Saturday, February 19, 2011

A sweet beauty....

Yeah. I can't help myself.....
My scanner's back,
up and running
and I want to scan EVERYTHING!!!!
Don't you just love this beautiful girl??

A gift for you.

Happy Sunday precious friends ~
hugs and love,


Unknown said...

Aww, Thanks Dawn, now all I have to do is get well to enjoy, Hugs Marilou

Firecracker Kid said...

Is that you Dawn:) She is beautiful indeed. Thanks for sharing.

Vee said...

She's lovely...what is it about these vintage photos that always reminds me of someone in today's world? This gal reminds me of my niece. Hope that you're having a happy weekend!

La Maison said...

She's a beauty and it seems she looks into the future .........
Would she ever imagine her picture goes over the world?

Have a nice day

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Thanks sweet Dawn!
This is a lovely image. I'm glad things are up and running for you.


Theresa said...

Beautiful picture dear Dawn! I love it and thanks for sharing it with me:) HUGS!

Sonya Badgley said...

Hi Dawn,
Thanks for the lovely photo! She is beautiful.
Come see my giveaway!

Dorthe said...

Hi sweet Dawn,- thankyou dear ,she is so lovely---
as for the stung- I have not recieved anything--but another issu is on blogger, and here ,too-
NOT TO STRESS YOU BUT,sweetie - have you heard of,or notised that when clicking all photoes,on blogs, with an adress- Microsoft comes on the screen with a warning, that the adress is maybe infected??? your beautifull photo sayes that ,too when clicked on.-I HAVE SEVERAL photoes ,also- and all over, at almost every blog, you find this warning when clicking ,on 4.bp...... adresses. I first saw it on blogs with free images.
I and several others have written Microsoft-so we hope something will be done, and very soon- so everyone is not leaving our blogs, in fear.
I hope it is ok, me writing this, I think it is importent for all, to know it is a Microsoft issu.
Love to you, dearest friend- and warm hugs.

jenclair said...

What a sweet face!

Lisa said...

Oh I hate this! I'm clicking on stuff on your blog & I don't see a problem right now. Hope you solved the issue. Lisa

Veronica said...

She is lovely. I found a beautiful photo of a young woman recently. I have to wonder, who was she, what did she dream about, where did she come from? Its kind of a little bit sad that these photos are left drifing out there with no names, no families. At least she has a new home now.

Unknown said...

Beautiful! This is the beauty I wish to portray, that of inner strength and hope, to the world. More than all the movie stars I've ever seen, this embodies beauty in a woman to me. Thank you for sharing!


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