Sunday, April 3, 2011

Don't beat yourself up ~

I mean it....
So, I've been blogging for awhile now, right?
Well, sometimes I get it in my mind,
"I'll post such-and-such for my Monday morn post, it'll be perfect"....
and guess what.
It doesn't happen.

I don't accomplish that "thing" I wanted to share with you,
maybe I spent time with my family instead.
OR maybe I actually got to go somewhere neat....
or whatever.
But what I had planned simply didn't happen.
Well, I've figured out that....IT'S OK.
It's my blog....and you're my precious friends and
you certainly won't disown me if I can't show that "thing"
I had planned.
Just so you know,
it's really OK!

OH, and what I THOUGHT I'd be showing you today was
your giveaway gift but it just didn't happen this past weekend.
But it will. I have the idea already in my mind ~
and you gotta love that.....

What DID happen this weekend??
We moved our space at Antique Griffin!!
And I absolutely love it too!!!
I'm so excited about this new look ~ it's funny how something
so small, like moving, can revive your interest, you know?

And Sunday afternoon we had the most PRECIOUS visitor ~
she was dressed in some of her sweet birthday stuff too!!

Get a load of the sweet flip flops!!!
Clara is SO stylin'!!

I can't believe how fast our little angel is growing,
it truly blows my mind!!!

Wishing you a very happy and wonderful Monday dear friends,
hugs and love,


Unknown said...

Hi Dawn,
I completely agree, it is okay.
Blogs are meant to release stress, not cause it.
What a wonderfully adorable and yes styling little vistor.
So sweet!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Can she BE any cuter? I think noe..she's a living DOLL!

Bettyann said...

Clara is such a cutie...thanks for sharing her pictures with us. I am way behind on my blogging lol

Barbara Jean said...

Thanks for this post.
I am feeling bad because all I have shown lately are my finds from sales.
In tax season, I cannot even think straight to create(but obviously shopping is no problem) =)

I have noticed a decline in visitors as a result, but hopefully when I have more creative ideas flowing they will return.

So, my prayer, is that I can heed your words, and be OK with it all.

Sweet old photo, and of course delightful new photo of your little sweetie.

barbara jean

kluless said...

Thank you dear Dawn for this post and I am glad you had such a lovely weekend with your little sweetie!!


My thoughts exactly. It's supposed to be fun, not a job. No worries my friend!


Dorthe said...

Hello precius friend, Dawn,
Judy is right,too- this is not a is a beautifull place to give and recieve thoughts-creations,and love--a place to find strengh both for the giver and the reciever- not a place to stress ourselves if we don`t accomplish exatly what we dreamed about.
I can`t believe Clara is already wearing flip-floppers-- IT IS STILL SO COLD HERE -she looks so sweet and beautifull, dear Dawn.
Sending you much love, and many hugs.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Clara is so sweet!
Your booth looks seems that you are pretty busy and accomplishing lots.
Be kind to yourself and don't stress!
hugs, Laura

Sally L. Smith said...

Are those yo-yos on your sweet little Granddaughter's top? I love the flowers and ruffles on girls' clothing these days--so feminine. What a blessing to have your little one so close that she can come visit.

Unknown said...

Hi Dawn,
This was EXACTLY the post I needed to read this morning (after getting up in the middle of the night to do a Monday a.m. post)'re right, blogging should not become yet another addition to the "To Do" list.
Clara is adorable...but she'd still be wearing boots instead of flip-flops here:-)

Vicki said...

Those flip flops are adorable! She's such a cutie. Blogging is meant to be fun. Don't let it take over your life girls! Even for those that it is solely a means to sell their creations, you cannot let your business take over either. You have to prioritize and simply do what you can. I feel guilty sometimes too. I have not shown many tutorials lately or my art. Just too darn busy! I love the pics of your new space! A great Monday post.

Vee said...

Oh yeah, we don't care what you're up to because you've earned trust. It's just that simple. Whatever it is, we know it'll be good...very. I love the look of your new space at the antique mall. We don't have anything looking that wonderful here. And Clara is as cute a spring flower as I've ever seen.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

It happens, Dawn. I sometimes have the best of intentions to either start or finish a project and it just doesn't happen. So Clara is a Fashionista at 2 then? : ) That's what I call my granddaughter when she is wearing a particularly precious outfit - Fashionista Baby!

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Good lesson here Dawn, thanks for sharing. Little Clara is just as sweet as she can be. Love the new shop space, there's a basket on the floor with what looks like texties. Would love to rummage through that. ~ Blessings to you and yours ~ Abby

LADY JANE said...

Whew Dawn I am sooooooooo this makes me not so worried about having missed something fabulous! But I am so glad to see the new space AND stylin lil Clara!

Brenda Evans said...

Well of course it's okay. We are just glad you blog at all really. I look forward to whatever you post - and that little Clara is just A-DOR-ABLE. She is growing so fast. Have a wonderful day Dawn.


Dawn, your new space looks great, but I'd have to say that your sweet grandbaby takes the cake! Have a great week. ~ Angela

Deb said...

your grand daughter is too cute in those flip flops...

ByLightOfMoon said...

I love your new space! It must be larger than before. I have a space also and I wish it looked as good as yours!

I have a cabinet like the light wood one! I have to take it there!
Smiles, Cyndi

Simply Shelley said...

It's a very nice post Dawn...I am having a problem just coming up with what to post about these days as you would read on my blog today....guess,that is alright too...sometimes my life just isn't all that exciting but,still full and I am at peace ...that to me is a huge blessing! Your Clara is so very sweet....they do grow so very fast,don't they....seems like yesterday you were posting all that sweet stuff you were fixing for her mommy's baby shower...blessings on your week dear Dawn....

mary beth said...

Oh my goodness, that little bean is so cute! You bless the rest of us no matter what you post! I love the way your new booth looks too...wish I could come browse...enjoy your life, no matter what you get done..we love peeking in to say HI! Have a great week, you are appreciated!

Beverly Sager said...

Something it took many years for me to learn: All you can do is all you can do - and all you can do is enough.

BumbleBeeLane said...

Such a stylin' sweetie pie! Her cuteness was good enough for what we Blessings!~Amy

Nita Jo said...

Your shop looks beautiful! Makes me want to go treasure hunting. Speaking of beautiful... little Clara is! And, she is growing up so fast. Love the flip flops!

Desirée-ScrapDees said...

what a lovely angel, you must be proud on her! How cute!

Pretty Ragged Threads said...

Thanks for this post. I have just started blogging and think I will post something at least twice a week but things get in the way and it does'nt happen.

Your blog is an inspiration.


Hopelessly Romantic Art Studio said...

Is it okay too, if you forget to edit pictures like you planned before you post them on your blog? please say yes. And would you care to take a peek at them anyway. BTW, Your little angel is adoreable!

Faded Plains said...

Your space looks great...and Clara is just too darn cute!

Vicki Boster said...

Hi Dawn- that Clara is so adorable- I want to hug her so tight! She really is growing so fast! Gosh she's a doll!!

Love your antique space- you have it all fixed up so beautifully. That must be so much fun for you- ( even though I know it's a lot of work to make it so successful!)

Bet you are having such a beautiful spring at your new place!

Lisa said...

Hey Sweets,
OMG, first of all that Clara, my gosh...could she be any cuter? That hairdo is the bomb! Please come do Lily's! What a little sprite. Wow, where'd I get that word from? Now for Antiuqe Griffin, I want that dark wood hutch. Wouldn't it look perfect in my house?

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Dawn,
your nnew space looks wonderful and Clara is just too cute!TFS. Come on by I'm having my 2oo post giveaway.Give Clara a big hug from me.
Hugs to you,

Lana said...

omg, you can wear flip flops!!! We are still wearing our coats!

The Star Gal said...

Clara is a precious child. I don't think I'd get a thing done when she was around.

Gloria in Virginia

Debbie Dillon said...

I LOVE your new space. Definitely looks like a place I'd go and shop :) And, what a sweetie you have there - gosh, I want her outfit! So adorable :) Take care and be blessed!

June said...

Clara melts my heart...I can only imagine what she does to yours! You are blessed my sweet firend.
And yes I have come to realize that it truly is okay. All of the wonderful women we blog with understand that we all have lives and loves beyond our blogging. It doesn't make it not important, just second to living is all.

Your new space is blowing me away girl. Just beautiful!!!
sending hugs

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Love your beautiful antique space and your adorable grand daughter! I cannot believe how much Clara has grown! thank you for the sweet comments on my blog Dawn - your work is always such an inspiration to all of us! :)

The Rustic Victorian said...

Clara is the cats pajamas! Your booth is really kewl! I hope you are selling tons of goodies!


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