and all of those sweet images! I feel like that lady in the pic after all of my running around this week:) Have a blessed day dear friend! HUGS!

Kadee @KadeeWillow said...

I totally get your feelings about your business. I, too, had a business that left with me with the same feelings... glad I did it but it was time to move on. All things have a season! I loved the picture of the nosegays filled with what looked like velvet flowers. So sweet! And glad you look like the same way I do after working hard... gosh, it's hard to look cute at that point!! LOL

Charlene said...

Love all those vintage images. Thanks for sharing. Above all... I adore the photo with the suitcase pockets & all the treasures hanging in them. HUGS!

marie said...

Wonderful images Dawn...I love the old book scan.
I'm sure a couple of them are conjuring up all kinds of memories!

Pat C. said...

Thank you for sharing so many beautiful photos and images with us! I love the gorgeous ones of the roses in the paper cones and the pumpkin and flowers on the bench... oh, and the adorable one of the babies kissing! And I loved seeing Prairie Girl again!



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