Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My wonderful treasures from Texas ~

Well, since I don't travel very much (at all)
I didn't know quite how to handle shopping in Texas
and then getting my loot back home to Georgia ~
All I took was a carry on bag with a teeny tiny amount
of room left inside :)
So what did I do???
My carry on bag looked like it was going to EXPLODE!
I did shop for tiny things...here are my treasures:

Plus I had several precious gifts from Ann...
a pair of handmade pillowcases and
the most INCREDIBLE journal I've ever laid my eyes on.....
I admit it, I cried when she gave it to me ~
please look at how beautiful it is...

Lisa showered me with gifts the ENTIRE time I was there...books,
magazines...and wonderful old goodies she knew I'd love ~

Lisa son Philip even gave me a drawing!!

Here are some of the treasures Lisa gifted me..
beautiful old cabinet cards, buttons, lace and jewelry plus
gorgeous French General fabric that I'd been dying for....
and even a wonderful book that Beth sent her!!!

But these tiny little children's bedroom shoes were what made me cry!!!
So very old, soft and small....
Thank you so much sweet Lisa for
your precious hospitality and these beautiful treasures to remember
my wonderful trip ~

Thank you very much for entering my 1500th Post Giveaway!!!
Your comments are all so precious to me ~

Have an amazing Tuesday dear friends,
hugs and love,


marie said...

All of your new treasures are wonderful. I'm so glad you got them all "crammed in!"
That journal is amazing ~ each page a work of art. I just love all the happiness this trip has brought to you! It's a pleasure to share inyour joy! I can't stop smiling as I read your posts ~ I can just feel the delight in your voice!

Leanne said...

That is a beautiful journal! You are so lucky! I know the feeling with carryon and "will it fit"? :)

Anne Lorys said...

Just look at you and all your pretties!
You certainly do have some wonderfully generous friends, my lurd outdid herself. :-)


Tina said...

All those wonderful goodies Dawn - they are all awesome. I love the journal from Ann too- it´s amazing.
xo Tina

Dorthe said...

Dawn, you are surely loved,my dear ---such amazing gifts, from Ann,and Lisa- the journal is so very beautifull.
Love your buyes,too,sweet friend-the little shoes, sooo cute,and lovely.
I wish you a wonderfull day, with all your great memories,and gifts.
Love and hugs,Dorthe

Theresa said...

Wow, one thing I have learned from my friend Karen... always take an empty suitcase:) Have a blessed day with all of your beautiful goodies! Love the baby shoes and that journal is over-the-top GORGEOUS! What a sweet and thoughtful gift! HUGS!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Those are beautiful and
wonderful treasures
that you found !
I adore also the precious
gifts from Ann and Lisa ~

What a wonderful trip !
Yes I agree we have to take
an empty bag or suitcase on
our adventures :)


Karen Larko said...

What sweet treasures. The journal is just beautiful and I love those little white shoes. Every time I read one of your posts it makes me want to go treasure hunting.

Sandy said...

That journal is just stunning! Ok, here is how to travel and get the goods home, leave the clothing behind and stuff the bag full of necessities, you know, papers, photos, buttons, lace, junk jewels...you get the idea. What a wonderful assortment of treasures. Thank you for sharing a bit of beauty. Have a pretty day.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Wow Dawn, look at all your pretty things. Loved the shoes too and Ann's journal is just a work of art. I bought one from her during a previous sale and I just love it, yours is just fabulous!

Linda M. said...

Dawn, Thanks for sharing all the treasures from your trip. The journal is amazing! Have a wonderful week.

Sweet Old Vintage said...

WHat a wondeful bunch of little treasures to use and create with... Oh my gosh that journal is just lovely, lovely, lovely... What a keepsake from a very lovely lady.... Enjoy....

Terri Gordon said...

Oh what a beautiful post, lovely things, but that journal is so pretty. I love to visit your beautiful blog, you always have beautiful pictures to share. Have a wonderful day. Terri

Rose Garden Romantic said...

What beautiful gifts! You found some wonderful little treasures, too! I LOVE the gorgeous book Ann gave you! It's just amazing!!

Lorraine said...

Beautiful treasures and gifts, especially the journal Dawn! Your short sojourn sounds lovely.

sepiadreams said...

Hi Dawn!!! Glad your trip to Texas was a fun one. By the looks of it a good gathering one as well. Sorry I missed seeing you. Lovely goodies you have....Love Tiina....

Rebecca said...

Hi Sweetie
Look at all the goodies! Didn't you make a haul... that journal is wonderful! So glad you had a wonderful time - can't wait to see what you are going to do with all the lovelies.

Lululiz said...

What a wonderful friend, to heap so many beautiful gifts on you. Such a very special reminder of your trip.

Karen said...

Wow so many beautiful things ...they take my breath away.I loved the original art from your friends little boy! I enjoy reading your blog everyday.You are an inspiration.

Vicki said...

All of these treasures are so beautiful! What sweet reminders of your trip. That journal is divine. What a gift she has.

Thespoena McLaughlin said...

What beautiful treasures to love. What a sweet gal that gifted them to you. Hugs!

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh wow Dawn, no wonder your bag was about to explode.
So many beautiful treasures. The journal is such an amazing gift.

sweetpea said...

hi sweet dawn, isn't lisa just the best? wow you got some fab stuff there, it's all so beautiful.



Debby said...

WOW!!!! So many beautiful treasures to play with. Love everything.

The Rustic Victorian said...

Dang Girl!!! how amazing the journal is and all the treasures! Blessings galore!

ByLightOfMoon said...

You did wonderful only gathering small items, I wish I was that brave! I have had to ship home and bought extra baggage both when I see it, I never may again so the lure is higher to have to have it!

You did fabulous!
Smiles, Cyndi

Lisa said...

Hey Sweet girl,
How did I miss this one?! Oh you did rack up, LOL. I cried too when Ann gave you that journal, cryed cuz it wasn't mine, LOL. Seriously that girl is so mega talented & doesn't even know it. I knew you'd love those beat up slippers, & yeah the photo is great! If you come back I'll give you more.....bribes! Lisa


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