Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Snippets of Inspiration ~

I've labeled many a post with this title!
But I just love to share with you what inspires me ~
I recently received a massive pile of Restoration Hardware catalogs in the mail...
Not that I can afford one single thing inside but just so I can shop "in my mind"
That's OK, right?

SO, I've saved a few pics (you can also view everything online too)
to share with you here.
Just stuff I love...
and should I get a big windfall or win the lottery
(ha! I don't even buy tickets so how's that gonna happen?)
I'll be shopping for sure!

Inspiration is free...

Ahhhh, that felt my heart out and
I didn't even spend a dime!!!

Happy Wednesday precious friends,
hugs and love,


marda said...

Hi Dawn, I'm with you. I too just got a big R.H. catalog...not sure why I do. I think I bought curtain rods for our master b.r. about 9 years ago...!!! But I love to look at all the wonderful things and the way they're presented. I too joke about winning the lottery, but since I don't ever buy a ticket(s), seems a bit unlikely. Ha. Well, I'd better take my catalog out of it's plastic wrapper and actually peruse it now. Thanks for the inspiration.

Dorthe said...

Hello dearest Dawn-
looking through catalogs are great fun- and inspiration-
I would love to look this catalog together with you-and drream! Never buyes a ticket eighter ,lol.
Wishing you a beautiful day, sweetie- hope all is well with the little family?
Love to you.

Cotton Peony said...

I love those catalogs.. RH and PB and Ballards.. get em! Why, well my dear those shots are set by a special designer and what great ideas one can glean from those pages. I love those drapes too.

warm hugs,

Cotton Peony

Vee said...

And you can take that inspiration and run much further with it! I see already where much of Blogdom's inspiration comes from. I've seen those curtains at no less than three blogs. ☺

{oc cottage} said...

oh, too funny! i was just telling my sister that sometimes i just put stuff in my "cart"...never to be ordered...and it's enough for me! ;}
i just got those catalogs last night...cracked a rib when i feel asleep looking at the BIG one and it slipped from my hands;}...but i did have some dreamy dreams!!!!

m ^..^

Anonymous said...

So much beautiful stuff, love it all!

Pat C. said...

Be still, my heart! *sighs dreamily*


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I love to get those catalogs, too...just for the inspiration! Lots of it there, too!

Barbara Jean said...

fun ideas sweetie. thanks for taking us shopping!!



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