Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A precious find ~

I had a little dental thing to go to today ~
well....maybe not so little,
but I DID IT!
I didn't want to ~
but I finally did.
And I'm not quite finished but will be soon :)

Anyway, after the appointment I went to a local antique mall
and found the most precious little girl photograph for you!!!

Here she is ~

Maybe you can use her in your artwork?
She is absolutely so adorable to me!!!

Have a beautiful Tuesday sweet friends,
hugs and love,


stefanie said...

she is soooooo sweet! thanks

Annesphamily said...

she is so adorable! I am tickled and smiling! Have a great week! Anne

My Country Heaven Cottage said...

What a sweetie!!!!! Thanks for sharing her with us. I already have a plan for her :)

Theresa said...

What a sweet picture! You are such a generous soul! Thank you!

Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

She is a dear, Dawn! Thanks! Love the pout - and the story that proceeds it is tempting to re-create . . .

Hope all goes well with the rest of your dental - an antique shop is a nice place to recover.


Elderberry Dreams said...

Thank you so much for the sweet pictures and sharing yourself. Good luck with the dentist thing....I personally am so afraid of what they do, that I did the sedation dentistry in the past and had all the work done at one time! And still, I have trouble finding the courage to go back.....what is a girl to do?

Dorthe said...

How cute and sweet she is dear Dawn-thankyou sweetie,---
Hope your dental problem did not leave you with pain- and that your day is a lovely one.
Hugs from here,-and love.

Romeo said...

What a little cutie pie! She reminds me of YOU!

Sorry to hear that you had to go submit yourself as a victim to the drill-bearing-white-coat-monster. Scary day indeed! I'm proud of you - you have more courage than I do! I agree with Dorthe, I hope you are without pain. If not, let me know and I'll go over and pee in all their shoes ;)


Romeo and "her"

Cheryl said...

Oh she is so sweet, thank you!

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow - not my most favourite place to go I must say!

Barbara Jean said...

Good job getting that dental work done!!!

And thanks for the picture. She is very sweet.

barbara jean

Unknown said...

Hi Dawn, Thanks so much for sharing this photo with us...she is adorable...love those chubby little legs!
Cheryl at My Sister's Cottage

Lovelinest said...

Thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

So sweet...thank you! Best of luck with your dental adventure.

Linda S. said...

Thank you for sharing such a sweet find with us, Dawn. I agree, after a trip to the Dentist, we should always treat ourselves to a look-see at one of our favorite stores. I need to make a trip as well, but just can't get the courage and $$ up.


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