Monday, February 21, 2011

Simple things can bring back the best memories ~

We had a wonderful weekend!!!
The temps have been milder here in GA
and it just seems to make you want to get out from under
your cozy blanket and do stuff!

We were able to go junkin' for a little while Saturday
(the photo in my last post is one of my finds!)
and I bought a really neat fire pit.
We LOVED using it
Sunday afternoon and evening.

Isn't it amazing how something as simple as a campfire
can bring back great childhood memories?
We were BIG campers when I was a kid ~
my family and I loved camping!
Just the smell of the fire brought everything back.....

I found a few old photos that I love and want to share again ~

Beautiful French documents for you too:

I wanted to remind you that Artful Pages is now in SESSION!!!
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Four amazing artists are sharing their wonderful techniques and projects.....

I also wanted to share a few sweet photos baby Clara with you too ~
My son Brent and his wife Emily both love fishing!!!!
Well, we had such a beautiful weekend here in Georgia
so Brent and Emily took little Clara out for her very first fishing trip!

Can you believe this little angel???
No. fear.whatsoever...
Touching the fish and everything!

And on the way home....she's all tuckered out!

I hope you have a wonderful Monday dear friends!
hugs and love,


Dorthe said...

HI sweetheart,
what wonderfull, and cute photoes of Clara fishing, -next week we will have Mathilde here, on her own- I`m so looking forward to a week of happiness and fun.
Thankyou dear friend for your beautifull photoes , and the documents--luckyly the issu I told you about yesterday, have been fixed :)
Love and hugs, Dawn.
xxx Dorthe

Sheila Rumney said...

Seeing your precious Clara first fishing trips remind me of our family fishing trips as kids and then taking our children fishing. Such sweet memories...

Have a wonderful day!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Ohhhh Dawn,
Clara is such a doll!!
I can't believe how fast she
is growing ~
I am loving this wonderful
weather too so much ~


Theresa said...

Sweet pictures, thanks for sharing! That photo of Clara fishing is PRECIOUS! I love making memories! Have a blessed day dear Dawn, HUGS!

Blue Ridge Altered Art said...

That is precious beyond words!!! ~~Sherry~~

Miss Gracie's House said...

Now, that's my kind of fishing trip! Such a sweetie she is...have a great week1

Donna said...

The "tuckered out" picture of Clara is darling!

Leave a Legacy said...

Clara is adorable! Thanks for sharing your pictures. I thought we were getting an early spring here, but woke up this morning to 5 new inches of snow! Enjoy your weather!

Barbara Jean said...

Good morning Dawn
Thank you, as always, for the lovely post. Great papers for us,
and your little sweetie doing what little sweeties do, enjoying life to the fullest, with no hesitation. Oh to be childlike again.

blessings and have a great day!

barbara jean

Brenda said...

Such a cutie and I love how they just fall asleep after such a busy day.

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hello sweet Dawn!

Sorry you had a problem with a mean commenter. :(
Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures. I was looking for a nice piece of french words! Oh. how sweet little Clara looks fishing with her mommy and daddy. such sweet memories they are making. she is a little doll!


Sally L. Smith said...

That sweet baby sleeping with her fishing pole--gotta be one of the cutest baby photos ever! What a little blessing.

Vee said...

Oh don't let Clara listen to me squeeling up here. *Shudder* I think she'll do fine as long as she has a good example in her pretty mom.

Things must be coming around if you're back in good weather. Nice to hear!

LADY JANE said...

We braved the sleety rain and snow AND cold again temps here in the midwest to get out shopping for fabrics yesterday for Jalina Roses next themewear costume (I can hardly wait to share it) so I am glad to hear and share with you "warmer" weather activities! I Clara and her fishing photos,what a great fun adventure!
And now Dawn you have me longing to get out in the backyard for the first campfire of the season! Thanks for sharing the warm weather with your freeezing Midwest friends!

Charlene said...

Fishing is HARD WORK! Thank you for the images. Doing a swap for a Moulin Rouge Event & these might just come in handy! HUGS!


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