Monday, August 22, 2011

To my sweet traveling companions ~

Sometimes I worry....
that what I may present here on my little blog
is just dribble but when you respond to posts like you do,
it makes me realize that it doesn't matter if the blog post is amazing or stellar ~
but just that it's from the heart and in the spirit of sharing.

Thank you so much for your precious comments on my last post!!!!
There are so many of us who are going through the same things!
You all truly are kindred spirits and we don't travel these roads in life alone....
and the blog world helps us understand this even more so ~

I didn't get to spend any time in the studio this past weekend and
seem to have waaaay too many ideas on my mind.
When that happens I'll walk in there
and don't know WHICH direction to go in...
so I end up walking right back out. ugh.
The goal this week?
Be decisive and productive ~

I'm sharing a random group of pics and images....
for no other reason than they caught my eye in my Picasa album
and I hoped you might enjoy them too!

Thank you again for your wonderful comments and even though
I've not finished the dental work quite yet....
you made me smile!!

I hope you have a beautiful Monday sweet friends ~
hugs and love,


Barbara Jean said...

Another bit of sweetness from you friend.

Thank you!!!

Blessings and take care of you!

barbara jean

Fia said...

Thank you so muche..

Dit is zo lief..

Groetjes Fia

Mitzi Curi said...

Thanks for the fanciful images. I love them! I hope you have a productive and creative week!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the lovely images,
i wish you a creative week,
love from Belgium,

Jenny said...

Stopping here is always a great way to start my week! Blessings to you, Dawn! :)

Sandy said...

Glad you are already smiling! I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

Theresa said...

Thank you for sharing these sweet images! Hope the dental work gets all finished without pain:) Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Stephanie said...

Those bird tags are so sweet, and the quote very inspirational! I've wrote it down on my notepad I keep by my bed. =)

Rhonda said...

You are so welcome, it's easy to comment on your blog, you inspire, you provoke thought, you share, you give us a lot to comment about. xo R

Lesley said...

I always love your images!!!

Sending you lots of positive thoughts during your dental work!!

Lesley V.

Dorthe said...

Sweetest friend- you`r welcome ,dear-
and thankyou for all, you alwayes gives here Dawn-like today: the beautiful images, your wonderful art to see,- and even great ideas- I so love the cloche with the baby boots and sweet photo.
Love and blessings from ,Dorthe

Susan Hemann said...

I have the same problem when I go to my studio. To many ideas, where to start. Very frustrating.

Di@Cottage-Wishes said...

I love your blog, you inspire me. I want to be you as I grow. I am starting with blogdom's help my blog. I did my first one today and now am trying to add your button, hopefully I can do it! I am going to use your dome idea, so pretty, thanks for the pictures., my first post. oh my, Di

Mi Mi said...

I just want to say how much I enjoy your posts and all the beautiful things you make. I, like you, love all the old, beat up, vintage stuff and sometimes I think I am over run with it but it is all so beautiful. Thank you for the vintage prints you share. Love it all --- keep blogging. I always look forward to what you share.


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